MacBerry Theme for BB 8900 & Bold

Blackberry users who like to show a tad bit of flare and sophistication will find idBerry’s latest theme, MacBerry, to be quite the flare flinging theme.  This eye gusher features a top “dock”/bar with 8 user customizable icons and a bottom dock with 5 fixed icons.  The cool part with the bottom dock is that they are modeled after iPhone icons (cool if you’re into that sort of style I guess).  Even cooler is that flipping between each bottom dock icon will automatically change the wallpaper.  A nice touch indeed.  I wish I had a Bold or 8900 to try this theme out on because it sure looks pretty sweet.  I’m curious to see how it performs and if that slick bottom dock controlled wallpaper flipping action slows down the devices at all?  (Feel free to let me know.)  $6.99 and a trip to the Berry Review Store are all you need.  Get downloadin’!


Source: Berry Review

The Racer Theme for Blackberry puts a new twist on wallpaper…


The title above leads one to believe that a “special wallpaper” would be or is a gimmicky way to sell a theme. However, the way the developer of The Racer theme from idBerry exicuted his “window wallpaper” is actually quite unique and adds a pretty cool twist on Blackberry themes. What it is is essentially a “banner” or overlay over the actual wallpaper with just a small spot left open to allow the actual wallpaper to show through. As you can see above, it works well and gives you almost limiteless possibilities on how to show off your new enhanced wallpaper. The Racer theme is available for the Blackberry 8900 and Bold for $5.99 at the Berry Reivew Store.

Source: Berry Review

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