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Angry Birds T-Shirts. #angrybirds

Between Angry Birds LEGO figures, Angry Birds plush toys, and Angry Birds iPhone cases, I’d have to say that we’re in the midst of a massive overtaking consisting of some very colorful, very…um…angry birds. We already know that Rovio wants AB to become bigger than Tetris. And so far, they’re well on their way. If anything, it won’t be too long before we can’t go an hour without seeing some fluffy, legless bird’s image plastered on anything and everything imaginable.

Personally, I’m still holding out for the Angry Birds contacts lenses. Some screenshots after the jump…
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The coolest video of

The coolest video of a water drop falling onto a Superhydrophobic Carbon Nanotube Array you’ll see all day…possibly all week. If you’re life is especially boring…all year.

Video after the jump.
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I have decided to become a jock because of this…

Oh dear. There isn’t much I can say. So many things I love, and hold dear to my heart for over 20 years have been ruined, shat upon, golden showered if you will…

Please, watch at your own risk… It isn’t graphic, or disgusting, it is…just…wrong…

Follow the demons into the dark dark hole to watch…

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More friday movie fun: 5,000 fps slo-mo video of marksmanship, smashes, and other cool stuff.

It’s friday. News is kind of slow. We’re looking (like really, really looking) for stuff to throw your way. But dammit. I keep getting distracted by videos such as “Tempus II”. The video, created by Philip Heron, a student at Ravensbourne College of art in the UK, highlights 7 minutes of super slo-mo 5,000fps video, capturing everything from shooting cards, a karate dude taking out some cinder blocks, to light bulbs smashing against the ground. There’s a lot to take in with those little eyeballs of yours.

One thing I found pretty interesting was the sheer amount of storage needed to pull of this video. Shooting at 1/5th the speed (1,000fps if you skipped ahead) takes up 8GB of storage for every 6 seconds. So shooting at 5,000fps for nearly 7 minutes equals up to nearly 3TB of images! That’s insane!

Anywho, thrill me (and entertain yourself) by taking a few minutes to watch Tempus II. If you’re a real nerd like you claim to be, then you’ll certainly enjoy what you see…
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Duck Hunt T-shirt: So close yet so far…

It may showcase a simpler time. A time in which we measure graphics chips by MHz and graphics by bits. But that doesn’t matter. This Duck Hunt t-shirt is bad ass. It was up for vote on for printing. Unfortunately, it appears it didn’t win the vote. Pity. I’d buy it. Hell. I’d by ten.

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The nerdiest wedding ring you’ll see all week: The Memory Ring

We get it. You’re a nerd, a geek, an outcast from the popular norm. It’s ok. It’s more fun in our circle anyway. Gadgets and gizmos are a great thing to be captivated by. The only thing that tops that perhaps is finding someone to share that fascination with for a lifetime to come. Yes, I’m talking about the “M” word — Marriage.

For Ray Arifianto, a software developer engineer at Microsoft Game Studios, his marriage was capped with the ultimate tribute to geekdome — the flashdrive-i-fication of his wedding ring. As you can see, he had a freakin’ USB drive engraved into the ring. Though the most clever part is the inscription that is located on the inside of the band: “For a lifetime of memories”. Quite ironic given the “memory” that’s forever engraved on the top of his ring.

Anyone else have any better ideas?

[Foxfire Jewelers]
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Bored? Go 8-bit!

Creativity is one thing geeks alike certainly don’t lack. When boredom sets in, our minds can be downright resourceful and clever. Take for example, this 8-bit suit created by Kiel Johnson and Klai Brown out of more than 4,000 foam blocks for a Toshiba commercial. It may seem a little over the top and “extreme” for something as short as a commercial. To each his own. I think its mighty sweet.

Wanna be cool? Go 8-bit!
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Futurama world re-created with LEGOs

Futurama may or may not be a “geek” thing. LEGOs however, are! And when there’s LEGOs in vast numbers, you know something nerdy is in play. Speaking of nerdy, Matt De Lanoy is a massive nerd, creating this 5′ x 7′ LEGO-fied version of Futurama. Initially, Matt started with just a few structures and characters. Obviously he got sucked in. The rest as they say, is history.

There’s nothing you can’t build with LEGOs. Check out more of Matt’s creation on his Flickr page or jump on in for a few more screenies…

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Optimus Popularis keyboard shots revealed. Still more expensive than most computers.

There’s something special when geek and art come together. Some would call Apple the master of such things. But in reality, there are many other talented designers out there who have an eye for geeky art. Take for example, the Optimus Keyboard from Art Lebedev.

Some may cringe, point, and laugh at a nearly $1,000 keyboard. But as is common in the world of art, high fashion comes at a high price. But it’s not just all looks.

All of those keys are actually mini LCD’s that are completely user-customizable. Furthermore, the display bar located near the top of the keyboard can act as a home to several different widgets as well as keyboard functions making this keyboard “the” defacto standard for those who like to control it all.

It’s all very sexy. Though past failures at meeting price plans and release dates coupled with the already stratospheric price tag means CES is the only place I and many other geeks will ever be able to coddle one in our loving arms. *sighs* To dream…

Look for the Optimus Popularis keyboard to drop late this year “for less than $1,000 (read: $999 I’d guess). Larger shot after the jump…
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Twitter, Mario, and Zelda shoes? Sneakers for the ultimate geek.

We’ve all heard the saying “Don’t wear your feelings on your sleeve”. Well, something like that anyway. But what about geeky passions on your feet? One aspiring design student is creating some of the coolest geeky footwear to date…
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7,000-photo long stop-motion video highlights the golden years of NES..

Stop motion video is one of those things that if done correctly, can be rather impressive. With HD, 3D, and all kinds of other new age technology, sometimes a jerky, rudimentary video is what we need.

YouTube member, bornforthis43 (AKA steelersmaniac36), burned through 120+ hours of his life piecing together over 7,000 still images and creating one of the coolest stop-motion videos I’ve seen yet. To set the mood — it relives all of the NES’s best games from yesteryear.

Keep the past alive as they say. Get your fill right inside…
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The city of games: Buildings modeled after gaming consoles.

Before you get too excited, we must mention that these are renderings and not actual buildings. Bummer, I know. How cool would it be to tell your friends you live in a giant NES? You’d be the envy of geeks everywhere.

Click on past to see a few more nerdy buildings based off of a couple other favorite consoles…

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