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GameStop Begins Acception iDevice Trade-ins. May Start Selling The Entire Line Up.

  • September 6, 2011 11:29 am

GameStop may be jumping on the bandwagon of iOS retailers and offering the entire line up of Apple’s magical devices. At an annual trade show in Las Vegas, it was announced that the gaming retail giant will begin offering the devices for sale and to top it off they have also started accepting your used iOS devices for trade-ins for in store credits.

This along with all of the iPhone 5 release rumors and the wide demand for all iOS devices, having another retailer carry the devices only makes sense. It fits for GameStop to join with the ever growing hand held gaming devices around. There is no word on what devices they’ll carry, and we also aren’t sure if they’ll become a re-seller as well of the used trade-ins(we’d assume so, as they sell re-furbed consoles) but we are interested in seeing what they’ll have!

Swoon: Arcade Joystick To Partner ‘Atari’s Greatest Hits’ iOS App

  • September 6, 2011 10:51 am

Hopefully those of you who are old enough to remember the 70′s to early 80′s gaming revolution, remember a special little peripheral - the Atari Joystick. No matter how many consoles are released, the controller pads are pretty much the same old thing. Yes we have added slightly more comfortable areas to hold or even created a wand like piece to swing about in your living room. But that pesky joystick has been there since the beginning. Some have tried to create a joystick add-on for their consoles, but nothing has mirrored the pure innocence and simplicity of this magnificent device.

Anyways, nostalgia aside - Atari is at it again! With hand held gaming a huge push for developers, iOS being a huge drive for the generation, Discovery Bay Games has decided to add on to the incredible iOS release - Atari’s Greatest Hits. I have this game on my iPhone, and even with the smaller screen, the game is quite fun. Now if I had an iPad and this peripheral for it I would be in heaven - magical gaming heaven. The joystick hasn’t actually been announced, but was uncovered in the last update for the iOS game linking it to Discovery Bay Games Duo Controller.

The website gives no price, only gives an Available Soon, not really giving us much information. But the peripheral works with your iPad/iPad 2 and will give you the upper hand against those pesky Asteroids. We’ll update you on when this incredible device is available, and maybe, just maybe, if we can come by another iPad to review, we’ll be able to review this joystick, and by review I do mean play for hours and piss off our wives.

Rumor: Facebook For iPad Dropping At September 22nd F8 Developer Conference.

  • August 28, 2011 12:44 pm

This past Thursday, Facebook announced their f8 developer conference. While the conference will already be one of Facebook’s biggest, most important conferences to date — with a potential IPO in the company’s near future — it is rumors that CEO Mark Zuckerberg will officially announce/launch Facebook’s iPad app that have the most buzz.

For now we’ll have to merely guess for Zuckerberg (and Facebook) aren’t letting on to what the September 22nd event will cater to specifically.

Jailbreak Developers Getting Bored, Throwing In The Towel?

  • August 26, 2011 12:11 pm

Yesterday it was jailbreak developer “Comex” that stunned quite a few by announcing his new upcoming internship at Apple. For someone who has spent so many years “on the run” from the very same company, it’s pretty amusing to see the tides turn. As for his jailbreak activities, we can’t see Comex continuing too much longer given his new employer’s past views on the practice of jailbreaking.

Today another iOS jailbreak dev sheds doubt on his own future. @chpwn has mentioned via Twitter that while he’s not joining Apple — a reply jokingly directed at some who have been vocalizing worries regarding future jailbreak efforts — he’s also getting bored (presumably with iOS/jailbreaking) and may not continue doing it much longer.

“I’m not joining Apple, but I’m also bored and probably not going to do much more jailbreak stuff. Probably.”

We’re not too worried at the moment. Chpwn’s statement is far from final. Not to mention, someone will rise up through the ranks and take over the jailbreak developer’s limelight. Worried?

Apple Looking To Invest $13 Billion In Sharp For Upcoming iPhone/iPad Displays.

  • August 17, 2011 7:31 am

While it’s no secret Apple’s relationship is severely strained, the company still makes a ton of hardware with Samsung inside of them. But after the latest round of lawsuits and allegations it’s no surprise to hear reports that Apple is looking for other vendors besides Samsung. Building on that, a sales note released by MF Global FXA Securities today claims that Sharp is in Apple’s sights, with the company planning to invest up to $1.3 Billion USD/300 million yen into Sharp’s Kameyama manufacturing plant, specifically for displays in future iPhone and iPad models. A separate report by Reuters claims Sharp has already closed a display manufacturing deal for new Apple devices in 2012.

Should Apple jump off Samsung’s ship, the Korean hardware manufacturer will face a drastic reduction in income. That’s not to say other vendors will swoop in to pick up the slack. Still, we wouldn’t want to be in the position Samsung is currently in.

It has also been widely reported that Apple is partnering up with Toshiba for future iPhone/iPad displays as well.

EU Courts Suspend 10.1″ Galaxy Tab Injunction. Germany Ban Still Stands.

  • August 16, 2011 11:00 am

No sooner did we find out about Samsung’s 10.1″ Galaxy Tab outlook in The Netherlands than hearing a new report that a judge has temporarily suspended the EU-wide 10.1″ Galaxy Tab ban. (Perhaps new reports that Apple falsified information such as the Galaxy Tab’s size/shape/aspect ratio have hit a nerve with the courts?) Save for Germany, all EU members can once again sell Samsung’s latest and greatest tablet.

Now that the EU courts have begun to sift through the material, it’s highly plausible the lifted preliminary injunction won’t be re-issued — at least not to the extent it was over the past week.

As for German residents — the ban still stands. A new ruling scheduled for August 25th will revisit the EU-wide ban and set the story for the potential legal battle ahead.

Apple Wins Again: 10.1″ Samsung Galaxy Tab From EU Market.

  • August 9, 2011 3:15 pm

In the ongoing patent spat between Apple and Samsung over iPhone/iPad design (as well as several other patents) comes another blow for camp anti-Apple groups — Apple has successfully won an injunction on the 10.1″ Samsung Galaxy Tab in Europe following a similar injunction in Australia. Residents of The Netherlands, however, are exempt. The ruling was handed down by the EU’s Regional Court of Dusseldorf.

Any hopes for a speedy appeal are unlikely as it has to be handled by the same judge, taking a minimum of 4 weeks to process. Further compounding matters is a $350k fine for each action of infringement and jail time for Samsung execs should they fail to honor the injunction. Samsung still maintains that their tablets do not under any circumstances infringe on Apple’s design or patents and promise to aggressively fight Apple’s claims as well as the new ruling.

But even still, the damage has been done. It will be weeks before 10.1″ Galaxy Tabs are back on European shelves.

My iPad Is Going As A GameBoy For Halloween.

  • August 2, 2011 11:50 pm

Okay, this is by far the awesomestest(yeah, that is a GadgestSteria approved word) iPad case we have ever seen. Lootiful is working on the cutest case that has ever graced the outsides of your iPad. Along time ago, we wrote about - what has now been knocked down to 2nd place as - the greatest iPad case ever, but rightfully so. Dressing your iPad up as a GameBoy might be the best idea we’ve ever heard. We love our iPads, and we love our GameBoys (even though mine is broken).

Lootiful is known for their series of iPWN cases that snap on the back of your iDevices, but with the iPad 2 version soon to be on pre-order, we are definitely hoping to see a shiny new iPad 2 arrive at our doorsteps! The

Have 18 iPads Lying Around And No Job? Then We Have The Project For You!

  • August 2, 2011 10:20 am

Let’s just say, hypothetically of course, that you have 18 iPads cluttering your closet (or bed) and you really have nothing to do with your life - except buy iPads - what could you possibly do? Well, if you haven’t had your head stuck in an Apple Store or wherever you might come by 18 iPads you might know of a little game named Tetris.

The team over at IPstand have put together an amazing video of a stop-motion real life iPad Tetris game. Along with the original Gameboy version song playing in the background, they played an almost full game (on easy) with using nothing but the iPads. Minus a real amateur move around the :16 second mark, it is actually pretty neat.

Jump on in for the video.