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Hundreds Of Gmail Accounts Phished. Government Officials, Military, And Journalists Included.

Learning of hundreds of email accounts being hacked isn’t exactly the news Google wants the world to be hearing and reading as they continually try to push into the security-conscious enterprise market, even more-so when several of the hacked accounts include senior government officials, military personnel, Chinese political activists and journalists. But that’s the situation Google finds them self in this week. Thankfully the actual threat isn’t as bad as it could be. Currently reports state that the accounts were compromised by using phishing sites posing as the real deal which careless/unaware users then in turn entered their information into the fake page/login box.

Google stated that the attack occurred completely outside of Google’s servers and that the hackers did not in any way infiltrate their security. With that said, technological incompetence on the users’ end is just as dangerous as hackers actively hacking into a website or service.
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Developing: Gmail Experiencing Problems This Morning. Missing Emails, Chat Logs, And More!

If you’re one of the hundreds of millions of Gmail users logging in this morning only to find missing items and/or being greeted as if it’s the first time you’ve logged in, you’re not alone. A check with Google’s apps status dashboard confirms that the email provider and search giant is in fact having some pretty serious issues. If you have offline copies of your email, consider yourself one step ahead of the game. Otherwise, it’s all in Google’s hands at this point should you find parts of your digital life missing. Stay tuned for continuing updates as they are posted…


The latest update at 8am says…check back at 10.

Update 2

New update: Check back at 11…

Update 3

New Update: More of the same. Check back at 12…

Update 4

New Update: 12:30 is the new time to watch…

Update 5

Google Mail service has already been restored for some users, and we expect a resolution for all users within the next 10 hours. Please note this time frame is an estimate and may change.
The remaining 0.012% of accounts are being restored on an ongoing basis.

This out of a total of 0.02%-0.08% GMail userbase.

Have you been affected?

Former Gmail Employee: “Chrome OS Will Merge With Android or Die! #chromeos #android

Think every ex-Googler is gung-ho about the company’s current service roadmap? Think again. Gmail creator-turned-investor Paul Buchheit, came out with some sharp criticism for his former employees latest Chrome OS efforts. Specifically, he states that ChromeOS will either die, or merge with Android.

Thus far, Google has stood by multiple claims that Android and ChromeOS are two distinct, different operating systems that cater to two very different types of users. At the same time, Google’s own Sergey Brin has said that Google will “produce a single OS down the road” as recently as late-2009. Adding to the speculative nature (and grim outlook) of this topic, ChromeOS’ top architect Matthew Papakipos, left the company for Facebook earlier this past summer.

I can certainly see Buchheit’s outlook playing out. At the same time, the two OS model has survived years of experimentation by Microsoft. Thoughts?

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Facebook vs. Gmail Fight Continues: No More Gmail Contacts Import Within Facebook. #facebook #gmail

I’m pretty sure I’ve lost count now on how many times either Facebook or Google have lobbied the preverbal ball back into the other sides’ cout in regards to friends and contact information. But at least one thing is for certain, neither side is ready to let up. The latest development in the high school drama between the two tech giants involves the Google account import option disappearing from Facebook’s website. Furthermore, if you set up a new Facebook account, you still are presented with the option to use Gmail to important contacts. But try to actually import anything and you get a nasty error saying that all of your Gmail contacts who use Facebook already have been imported.

It’s sad for unaware Gmail users who want to reach out to old/new friends and can’t easily find them. To non-techie users, it’s not Google’s fault for wanting to siphon Facebook data. It’s Facebook for failing to provide a service. And seeing as how a large percentage of Facebook’s user base isn’t the most technologically advanced, they’ll focus the blame on Facebook. Not exactly the tactic I think they’re aiming for.

Your turn Google.
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The Real Reason Facebook and Ping Don’t Play Well: Hypocrisy and Double Standards. #facebook

A few weeks back when Ping launched, this whole mini-war erupted because while initially there was Facebook support, it was pulled by Apple in the wee hours of the morning. People noticed, however. Following the Facebook blocking, Steve Jobs went on to say at a following keynote that “Facebook was requesting onerous terms”. He never divulged more than that, leaving the rest of us to wonder.

And now, yesterday at the Web 2.0 summit, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg shed a little more light on the issue by saying that the real reason Facebook and Ping don’t integrate is because of data reciprocity. Zuckerberg gave an example using Facebook and Zynga, stating that Facebook invested in infrastructure costs in turn for Zynga’s vast library of games. You know, give and take.

And that’s quite ironic…
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Google Unveils Slightly Revamped Logo and Gmail Login Page.

Eagle-eyed Gmail users may have noticed some slightly different paint over the last few days as Google rolled out an updated Gmail Login page and Logo. The updates aren’t anything highly noticeable. Heck, I even missed them at first glance. But once you comb over the page a bit more carefully, you can see subtle changes to things such as the “Glass-like” gradient in the Gmail logo as well as certain borders and boxes disappearing around text. Overall, it brings a slightly cleaner look to Gmail.

However, Gmail wasn’t the only Google service to get a face lift. The Gmail About Page and “What’s New” pages also received some minor TLC.

The California based company didn’t give any clear indications as to why they felt Gmail needed the updating. Though Google Product Marketing Manager Jason Toff had the following to say:

“Our goal was to keep a familiar look while freshening up the graphics and trimming down the text (we cut out over 250 words in the process). “

Fair enough. What do you guys think? Personally, I think the new logo looks a bit too PlaySkool. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder I ‘spose. (More images after the break…)

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iOS Gmail Mobile Site Repackaged as Web App For Symbian Devices.

We may not talk much about Symbian ’round these parts, but every now and then something news worthy comes through the wire that is worth a nod. Truth be told however, it isn’t because of some new advancement by Nokia or the Symbian backers at large. Instead, a single developer by the name of Asri al-Baker is the star of the day and the brains behind a repackaged Gmail Mobile.

Specifically, al-Baker took the iPhone optimized Gmail web page repackaged it into a web app for Symbian devices. With that said, the link itself is just “”. Though you can pick it up already packaged up nice and neat right over here

If you’re a Symbian user, go ahead and give it a shot. Be sure to let us know how it works!
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Google: “Gmail Speed Issue Fixed…and 2 More Pixels Added to Inbox Height”

If you are one of tens of millions of gmail users, you may have noticed a bit of lag and latency issues plaguing your daily Gmail adventures. I can attest that it’s been awful — Im talking wait times of anywhere from 5 seconds up to 30 seconds. When contacted by TechCrunch, Google responded saying that they weren’t aware of any issues, though they would investigate the matter further.

Google did in fact turn up something in their search. In response to TechCrunch’s original email, Google had the following to say:

We recently experienced an issue in one of our datacenters which increased latency for a small percentage of Gmail users (approximately 2%). Issues like this can cause temporary slowness for small fractions of users from time to time. Speed is of utmost importance to us, and we are always working both to prevent these kinds of issues and resolve them as soon as possible.

So it wasn’t the crazies just rambling. There was a legitimate issue. Of course, how big it actually was is unknown. Google claimed in their official statement that it was less than 2%. But even then, 2% of roughly the hundreds of millions of adds up to quite a bit.

We’re interested to hear just how widespread it was. Were you affected by Gmail’s recent rash of slow down over the last few weeks?

In other news: Google added an extra two pixels-worth of vertical space to all our inboxes. Yay.
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Gmail Receives 5 New Themes

The customizers of the internet bunch are going to like the expanded Gmail theme library today. On their blog the Gmail team took the wraps off of 5 new themes: 2 minimalist light/dark, “Tree Tops”, “Marker”, and my personal favorite, “Android”. Head on over to your Gmail settings page and click on “Themes” to check the new ones out. They’re not all grouped together so you’ll have to search for a quick second.

The two minimalist themes are simple light/dark skins — bare minimum. Tree Tops gives your gmail account the look of a rain forest. Android has the famed green paint plastered all over the place as well as a couple of nifty Android guys hangin’ out. Finally, Marker takes the look of a piece of paper with highlighter markings making up the borders and such.

Ok, I have to correct myself. Android and Marker are my two favorites. The naming scheme is pretty much self explanatory. Check out the screenshots inside as a sort of “dry run”…
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