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Pegatron Plant Explosion Injures Dozens, Could Affect iPad 2/3 Production.

  • December 18, 2011 11:43 pm

20111218-234148.jpgA Shanghai based assembly plant belonging to Pegatron subsidiary, Riteng, reportedly exploded late Saturday (local time) injuring 50+ people and possibly affecting ongoing iPad 2 production as well as upcoming iPad 3 production too.

The plant is said to have been producing back panels for iPad 2s, and is currently testing production for an “unspecified product” (read: ipad 3) based on reports from a local paper, the “Yi Cai Daily”.

The Riteng plant was operating in a “test production mode” and could be “run around the damaged areas” should production schedules call for it, according to a Pegatron spokesperson.

With a good deal of initial holiday shopping already over, it could be said the explosion and any possible production shortages “could have been worse”. Nonetheless, Apple has had several issues with exploding/burning manufacturing plants as well as labour conditions being called into question after a rash of suicides at Foxconn plants earlier this year.

Hopefully production isn’t affected and can continue, otherwise it’s more supply problems that Apple certainly doesn’t need.

This Is What Sticking An iPad In Molten Lava Looks Like…

  • December 12, 2011 8:14 am

Ok, so there really isn’t any real purpose to sticking an iPad into lava nor writing a post about it. But, like the infamous “Will it blend” video series, we’re equally intrigued. Maybe it’s the destructive youngster inside our heads or the simple pyromaniac looking for the next fire-filled prank. Either way, it’s one of the better ways to start of a Monday morning.

Video of what an iPad being dipped in molten lava may look like…

Apple Having Trademark Issues Of Their Own, Doesn’t Own “iPad” Trademark In China.

  • December 7, 2011 8:58 am

Similar to RIM’s own ongoing issue with losing the “BBX” trademark to BASIS International Ltd., Apple is apparently experiencing their own licensing snafu. As it currently stands, Apple could be forced to sell the iPad under a new name should Chinese company, Proview Technology, emerge victories in ongoing lawsuits with Apple.

The backstory: Proview sold the “Global iPad” trademark to a British company by the of IP Application Development in 2000 for ~$55,000. In 2006 Apple bought said trademark from IP Application Development. Fast forward to the here and now when Proview begins using the iPad name to which Apple sues.

The current situation: Proview claims that the original sale of the Global iPad trademark from themselves to IP Application Development never included the rights to Chinese trademark ownership, as it didn’t belong to their specific company, but instead a separate Taiwanese unit.

Proview is gold digging asking for $1 billion in damages. If Apple loses their courtroom battle, they’ll either have to pay up or find a new catchy name for the iPad in China.

The Snowboard With An iPad And Aluminum Body — The iShred.

  • November 17, 2011 1:44 pm

Apple-atic. Check. Snowboarder. Check. iPad inside of said snowboard. Che-what? Introducing: iShred.

Designed and built by Every Third Thursday, the iShred is one of the most advanced snowboards ever created. Not only is the bottom made entirely out of aluminum, theres a fully functioning iPad on the top and an illuminated signal logo on the bottom. According to ETT, the iShred’s aluminum-clad underside makes it a rocket, but it “weighs a ton” and doesn’t turn well. Minor issues, right?

Minimalistic, sleek, and geeky. Well done ETT. Video of the design/build/test process after the break.

[Update] Rumor: Anonymous LG Executive Claims 4″ Display For Next-Gen iPhone, 7.35″ iPad In Development.

  • November 15, 2011 8:01 am

It never fails. A new Apple product is released ushering in the latest generation of Cupertino designed hardware (and software) and not more than a month later (many times sooner) the rumor mill picks back up. Today, the source is an unnamed LG executive who doesn’t waste any time getting to the front of the pack of Apple rumors.

The claim: Apple’s next-gen iPhone will feature a 4″ display.

Sound familiar?

[Update] Macbook Pros At Apple Genius Bars To Be Replaced With iPads.

  • November 12, 2011 10:32 pm

When a Mac/iOS user stops by their local Apple Genius Bar they’ll find a line of geniuses peering over a row of gleaming Macbook Pros — stationary, hulking slabs of aluminum. But in the near future Apple will revamp the Genius Bar to a more mobile, efficient station for customers by replacing the Macbook Pros with iPads.

Just a couple of months ago Apple added iPads to all tables/kiosks within Apple stores to showcase each device exponentially better than any simple paper chart could. Not to mention, the iPads give customers an interactive tool to compare hardware as they wait for their turn to see an Apple employee.

By swapping out the Macbook Pros for iPads, Apple Geniuses will be able to (1) fit more people at the bar as well as (2) actually move around and help people throughout the store.

In short: Genius appointment wait times are about to get a whole lot shorter.

As soon as we know more info as to when the Macbook Pro -> iPad swap will happen we’ll let you know!


According to 9to5 Mac’s Mark Gurman, the Macbook Pro to iPad Genius Bar swap is going down tonight.

PSA: Is A Fake - Please Do Not Use!

  • November 12, 2011 11:46 am

It was recently brought to my attention by a comment in my last jailbreak post that there is a greenpois0n2 website floating around boasting the untethered 5.0/5.01 jailbreak of iPhone 3GS - the 4S and both iPads. This is an easy scam to fall for and we have no clue what the download will provide.

But please, DO NOT download and install this. This is entirely a fake and isn’t an actual Chronic Dev release. You can search jailbreak at Gadgetsteria and find tons of posts that will give actual Twitter usernames of some of the devs on both Chronic Dev Team as well as the iPhone Dev Team that you can follow for release updates.

So again, please do not install or pass this site around as legit. We have a tweet out to @MuscleNerd, @pod2g and @posixninja on what they know of the site.