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Google+ Enhancer Plugin Brings Google+ Style Notification Counter To Gmail, Reader And Calender.

We’re really digging the new look Google’s online services are taking with the darker navigation bar up top as well as the contrasting notification bubble for Google+, though we wish we could get notifications for other things. Oh, wait a minute. You can!

Lifehacker found a sweet little extension/plugin called “Google+ Enhancer” that adds the Google+ notification bubble to Gmail, Reader and Google Calender as well. To use it you’ll need a browser that supports userscripts or a suitable backup service like GreaseMonkey. We’ve got it installed on Chrome with no fuss but haven’t actually gotten it to work. Being a 1.0 version, your mileage may vary. The preferred method it seems is to use Firefox in conjunction with GreaseMonkey.

And the Google+ addiction continues…

Download: Google+ Enhancer

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Google Re-branding Picasa And Blogger Services, Integrating With Google+.

“Picasa” and “Blogger” will soon follow the ranks of GrandCentral and JotSpot as re-branded Google services.

Today, Google confirmed with fellow tech site Mashable that they will be dropping the Picasa name for “Google Photos” with Blogger taking on the role of “Google Blogs”. Both services will now be part of the umbrella that is Google+, an all encompassing social network and platform that has quickly grown in popularity in recent weeks as a go-to geek fest. The biggest question that remains, however, is how the mainstream populous will react.

The new naming scheme is scheduled to go live in the next 6-10 weeks. Meanwhile, Google has confirmed that Google+ will go public “on or before” July 31st.

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Facebook Now Blocking Friend Exporter Chrome Extension.

Facebook’s “awesome product launch” that was promised mere hours after Google unveiled Google+ to the masses hasn’t been announced quite yet, though Facebook is already sending barbs Google’s way. According to the developer, Mohamed Mansour, of a Google Chrome extension called “Facebook Friend Exporter”, Facebook is once again blocking the attempts of users to export their friends list for other services. Mansour promises that a revamped version of the plugin is on the way that gets around Facebook’s current block. Though such a fight will no doubt start a cat & mouse game.

We saw the same thing happen earlier this year when Google and Facebook got into a data transfer bar fight saying each side was the evil one, restrictive, etc., etc. From the looks of things currently, however, Facebook is the one with egg in their face. Let’s hope their “big launch” is actually worth our time and not another dumb photo sharing app.

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Google Plus Invites Open Once Again? Doesn’t Look Like It.

We’ve received a few tips (as well as seen several across the web) that Google+ invites have been re-opened for all. A quick trip to with an account not currently tied into Google+ showed us that isn’t quite the case — all we got was the familiar dialog asking if we’d like to be informed when Google+ goes public. Of course as we’ve found out over the last week, the status of Google+’s up/down invite system has been all over the place and sporadic. If you managed to get signed up today good for you. If not, well, keep on waiting.

2 New Gmail Themes Mimic Google+ Style: Preview And Preview (Dense)

After a solid 24 hours with Google+ we’ll admit we’re in love. Not only is the service a fresh twist on Facebook’s tried and true ecosystem, but the minimalistic white/grey/black/red UI is downright awesome. Now if only Gmail featured the same type of look…wait a minute.

Thinking that very same thing tonight we took a stroll on by the Gmail themes page and lo and behold, two new themes “Preview” and “Preview (Dense)” were waiting for us. The look is built to follow Google+’s UI finally bringing a feeling of completion to Google’s overall ecosystem.

Until today, Gmail was the odd man out as the dark header bar was not carried over into the inbox. That changes now, however.

As for the differences between the two themes — Preview (Dense) simply features less line vertical line spacing than the regular Preview theme.

According to the Gmail Blog, the new Preview theme is a small glimpse at what Gmail, and Google’s web services overall, will soon look like. We like it. What about you?

Google+ Code Spills The Beans. Games And “Questions” Coming To New Social Service.

Well, damn. Everything we said about Google+ being better than Facebook for leaving the stupid games/apps portion to Facebook’s cluttered ecosystem were a bit premature. Two unannounced Google+ features — Games and “Questions” — were unearthed today signaling a potential new direction for Google’s infant social network service. Granted, just because something is mentioned in a particular piece of code hardly means anything will turn up anytime soon.

With that said, if all this extra stuff must be added our only request is that Google not make games and apps so damn annoying, obtrusive, and bloated. If they can manage that, Google+ will definitely have even more of a chance in taking on Facebook. It’s one thing to get the tech world addicted to your product. The global population of mainstream users is an entirely different beast.

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Google+: The Official Guide.

Google+ is by far the freshest and “newest” thing to hit the social networking scene in many months. And while it takes obvious cues from Facebook (and several other social media services), the end result is nothing short of awesome. But Google+ will be even better — provided the masses adopt Google’s new social service. Though given the quick take down of the invite button, it appears Google finally has a social hit on their hands.

Step inside as Gadgetsteria takes you through the halls of Google+ and details every nook and cranny along the way…
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[Update 2] Google+ Floodgates Open. Get Your Invites!

If you’re sitting by anxiously awaiting for someone — anyone — to add you into one of their Google+ Circles and float a handy invite your way, tonight’s your lucky night. It appears that Google has opened the floodgates for Google+ invites. (We just sent out a solid 47 invites to friends and family.)

Initial impressions after 20 minutes: We love it. It’s what Facebook used to be — no ads and stupid game notifications — and everything it could be too — simple, clean, and actually good looking. On top of that, there’s a handy Android app (iOS coming soon) that brings all of Google+ to the mobile space.

Excuse us, but we’ve got to get back to playing with the hottest new thing in the tech realm. If you need an invite don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll happily oblige…


And just like that the invites are once again removed. Apparently their still a cap in play. To the people that already contacted us, we’ve got your names queued invites once invites go alive again.

To everyone else — feel free to continue to email us your Gmail addresses and we’ll add them to our list for the next round.

Update 2

Send Google+ invite requests to invites[at]gadgetsteria[dot]com.
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