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Review: NoiseHush SOLAR Visor N650 – Solar Bluetooth Hands-free Carkit

Many cities and states are enacting laws to restrict driving with your cell phone to your ear.  I am as guilty as the rest of you on this one.

One solution is to succumb to Bluetooth headsets.  Another is to fork over a grand when purchasing a vehicle for the Bluetooth connection option.  Here is where the NoiseHush N650 comes into play.  It is a run of the mill Bluetooth device, but it is equipped with a small solar panel on the back to continuously charge the battery when the sun is present.

As cool as it sounds, that solar cell slapped on the front isn’t worth $59 on its own. With that said, does the rest of the device perform well enough to stand out, and should the NoiseHush become part of your arsenal? Hop inside to find out…
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On a lighter note: Logitech Announces new Gaming Keyboard, Headset, and Mouse


While Logitech isn’t exactly raking in the money, they still are keeping up with new product releases.  As previously mentioned they are cutting 15% of their workforce in order to try and get back into the black ink.  Wanting to put money issues behind them and focus on the bright future, Logitech is jumping on the CES craze.  Logitech made public the next installments of several different categories including a new keyboard, mouse, and headset.  Click through for the full details. +Continue Reading