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Siri Ported To All iOS 5 Devices And Successfully Connected To Apple’s Servers.

  • October 19, 2011 9:02 am

Siri is undoubtedly one of the staple features of the iPhone 4S. Too bad it’s limited to that device. We’ve already heard that the older iPhone 4 is plenty powerful enough to run Siri on, though Apple has some sort of method to block non-iPhone 4S devices. But iOS jailbreak developer @JackoPlane has apparently managed to kill two birds with one stone — he’s gotten Siri ported to all devices capable of running iOS 5 and managed to get Apple’s servers to not block non-iPhone 4S devices. Furthermore, JackoPlane says an iPhone 4S jailbreak to get Siri off said phone isn’t needed as he’s already got the files.

As of writing there isn’t any video/photographic proof nor any app released that can be tested. But JackoPlane promises the goods will be released “as soon as possible”.

We’re sure there are a few million non-iPhone 4S users that would love to stress test Siri and ask her/him all of life’s most challenging questions. At the same time we’re curious how another large influx of Siri server requests would slow down an already taxed server system.

Stay tuned…

[Update] Analysts: iPhone 4S Weekend Sales Reach “Up To 4 Million”.

  • October 16, 2011 8:05 pm

Before it was announced, the iPhone 4S — at the time believed to be the “iPhone 5″ — carried with it a mountain of hype and anticipation. Once it was revealed, however, to be a more “minor” refresh, critics were great in number and malice towards the next-gen device.

But despite an overpowering wave of disappointment, the public apparently can’t get enough. The iPhone 4S has been flying off shelves in countries around the world. On that note, how well did the iPhone 4S do on opening weekend? At least here in the U.S. this is the first year that a carrier other than AT&T has launched the new iPhone with Verizon and Sprint now joining the ranks.

The best estimates currently circulating around the web fall somewhere in between 2 and 3 million devices. Yankee Group analyst Carl Howe is a bit more optimistic, claiming global iPhone 4S sales could very well have sailed past 4 million.

Reports of the old weekend sales numbers being smashed shouldn’t be surprising. On Friday AT&T claimed they had passed previous 1-day sales records for any device by 4:30 pm. Likewise, Sprint also reported smashing old 1-day sales records, beating the previous record even earlier in the day than AT&T at 1pm. And remember, these are just two carriers in the U.S. Many other carriers also launched the iPhone 4S this past Friday: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the UK.

Look for more official numbers to make their way out in the coming weeks.


Apple is now also confirming the 4+ million sales figure. Impressive.

Search Google Within iOS Notification Center Dropdown With “StatusGoogle”.

  • October 16, 2011 12:19 pm

Looking for cool widgets to stuff in iOS 5′s Notification Center drawer, stuff that Apple hasn’t made available yet? Your only avenue for such ventures at this point is to jailbreak. Sorry but that’s just how it is. Some may not like going the non-Apple approved route. But until Apple releases more widgets into the App Store jailbreaking is all we’ve got.

With that said, just think how awesome it would be to get tweaks such as “StatusGoogle” — a Google search bar placed within Notification Center. It’s about as simple and easy of a way to search Google that we can think of.

StatusGoogle can be found through BigBoss’s repo free of charge. Let us know what you think.

Video after the break…

Google Pulls Official iOS App Due To iOS 5 Bugs.

  • October 16, 2011 11:41 am

Google Voice users who haven’t upgraded to an iPhone 4S or iOS 5 on an older iPhone yet will want to re-think which is more important to them. Google announced today that they are pulling the official Google Voice iOS app for issues pertaining to iOS. Apparently a high number of users are reporting that the GV app crashes as soon as opening as well as other general issues within the app. Google promises a fix is on the way and will be released ASAP. While the app itself is a bit wonky, users should still be able to receive forwarded calls/texts. Meanwhile if you must have your Google Voice third party apps are reportedly unaffected.

Instagram 2.0.2 Outed, Brings iOS 5 Twitter Integration.

  • October 13, 2011 8:00 pm

The latest Instagram 2.0.2 update is no live in the App Store and brings with it a newfound love for sharing — Twitter sharing. Simply tap the “…” beneath the comments of a photo and hit the “tweet” button. Simple and quick. Looks like we’re going to be spending even more time in Instagram land…

AT&T iPhone 4S Online Orders Slip To 3-4 Week Delivery.

  • October 13, 2011 9:56 am

If you wanted a brand spankin’ new iPhone 4S on launch day without the hassle of sitting in line for half the day, pre-ordering a day before launch lacks common sense. With that said, if you don’t necessarily care about having an iPhone 4S shipped to you directly on launch day and will simply take anything in the near future, today would still be a bad day to do so. AT&T’s ship times for all online iPhone 4S orders is now sitting at 21-28 days. Ouch.

Good luck getting an iPhone 4S online anywhere. All U.S. carriers (and Apple) are sold out of all models, colors, and capacities. Best get your comfy shoes strapped on, some survival food and queue up at your nearest iPhone 4S retailer.

iOS 5 Gets Tethered Jailbreak Thanks To Redsn0w 0.9.9b5.

  • October 13, 2011 7:47 am

iOS 5 is still what many would consider a virgin and already its defenses have been compromised by none other than the iPhone Dev-Team, hackers extraordinaire. Before you get too excited there a few things worth stressing. First and foremost, the new iOS 5 jailbreak is tethered-only for now. Second: The iPad 2 and iPhone 4S are not supported. Still, for an iOS release that’s barely 12 hours old getting at least some hacked functionality is something, isn’t it?


With today’s official iOS5 release, redsn0w has been updated to 0.9.9b5 to include the public URLs for the IPSW files. This way, first-time iOS5 jailbreakers don’t need to supply the IPSW file manually. It’s still a tethered jailbreak on all except the old-bootrom iPhone3GS, and it doesn’t apply to iPad2 or the upcoming iPhone4S.

Because the jailbreak is currently only tethered for most devices, we’re not going to release a new PwnageTool yet. Instead, we’ve decided to build some of PwnageTool’s functionality into redsn0w (since you need redsn0w to “Just boot tethered” on every power cycle anyway). The new “Custom IPSW” button on the Extras screen will create a custom IPSW without the baseband update for 4.3.3 or 5.0gm (iPhone3GS and iPhone4 only, for now). Remember not to accidentally restore to the stock IPSW after you create the custom one! The custom one begins with NO_BB_ (for “no baseband”).

You must enter “Pwned DFU” mode before trying to use the NO_BB_ IPSW with iTunes (and your hosts file cannot be pointing to Cydia’s servers due to the new blob nonce mechanism they’re using in iOS5).

Version 0.9.9b5 is available only for Mac for now, until we can do more testing on the Windows version of “Custom IPSW”.

We’re currently working on a normal compatibility update for existing ultrasn0w unlockers. After that we’ll try to fix the iBooks issue on jailbroken iOS5.

Who’s ready to jailbreak?

Apple Rolls Out iTunes Tone Store For Texts And Alerts

  • October 12, 2011 2:12 pm

The iPhone and iOS in general may be a bit late to the (officially supported) custom text/alert sound party but…at least the feature is here now. Along with OSX Lion 10.7.2 and iOS 5, Apple today released a new section within the iTunes Store specifically for custom text and alert tones. Getting to the new section can be done via the iTunes Store or by launching Settings > Sounds > Buy More Tones.

Alert tones are priced at $0.99 each.

Apple Releases OSX Lion 10.7.2 With iCloud And iOS 5.

  • October 12, 2011 1:40 pm

Today is another big day for OSX and iOS users. First up, OSX Lion 10.7.2 — it’s out! Besides iCloud, Apple has tossed in a ton of bug fixes and some performance tweaks including a new version of Safari, 5.1.1. Hit up Software Update for the goods.

Also released today is the official version of iOS 5 complete with it’s own iCloud support, the new Notification Center, performance tweaks, and a slew of other features just begging to be poked and prodded by your curiosity.

It’ll be interesting to see how Apple’s servers handle the guaranteed onslaught of eager OSX/iOS users looking for the latest and greatest. Be sure to let us know of any issues that pop up!