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Possible Dual-GPU Nvidia GTX 595 Spied? #nvidia

Nvidia isn’t a stranger to dual-GPU cards. Some of the more recent ones include the GTX 295 and 9800 GX2 which in their own right, were quite powerful as well as thirsty for power. With the GF100 release, it looked like dual-GPU solutions from Nvidia weren’t going to be possible due to the architectures extreme heat outputs and power consumption being the limiting factors. However, the newer GF104 and GF110 architecture refreshes have ratcheted down power consumption and heat considerably, once again making a dual-GPU/single PCB layout a possibility.

According to TechPowerUP, a Chinese news source has images of a claimed Nvidia GTX 595 — a true dual GPU/single PCB graphics card. Some interesting things worth pointing out include the 3x-DVI connectors which mean 3D Surround will be possible. Currently, Nvidia has yet to find a way to make 3+ monitor setups possible from a single card. Though considering this is really two cards in one, it should be a shoe in regardless.

Memory comes in at 3GB (1.5GB per card) and power is delivered via two 8-pin connectors. Finally, the reported GTX 595 will be dual-SLI capable.

Overall it looks mighty interesting. What do you think: $699 sound about right?

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Quadro 4000 Drivers Include Support for Other Fermi Cards. GTX 480 Steps Forward. #nvidia #mac

A few days back, we shared the good news of the Nvidia Quadro 4000 workstation graphics card coming to Mac desktops. As it stands now, that release was even better than originally thought. An eagle-eyed reader of xlr8yourmac found some rather tantalizing information buried deep within the Quadro 4000′s drivers. Specifically, the reader highlighted above used an ATY_Init injector developed by to force his Mac’s EFI to recognize his freshly installed GTX 480. That’s significant because Apple doesn’t officially support the GTX 480. WIth that said, it would be pretty sweet to get a GTX 580 or two humming along inside of a Mac Pro, no?

WIth the right hardware, gaming on the Mac could actually be quite potent.
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How-to: Disable the Power Limiter on the GTX 580. #nvidia

No, my GTX 580 hasn’t quite arrived yet. That little venture of joy starts tonight. But for those of you who have received your GTX 580′s and prepared to benchmark the living joules out of them, you’ve no doubt found out about Nvidia’s new power-limiting feature of the card. Included within the new drivers are special conditions for certain high-stress applications and services. When certain applications such as popular benchmarking tool, Furmark, are used, Nvidia has the cards throttle down to limit heat and protect the inner components.

But thanks to one handy PC enthusiast, we can let the GTX 580 break through its digital shackles and really stretch its legs…
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Nvidia’s Fermi Finally Comes to Mac by Way of Quadro 4000. #nvidia #mac

Video/photo editing professionals using Mac hardware have a new toy to lust for. Nvidia officially launched their first Fermi-powered card for Macs, the Quadro 4000. Similar to the card’s Windows origins, the Quadro line of graphics cards are designed and built for general-purpose computing (read: not gaming). The big talking points of the Quadro 4000 include increased Open-CL support, Nvidia’s own CUDA coding technology, and video processing built into Adobe CS5 products such as Photoshop.

Hardware specs for the Nvidia Quadro 4000 include 2GB of video memory and 256-bit memory bus good for 89.6GB of bandwidth. Hooking up your favorite slab of glass comes by way of 2 Dual-link DVI ports, a stereo 3D port, and a full-size Display Port. Included in the box is a Display Port-to-mini Display Port adapter.

You’ll need both a Mac Pro ’08 or newer model along with OS X 10.6.5. Check the Apple Store later this month for the Nvidia Quadro 4000, retailing for $1,149.
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Nvidia Releasing GTX 570 Before Christmas? Similar to or Faster than Current GTX 480! #nvidia

Until the GTX 580 was released, the GTX 460 was the best bang-for-your-buck card — especially true if you picked up a second and ran them in SLI. Though truth be told, even with the GTX 580 now out in the wild, “bang-for-your-buck” is probably a poor choice of words to describe it. For starters, it’s not cheap. But if you can look past that, the possibilities are far more forward thinking than a GTX 460. However, there may be something more worth your while in the near future.
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AMD 69xx Official Announcement/Launch Delayed Until December 13th. #amd

If you’re anxiously holding your wallet in hand, waiting to drop a few bills on the upcoming AMD 69xx graphics cards, you’re going to have to wait a bit longer. In an email to AlienBabelTech, AMD said the following:

Demand for the ATI Radeon HD 5800 series continues to be very strong, the ATI Radeon HD 5970 remains the fastest graphics card in the world and the newest members of the AMD graphics family, the AMD Radeon HD 6850 and HD 6870, have set new standards for performance at their respective price points, and are available in volume. With that in mind, we are going to take a bit more time before shipping the AMD Radeon HD 6900 series. As of today, the NDA lift for information relating to the AMD Radeon HD 6950 and HD 6970 will be the week of December 13th. We will be providing additional information on these products, including the exact date and time of the NDA lift, in the weeks prior to launch.

So instead of November 29th being the day or reckoning, we’ll have to put off our digital adventures a couple more weeks. At that date, getting the latest and greatest 69xx GPUs before Christmas will be a race against time — especially if they don’t end up launching on the same date.

Oh, about that NDA — It’s been broken many, many times (Thanks Google)
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More AMD 6950/6970/6990 News, Release Info.

Yesterday at an analyst meeting, AMD officially acknowledged their new 69xx series of high-end graphics cards. While we’ve already seen reported leaks of the hardware as well as a few specs, AMD’s official slides from yesterday’s event clear up any remaining questions. With that said, the AMD 6950 and 6970 will officially launch simultaneously on November 29th. The dual-GPU, king of the hill edition 6990 (successor to the almighty 5970) is slated for release in early 2011 — hopefully Q1. The 6990 will use two Caymen GPUs crammed onto a single PCB. Finally, some “confirmed” specs for the 6970: 1536 stream processors, 32ROPs, 96 Texture units and 2GB of GDDR5 memory.

I’m happy to finally seem some 2GB cards straight from the factory. With multi-monitor gaming going mainstream, every last MB is warranted in today’s games. Who’s holding out for a 69xx card (or three)?

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Alienware M17x R3 to Feature ATI 6970/Nvidia 460 and 93Wh Battery.

Those looking for the next latest and greatest gaming laptop can call off the search and bring in the dogs. Alienware has just what you need with the M17x R3 (Revision 3). This 17″ monster packs the latest AMD 6870/6970 mobile GPUs as well as the option for an Nvidia GTX 460 if the mood strikes. Look for massive heatsinks (relative) to accompany the pixel pushing hardware. Powering it all is a 9-cell 93Wh battery that should in theory give it more than 47 minutes of battery life. Other perks such as a 3D-capable display (optional) and 3.2-megapixel web cam are but two of lesser important features that ultimately come together in this gigantor mobile gaming rig.

Expect to pay dearly for the privilege of M17x R3 ownership.
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[Update] Nvidia GTX 580 Downclocks Under Load to Lower Temps, Spoils the Fun? #gtx580

Generally speaking, when you push your computer hardware to its limits, you either succeed or fail — with failure being charred silicon. There are some things we mere mortals can do of course. In regards to GPU’s, the most obvious thing is to take control of the onboard GPU fan and turn it up a few notches. Although, if heat is really an issue, quality water cooling trumps air cooling any day.

With that said, PC enthusiasts might have something slightly disappointing on their hands with the GTX 580. A video posted on YouTube by “LinuxTechTips” shows the 580 running through Furmark, a popular GPU stress test software tool. Now, Nvidia hyped up the more efficient power management and cooler-running hardware on the 580 — a good thing seeing as how the GTX 480 and even 470 run hot…really hot. However, this video shows the GTX 580 downclocking when temps and MHz get high.

That normally wouldn’t be an issue. PC hardware downclocks to save power and reduce heat all the time. But if Nvidia is claiming that this card runs quieter and cooler at max levels because of brilliant design instead of the simple downclocking to achieve such things, then it’s not really a “revolutionary design/product”, and therefor slightly misleading (not to mention slightly disappointing). Downclocking aside, the GTX 580 does have a pretty beefy cooler. Though it’s still a shame the card isn’t even letting you stretch its legs.

I’ve shot an email off to Nvidia, so we’ll see where this goes.


A rep from Nvidia got back to me and stated that it is in fact power monitoring that is handling the clock throttling. However, they did mention that specific programs are flagged in their firmware as “stress apps”…

Power monitoring adjusts performance only if power specs are exceeded AND if the application is one of the stress apps we have defined in our driver to monitor such as Furmark (which is what Linus was testing) and OCCT. So far we have not seen any real world games that are affected by power monitoring or need power throttling to stay within spec

Full response after the jump…

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Nvidia’s New Top of the Line GTX 580 Priced.

PC gamers and builders who don’t stop until the last enemy has been fragged know the importance of high frame rates. Up until now, it was either the Nvidia GTX 480 or the ATI 5870 (single-GPU) cards that offered the most performance for your dollar. But on Nvidia’s high-end card, the GTX 480, one shader sectoin (32 cores worth) has been disabled from the start. Naturally, such a move signals a bigger, badder card further on down the road. Though as we’ve seen over the last couple of days thanks to new GTX 580 detailings be Nvidia themselves, a new cooler design had to be employed when flipping the switch on those extra cores — because we all know the 480 already ran really hot.

With that said, the question of price regarding the GTX 580 was an unknown. With the 480 going for a cool $500, many were speculating that the 580 would touch $550 or even $600 — quite high even for its king of the hill status. And even within the last few days, there have been plenty of rumors citing the $600 figure. But alas, $500 is tops — for a Sabre PC edition that is.

As of writing, the $499-priced GTX 580 shows as “Out of Stock”. And if it is one of the few $499 580′s, we can surely understand why. Just know that their are cheaper options folks.

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