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PSA: Today’s iPhone Event Available To Stream Over At Apple

  • October 5, 2011 1:36 am

If you haven’t heard by now, Apple has made the keynote from earlier this morning available at their website for some hot streaming action. For those of you with two monitors, I recommend having one of them play, and then check out our massive rundown on all the topics touched on by Jobs Cook and friends.

The Keynote lasted around 90 minutes, but if you weren’t able to follow a live blog I highly suggest giving this a watch. The Phone might not be changing the game, but the crap packed inside it (by the way of software) is really changing it up. Not only is Apple taking the best of the Jailbreak world and packing it in (ie. Notifications, etc) but aslo creating your own personal assistant in your pocket - one that won’t screw things up with your wife - is some serious stuff. Siri along makes the phone worth checking out.

Question now is, what carrier will you be settling down with?

iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Rumored To Start At 12:01 A.M. PST On Friday

  • October 5, 2011 12:51 am

Apple’s long awaited (read: somewhat of a let down) iPhone 4S has been announced. We are getting both the black and white versions on launch day - which is a pretty big deal. We know the sizes and prices, including the newly added 64GB size. We also know that we’ll see pre-orders begin this Friday with a release day of the 14th of October. But when can we start slamming Apple’s website to pre-order this magical new phone?

MacRumors is reporting that Apple Representatives are telling customers that pre-orders will go live at 12:01 a.m. PST, Thursday night / Friday morning. That is totally tubular for us West Coasters, but you fanboys on the East will have to set that (non-dictated) alarm to go off just before the 3 o’clock hour. Good luck with that.

Apple Gives The Go Ahead For Developers To Move MobileMe Accounts To iCloud

  • August 7, 2011 2:11 pm

Apple has opened up to aid in the transition of your MobileMe account to the upcoming iCloud release. As anything involved with iOS 5 and iCloud, this is strictly for developers at the moment. 9to5Mac has posted some screenshots of the entire process and it actually looks very simple to complete. After transferring your Mail, Contacts and Calendar info over to iCloud, Apple then lets you know that you can continue using the MobileMe services iWeb, iDisk and Photo Gallery until it June 30, 2012, even after the move to iCloud. It looks like Apple is doing away with Dock Items, Keychains, Mail Accounts and the ability to sync Mac Dashboard Widgets - among other services.

Something we’ve been hearing since the announcement of the iCloud service is what will MobileMe subscribers that have a base of 20gb of storage do when iClouds service is a base of 5gb? Well it seems that Apple is being nice and actually transferring those members over to the 20GB of store level and even including the extra base of 5gb. So users that are rocking 20gb of storage will actually beging their trip in the clouds with 25GBs without paying an extra fee. Apple hasn’t confirmed this however, so it may be possible we’ll see this expire in June of 2012. But users transferring over now have seen the 25gb level in action. From what we’ve been hearing the entire process is seamless.

Any readers out there make the transition? How do you think iCloud stacks up to it’s predecessor?

Screenshots Reveal iOS 5′s Nuance-Powered Voice Recognition In Action.

  • August 7, 2011 1:46 pm

We’ve heard about the upcoming iOS 5 release possibly containing the new speech-to-text feature for a while but we haven’t seen much of anything else pop up about it. Luckily for us a reader over at 9to5Mac has sent in screenshots of the new feature on how it’ll work. When the Apple Keyboard is up and you’ll see a little microphone icon next to the spacebar and by tapping this you’ll be given a microphone overlay letting you know it’s time to open your mouth. Since this is still in beta testing, our final product might have a different look to it. But if this source is as ‘reliable’ as 9to5Mac claims this will be a huge plus side to iOS 5.

Another piece claimed by the source is that this will only be featured on Apple’s smaller iDevices - including iPhone and iPod. It seems the iPad will be left out of the newest feature. Of course support could always be added in the future to the taller iBrother. Some other sites are saying Apple might keep the newest feature an iPhone 5 only feature to add value to the purchase of it over an older device. This actually sounds like something Apple would do, but for us here at GS, we don’t think Apple would leave out the iPhone 4 for and latest iPod as their internal components should support the new text-to-speech feature.

Do you think Apple will keep this as incentive to purchase the new iPhone or will would it support all iOS 5 compatible devices? We’re excited to see what comes of this!