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Marshal Minor Headphones Now In Stock!

  • January 11, 2011 10:57 am

It’s been a long time coming (hey, mere weeks in the tech realm seems like forever), but the Marshal Minor headphones are finally out. These miniature buds of audio bliss feature 20Hz-20KHz frequency response, an impedance of 32 ? ± 15% AT 1kHz, SN ratio of 115 ± 3dB AT 1kHz 1mW, and a maximum input power of 5mW. I didn’t get to actually hear these at CES last week, but we’re on the list for review units. So check back in a couple of weeks as to our thoughts and impressions on Marshal’s “baby” headphone. In the meantime, you can find the Marshal Minor’s for $59.99 at

House of Marley Debuts Eco-Consious “Marley” Audio Headphones and Docks. #ces2011

  • January 4, 2011 10:41 pm

House of Marley unveiled a slew of audio-related products at Tuesday nights CES: Unveiled. Spanning everything from full-size headphones to earbuds to iPhone docks. Besides the obvious ties to infamous musician Bob Marley, the MARLEY line of audio products are all designed and manufactured using as much recycled and eco-friendly material as possible. The three lines — Jammin’, Freedom, and Destiny — follow a “Good, Better Best” marketing scheme and escalate in price accordingly ($99-$499).

Backing up the earth-happy features is handled by a claimed “pure” and “true” sound. I played around with the full line up tonight at CES and must say, they do sound quite nice. Though a more thorough review will have to wait until closer to the estimated ship date of Q2 2011. With that said, hop inside for the press release and a boat load of images to chew on…

[Update] Irony: Monster’s “Apple approved headphones” don’t work on Apple products.

  • November 1, 2010 12:26 pm

Why the “Irony” tag? Oh…only because Monster produces overpriced garbage. But if we look past that to the object of this story, it actually has to do with a faulty design (supposedly on Monster’s part) in regards to iPhone/iPod/iPad usage. Specifically, the aforementioned users can expect “erratic play, puase, next/previous, and stopping behavior”. And this isn’t some small-time issue either. BGR’s source from within Apple has stated that it’s a pretty widespread thing, and that Apple is trying to distance themselves from the problem so that people don’t think that Apple is the problem.

Speaking of which, the source of the problem as determined by Apple is a “misuse of Apple’s Remote and Mic technologies”. The faulty part in question is simply called a “conductive flange”. It is these flanges that are causing the shorts, and in turn the funky behavior. Granted, this is coming from Apple whom obviously wants to show that it’s the “other guy’s fault”. However, taking into consideration that no other headphones from any other “certified” manufacturers exhibit this issue, I’m willing to side with Apple this time.

As for affected models, it’s actually quite a lot — Jamz, Lil Jamz, Turbine Basic, Turbine Pro and Heartbeats. We’ve fired off an email to Monster so we can get their side of the story, which I’m sure will go something like “it’s not us…it’s them”. Check back soon…


Official Monster response after the jump…

Marshall outs another set of high end cans — The in-ear “Minor”

  • November 1, 2010 11:49 am

If you’ve stopped by here in the past, you may have gotten the drift that I’m an audio junkie. I love headphones. A few weeks ago, we saw some new headphones from popular audio equipment manufacturer, Marshall. Those babies are set for release on November 15th. (And you can put money down that we’ll have a review for you shortly after!) This morning I received another email telling me that November 15th is going to be a very good day — Marshall has twins!

[Update] Giveaway: V-Moda Remix Remote Ear-phones

  • October 28, 2010 11:36 am

Free stuff!!! That’s what you get by simply leaving a comment below. In one week’s time, I’ll go through the comments and pick someone at random to get the pair of V-Moda Remix Remote headphones that we reviewed a couple of days ago. If you’re wanting to try these out but not feelin’ the $100 price tag, now’s your chance! Remember: You have one week to enter simply by leaving a comment below!.

Happy commenting!

Update 9:30pm 11/7/2010

Comments are now closed. I’ll be drawing the winner tonight and emailing them no later than 12:00am EST. If you weren’t chosen, don’t worry. I’ve got a drawer full — Literally! — of good stuff that’s up for grabs. So stay tuned…

Review: V-Moda Remote Remix In-Ear Headphones.

  • October 26, 2010 2:29 pm

The world of headphones is a crowded one. Over the last few years, we’ve seen plenty of companies spring up to produce these little cans of music. At the same time, several companies have expanded into the world of personal audio, adding to their current lineup of products. One such company who has in fact been in the audio realm for several years is V-Moda. The last few years have seen some truly stylish headphones design-wise. But as you all know, headphones that are pretty but sound like crap are pretty much useless as well as a letdown. Form over function at work.

In the V-Moda Remix Remote’s case, which power overcomes and ultimately walks away with the crown? Continue on…

Marshall Headphones ooze sexiness, style, (and hopefully audio nirvana).

  • October 22, 2010 7:01 am

If you consider yourself a music connoisseur/audiophile, you’re going to want to mark November 15th on your calendars. For that is the day when Marshall jumps feet first into the world of personal audio with a new model of headphones. For those not too keen on the Marshall brand — They’ve been producing high quality audio products for decades.

Building quality headphones isn’t the easiest of tasks. Just look at all the crappy, failed attempts you can find at your local Best Buy, Frys, etc., etc. So seeing one of the greatest audio equipment manufacturers getting into the headphone space is enough to make me smile like a little school girl. (Really!)

Look for a review to come in the days following their release, as I will flog these bad boys like none other. Until then…

“Awareness” iOS app plays back outside noise in your headphones so you don’t die…

  • September 22, 2010 6:57 am

Blunt? Perhaps. But it kinda-sorta feels like a Friday. What does that have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing. But that doesn’t matter. What does matter is not getting plastered by a truck when you’re rockin’ out to your beats and struttin’ your stuff through the city. It seems like a day doesn’t pass without some newspaper publicizing how some poor sap get his face reconstructed by a car because he couldn’t hear them coming, all because he was blaring Lady Gaga too loud on his headphones. Apparently, humans have forgotten we have these wonderful devices called…eyes…*Gasps!* that allow us to search our surroundings for dangers — You know, like a big freakin’ truck! — before preceding. Nevertheless, technology has come forward to save us from technology.

Introducing: “Awareness”. This app is compatible with iOS 4 and runs in the background while you listen to music. When you start it up, it picks up the outside noise via microphones on your iPhone and then plays that noise back at the “standard/default” level on top of your music. Basically, you’ll get the effect of open headphones even if you’re wearing a pair of noise-reducing ear-canal phones like Shures, Etys, Ultimate Ears, etc., etc.

Thankfully, the developers have added a few helpful features that ensure this novelty is actually useful. First, the end user can adjust how loud the background noise is. Second, a feature called “Ducking” turns your music volume down as outside noise increases should you choose to prefer the latter over the former. Unfortunately as of writing, a bug in iOS is causing Ducking Mode to fail. A fix is in the works, however, and should be submitted to Apple for approval within the next few days. The gist of the story is this: If you want to not die, listen to headphones, and roam the streets, you need Awareness.

$5 in the App Store. If you want to see Awareness in action before plopping down the required cash, step on through for a helpful video…

Shure debuts new SE315 earphones.

  • September 16, 2010 8:07 am

While I may describe myself as borderline audiophile, I sadly must admit that I don’t have anywhere near the monetary background to sustain such a lifestyle. For that reason, $500+ earphones like the Shure SE535 aren’t in my budget. Thankfully Shure has a little something for everyone. Today, Shure took the wraps off of their “low end” SE-model earphones, the SE315. Now, don’t let the “low end” verbiage scare you away as they’re anything but. I’ve had a few Shure earphones over the years that were relegated to the cheap seats. But let me tell you, they were pretty awesome.

With that said, how awesome are the SE315′s. Their single-driver design will win some over while turning others away. Generally, the single-armature designs have a more “life-like” or “pure” sound about them, though never really excelling at any one aspect of music. That’s where multi-armature designs come in. But in reality, one could argue that opinions or statements about earphones/headphones and sound quality are purely subjective. But that’s enough riff raff. The specs…

  • Sensitivity: 116 dB SPL/mW
  • Impedance: 27
  • Noise Attentuation: 37dB
  • Freq. Response: 22Hz – 18.5kHz
  • Cable Length: 64” Detachable (at ear) with wireform fit

For $199, they’re not too bad. Any audio no0bs or audiophiles care to weigh in?

[Product Page]