Tmo 9700 decides to stay home a few more days. Not showing up until November 16th party.

Products release dates getting pushed back are never fun at all. Starting with a sentence like that, you know that something now so smile inducing is following. Word is that the much lusted after T-Mobile BlackBerry 9700 decided to hold of it’s coming out party until November 16th. You know T-Mobile better watch out. Starting a string of delays isn’t fun for anyone and this delay in particular is starting to remind me of the delay after delay style launch AT&T’s Bold suffered from. We can only hope this isn’t a Bold delay launch part 2.

The reason for the delay as well as official confirmation is still unknown. All I do know is that this is going to upset a few CrackBerry/Tmo users who were waiting for some 3G/UMA BlackBerry goodness.

And yes, I’ve sent the now standard email to T-Mo asking for some clarification. We’ll see how it goes.


Light show coming to T-Mobile via Sony Equinox

While I generally try to avoid phones with overly gimmicky features or slogans, the Sony Equinox is rather neat little clamshell phone. Not a smartphone by any means, the Equinox sings a different tune. A tune of affordability and sophistication. Specs include a 2.2 inch QVGA internal display, GPS, Stereo Bluetooth, FM Radio, YouTube support, and a 3.2 mp shooter. Average sounding specs aside, the real marketing muscle behind this particular handset revolves around the way the external screen displays caller information. Don’t expect to see any number or candid face as such things are absent. Instead Sony takes a more “organic” approach by letting the user choose up to 5 contacts to assign special lightening effects. Gimmicky? To the feature loving, smartphone toting nerds that many of you are, yes. If you’re looking for a feature hound or something to brag to your geeky friends about, the Equinox is not for you. But if you or your aunt is looking for a decent 3G clamshell phone with some cool lighting effects, the Equinox then becomes quite the looker. With a price of only $50 after a two-year contract, can you afford not to give it a look? If a potential purchase is what you’re eyeing, keep October 28th fresh in your mind…

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850MHz 3G now blanketing Baltimore!

Baltimore inhabitants: Get ready to see another bar, drop 5 calls instead of 50, and enjoy overall better coverage. AT&T has just finished upgrading your fine city 850MHz 3G coverage meaning network performance should become more reliable and better performing. We shall see. So far, forum posts on various AT&T based forums have shown mixed results if any. Would a vocal Baltimorians care to chip on their experience so far?


Project Black: “Across the board price changes….4G iPhone”?

Well well well. I’m having a great morning so far. Look at the title and tell me the money gouged customer in your isn’t all giddy. It’s inevitable that Apple would eventually release an iPhone on someone else’s network other than AT&T. However, the speed at which it’s going to hit as well as with the sheer amount of secrecy and lack of early hype that AT&T enjoyed is kind of shocking. Three separate, unrelated sources of Thoughts From the Sidelines (Nexus 404 Blog) have sent in information advising those thinking of activating a data plan to use the current iPhone on their network to “hold off” until October 25th. TMO’s Project Black has been getting quite a bit of hype as they themselves have deemed it a complete company turnaround which pretty much nixes any single phone or plan taking the cake.

Instead, the tipsters revealed that price changes are coming “across the board” and that T-Mobile USA will also be getting their very own iPhone, but this one will have 4G! Good god wouldn’t that be nice. A 4G iPhone sure would buddy up nicely with an 21Mbps HSUPA+ rollout that TMO has been bragging about as of late. If this is all true, hopefully they’ve been moving faster than they did with their current 3G rollout as that swath of coverage is pretty weak. I’d say a leapfrog as the nations largest 4G carrier with a new iPhone 4G would certainly cause a few people to jump ship. Don’t you?

So why hasn’t Apple come forward? First off, AT&T obviously isn’t going to say anything. Why would they help people not spend money on their overtaxed, overpriced network? Apple on the other hand seems a bit strange, though, they aren’t your typical mobile phone company and have a history of secrecy. Still, you’d think they would hype it up. Maybe an end of October announcement with a pre-holiday release? Heck, if there is in fact a real iPhone 4G coming or at least being announced at the end of October, what will it be called and what will it look like? Will it simply be an iPhone 3GS with a 4G capable radio. Or will it be a completely new design? I would hope the latter as the current iPhone style is starting to grow old.

With the massive price change up and possible iPhone 4G, along with confirmed line up of several higher end “euro-phones”, the end of October is going to be one of the best, if not the best for TMO…ever. If the price on that all in plan is in fact $50-$60, you can rest assured I’ll be calling the instant I find out and canceling with AT&T. I’ve seen some sites cite worries of a network implosion with the quick, massive influx of customers much like AT&T is currently experiencing. However, I pray to god that T-Mobile has seen how not to handle a capacity issue and instead is more than prepared. Not to mention, with 4G comes much greater capacity than your typical 3G network. *Fingers crossed*

Anyone else feel like a weight is about to be lifted off your shoulders? Or that you’re at least about to spend more money? I’m sure you’re excited. Let it out!

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T-Mobile’s New York 3G network super fast. Humming along at 2+ Mbps!

AT&T users may be left wondering aimless around the country searching for speed of any kind, but T-Mobile customers may not wonder very long. T-Mobile U.S.A’s 3G footprint while still pretty weak when compared to other big players is apparently helluva fast. Take the screenshot above for example. The shot was captured on a freshly baked Nokia N900 which Mark Guim from The Nokia Blog received as a gift after attending the Maemo Summit in Amsterdam. 2+ megs down is awesome! And that’s not even on the *rumored* soon to launch 21Mbps+ HSDPA network.

Of course, as IntoMobile points out, he’s probably one of very few using the towers 3G capability meaning as more users sign on, expect that number to drop like a rock. Still, it’s cool to see some real speed via wireless means isn’t it? In case you were wondering how it stacks up compared to other wireless carriers, a couple months back BGR conducted a rather useful poll on wireless speeds. At least for this lucky chap above, he’s twice as fast as anyone else without a cord. Oh how we envy thee…

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iPhone 3G”S” not so quick on the up and up

The iPhone 3GS is marketed by Apple as a worthwhile speed improvement over the iPhone 3G. While the bumped up processor and better still graphics chip have easily noticable speed increases over the older 3G model, the actual data speed side leaves much to be desired. In actuatlity, clever marketing jargon and coy business tactics helped Apple push the 3GS as much faster than it really is. What exactly are the dirty secrets? It all has to do with upload speeds…or the lack thereof…

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