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How-to: Disable the Power Limiter on the GTX 580. #nvidia

No, my GTX 580 hasn’t quite arrived yet. That little venture of joy starts tonight. But for those of you who have received your GTX 580′s and prepared to benchmark the living joules out of them, you’ve no doubt found out about Nvidia’s new power-limiting feature of the card. Included within the new drivers are special conditions for certain high-stress applications and services. When certain applications such as popular benchmarking tool, Furmark, are used, Nvidia has the cards throttle down to limit heat and protect the inner components.

But thanks to one handy PC enthusiast, we can let the GTX 580 break through its digital shackles and really stretch its legs…
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AMD 69xx Official Announcement/Launch Delayed Until December 13th. #amd

If you’re anxiously holding your wallet in hand, waiting to drop a few bills on the upcoming AMD 69xx graphics cards, you’re going to have to wait a bit longer. In an email to AlienBabelTech, AMD said the following:

Demand for the ATI Radeon HD 5800 series continues to be very strong, the ATI Radeon HD 5970 remains the fastest graphics card in the world and the newest members of the AMD graphics family, the AMD Radeon HD 6850 and HD 6870, have set new standards for performance at their respective price points, and are available in volume. With that in mind, we are going to take a bit more time before shipping the AMD Radeon HD 6900 series. As of today, the NDA lift for information relating to the AMD Radeon HD 6950 and HD 6970 will be the week of December 13th. We will be providing additional information on these products, including the exact date and time of the NDA lift, in the weeks prior to launch.

So instead of November 29th being the day or reckoning, we’ll have to put off our digital adventures a couple more weeks. At that date, getting the latest and greatest 69xx GPUs before Christmas will be a race against time — especially if they don’t end up launching on the same date.

Oh, about that NDA — It’s been broken many, many times (Thanks Google)
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Sapphire Releases “Trixx”, GPU Overclocking Tool for PC Enthusiasts.

Custom PC builders and fans of computer overclocking now have another tool to add to their collection. Popular computer hardware manufacturer, Sapphire, has released a new GPU overclocking tool called “Trixx”. Essentially, it does the same thing as several other tools provided GPU manufacturers — allows you to adjust frequency clocks and voltages on your graphics cards, as well as letting your tweak fan settings. The latter is a huge help, especially when high overclocks are concerned. Heat = bad.

As you can see from the image above, the limits rise quite considerably from ATI’s own 1,000MHz-limited overdrive tool. Granted, not every card is going to run at 1,300MHz as outline by one of the images inside. Nevertheless, the option to run free with your hardware is always nice.
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Zotac GTX 460 x2: for those who want a streamlined SLI option.

Generally speaking, if you have one graphics card and want better performance, you buy a second and slap it into your rig. If your graphics card was laughably week to begin with, sometimes even upgrading to a more beefy single card is all that’s needed. Both single and dual-GPU configurations have the pros and cons. Thankfully, during most product cycles, Nvidia and ATI have given us the best of both worlds — “x2″ editions of GPUs which feature two GPU dies on a single PCB.

With Nvidia’s GTX 460 being hands down one of the most attractive options for cheap speed, SLI seems like a no brainer. Hell, two of these cards pair together can easily beat a single GTX 480 as well as stand toe-to-toe in several different games with CrossfireX ATI 5850′s and to a slightly lesser degree, CrossfireX 5870′s. Obviously, these cards have some power.

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Possible AMD 6970 benchmarks leak out.

I’m not trying to say the fresh off the line AMD 6850 and 6870 are “poor”. But the honest to goodness truth is that those are mere “mid-range” cards. The real shiny jewel of glory is the 6970. This is the card that is destined to replace the current top of the line, single-GPU 5870.

On that note, a Chinese site by the name of claims to have some early 6970 hardware in-house, with preliminary benchmarks already completed.

  • 3D Mark: 23,499 in Performance mode
  • Uningine Heaven: 36.6fps @ 1,920 x 1,200 w/ 4x anti-aliasing and 16x anisotropic filtering.

Not too shabby. For comparison’s sake, the outgoing 5870 scored 19,337 and 17.3 fps respectively, while Nvidia’s hulking king, the GTX 480 managed 21,106 and 29.5fps. Clearly, AMD has gotten something right.

Just remember, these aren’t official nor even confirmed as “real” 6970 benchmarks. But we can only hope…

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AMD 6850 and 6870 officially named, sit down for some camera time.

Hmmm, fresh, shiny graphics cards. The 68xx-series is hardly a surprise. We’ve known about them and seen them several times before already. Alienbabeltech has gotten their hands on a slew of review units and is currently putting them through their paces. Once the embargo is lifted, we’ll finally get to see what AMD’s been hard at work on over the last year. Speaking of which, these are the first GPU’s from AMD’s ATI brand that will feature AMD branding. As you may recall, AMD put the official kibosh on the ATI brand many weeks back. They’re going for a more unified front. Hey, whatever floats their boat, right?

All I know is the holiday season is going to be mighty interesting with the cards AMD has on tap. Anyone holding out for some new AMD silicon? On that note, we have a date to look forward to: October 22nd. Check out a couple more pics waiting inside…
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Leaked AMD 67xx series documents show great things in store…

‘Tis that time of year again — Graphics card maker (among other things) AMD is set to unleash a flurry of new GPU hardware to lead us into the winter months and holiday season. For over a year now, their 58xx series in particular has been doing phenomenally well thanks to the ever-sinking prices and lower heatput-per-watt when compared to Nvidia’s finest. However, Nvidia’s latest update did turn up the heat (literally) on AMD once a few driver updates came out. Now, AMD’s 58xx series aren’t so speedy anymore.

Introducing, the AMD 67xx series graphics cards based off of the “Barts” 40-nm architecture. If this “mid-range” fodder isn’t to your liking, calm down. There’s plenty to glean off this new information. Namely, the 67xx cards are actually quite close in performance (on paper anyway) to the current top-of-the-line 58xx series cards. So we can all assume that the upcoming 68xx series cards will be a rather large step up — more-so than some people believed would come from this “minor” update.

Cayman/68xx series cards shouldn’t follow too far behind their more moderately paced siblings. Anyone getting excited for new AMD GPU’s? Larger shot after the jump…

**Due remember, these aren’t final stats. As such, things could change before the official launch.
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MSI N480GTX the fat yet speedy king of graphics cards, consumes 450w for it’s full 512 cores.

For several months after Nvidia released the 4xx series of graphics cards, the price was high enough that the minimal increase in performance wasn’t really worth it. Thankfully, over the last few months we’ve seen prices drop pretty substantially to the point where it’s finally a better decision (financially) to pick up an Nvidia card. You could be frugal, or, your could go balls to the wall with MSI’s upcoming NGTX480. The “N” signifies that this card is unlike any other. It makes use of the full 512 cores of the Fermi GF100 architecture. Previous benchmarks of a full 512-core card have shown some pretty minimal improvements. But MSI claims more is to come…
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AMD Announces FirePro v9800 business class graphics cards.

If rendering the world in the fastest time possible is the sole goal of your existence, AMD has something they would like to show you — the FirePro 9800. An obvious step up from the old king, the 8800, the 9800 is a counter to the latest business class offerings from Nvidia, namely the Quadro 5000 and 6000 cards. Most notably, Nvidia’s latest cards are faster than AMD’s good ‘ol 8800. As such, they couldn’t let the competitor trample all over them in the benchmark arena.

Constant who’s-who bragging over who has the faster card aside, what story do the actual specs tell? You be the judge: Built with the Cypress GPU, 1600 stream processors, 147.2 GB/s memory bandwidth, larger 4GB memory buffer, and more DisplayPort connections -6. All of that can be you or your companies property for a cool $3,499. Woah! More than twice the price than the old v8800. Let’s hope the upcoming benchmark results justify the substantial price increase. Keep checking back with HotHardware for the goods…

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AMD 6300 and 6870 images leaked!

AMD’s 5xxx series of graphics cards made their debut in the 2nd half of 2009. Since then, they’ve completely padded their GPU lineup from top to bottom. Nvidia, meanwhile, took a while to match their DirectX11 offering with that of their own. And when they did, they were overpriced for the rather slight difference in performance as well as putting off copious amounts of heat. Prices have dropped, however, making Nvidia’s DirectX11 cards worth another look. Not to mention, Nvidia has hit a sweet price-to-performance balance with the GTX 460 cards. In SLI, these cards are pretty awesome and can keep up with CrossFireX’d 5850′s and 5870′s — impressive for sure!

How will AMD respond? We already know the 6xxx series is due out in some form before 2010 rolls into 2011. With that said, Chiphell has leaked several pictures claimed to be the upcoming 6300 and 6870 AMD GPU’s. Spec-wise we don’t have anything to chew on. But at this point I’m more than wiling to simply oogle and drool. Hop in for a few more shots…

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