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[Review] DryCASE: Waterproof iPhone 4 Case. #drycase

Since the dawn of modern digital technology, it’s been known that water and electrons are not friends. When delicate electronics are involved, this incompatibility is even more pronounced. And yet, we as humans encounter such scenarios and even encourage it day after day. Though mobile phones in particular are one device that could benefit the most from water resistant properties.

With that said, there have been a few waterproof cases for phones released in the last few years. However, none of them have been all that useful. But most importantly, the waterproof cellphone cases made up until this point have been designed for phones which rely on physical buttons for input. In the age of the touchscreen, they simply don’t work. So how do you design a watertight case that also allows functional interaction with a touchscreen?

DryCASE has the answer…
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Apple Confirms White iPhone Coming Spring 2011! #iphone #apple

The wait for the hallowed white iPhone 4 is almost over. The above signage is apparently going up in Apple stores around the country, and most notably includes verbiage that says “Coming Spring 2011″ next to said iPhone color — white. While we were told back in October after the nth delay that spring was the next target, having actual proof is always reassuring.

It’s kind of funny when you think about it — the entire tech media world has been captivated by a simple color hue on a plastic casing for a phone…

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Review: Ballistic SG iPhone 4 Case. #ballisticsg

You may recall the original Ballistic iPhone 4 case that we took a look at back in early October. The general consensus was that it was a very durable, protective case. But that robust construction came at the cost of design (admit it, it’s pretty ugly) as well as usability. The edges of the screen were hard to hit because of the high-rise sides of the case in particular. And then right before Halloween, Ballistic announced a new lighter case that still encapsulated everything Ballistic was about.

Introducing the Ballistic SG. A no-nonsense iPhone 4 case with a prettier face and thinner waistline. Jump inside for the review…
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Review: XtremeMac iPhone 4 Case. #xtrememac

You know, since I picked up an iPhone 4 back in early September, I’ve amassed quite the collection of iPhone 4 cases. And yet I still jump for joy like a giddy school girl when I get a new one in the mail. And that’s precisely what happened last week. Except it was one but four cases that I received. Today we’re going to look at one of those cases, the XtremeMac MicroShield Accent. It’s a pretty nice case if I do say so myself. But I’m sure you want to know a little more. Jump on in for the full rundown…
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Make your iPhone 4 Get Physical with the Boxwave “Keyboard Buddy” Bluetooth Keyboard.

There’s no denying the iPhone 4 is an extremely popular and successful device. The biggest reason being the touchscreen that literally revolutionized the smartphone world back in 2007. But as great as the touchscreen is, some people still prefer good ‘ol physical buttons. Apple won’t be adding in physical keys and keyboards anytime soon. So that leaves 3rd parties to fill in the gap. So far, we’ve only seen a few bluetooth iPhone keyboards. They haven’t been particularly well designed or good at what they do. Though the Boxwave Keyboard Buddy Bluetooth keyboard looks like it could be different in that respect…
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17-Year Old Kid Reselling Official White iPhone Parts. Lawsuit on the Horizon? #whiteiphone4

In today’s rather uninspiring economy, it is the entrepreneurs who have the upper hand. While the general population is busy trying to figure out how to blend in and adapt to the here and now, the entrepreneur is looking outside of the box and be different. The latter of which is precisely what 17-year old Fei Lam has done. Instead of thinking about the latest senior party in highschool, he’s making a killing selling “official” white iPhone 4 kits…
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iPhone 3G Losing AirPlay Support in Upcoming iOS 4.2 Update. #ios

In other Apple news tonight: It appears that iOS 4.2 on the iPhone 3G is yet another iOS 4.x update that is getting neutered before gracing the aging handset’s hardware. Besides lacking such great features as multi-tasking, custom wallpapers, and GameCenter, it looks like AirPlay is the latest major feature to get axed. At this rate, why even upgrade to 4.x on the 3G? (That’s the question we’re asking around here at least.)

The odd thing is of course that AirPlay worked fine on several different iOS 4.2 betas on the iPhone 3G up until the latest GM. Whether or not it’s a typical Apple-style “let’s remove basic, promised features and entice people to upgrade” remains to be seen. It’s possible that Apple is working out a few kinks and will re-enable said feature in a future update. But if the general consensus is that nothing was wrong with it up until it was removed, pleasant, optimistic thoughts aren’t exactly leading the way inside my head.

Check out more proof in the digital pudding being documented in a short video over at 9to5Mac.
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Angry Birds iPhone Cases Coming to O2 UK. #angrybirds

I’ve written about Angry Birds countless times before. The reason being that it’s the greatest game. Ever. Compounding the awesomeness were the recently released Angry Birds pillows. And now, we have iPhone 4 Angry Birds cases — specifically the red and yellow birds as well as the green King Pig.

The cases are being made by a company called Gear4 and are currently being displayed on an O2 UK page. The release date is rumored to be sometime in November. Website HMV is also listing the same Angry Birds iPhone cases for £14.99, which actually isn’t all that bad. Hopefully they stay relatively close to that once officially released.

Don’t worry, we’ll follow this one closely.
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[Update] Review: Proporta USB Turbocharger 5000. #proporta

Mobile junkies know the true value of an outlet, for it is the very thing that keeps our lives going. But all too often in the modern world of iPhones, MyTouch 4G’s, Nexus 2′s, and so many other feature-packed gadgets, our fun time ends entirely too short. The occasional public wall outlet helps from time to time. But it is neither convenient nor easy to pack it in your pocket.

With that said, it seems that a fair compromise is some type of external battery charger. There when you need it, hiding when you don’t. However, there is a myriad of options when it comes to external battery power. How do you know what you’re getting is reliable, efficient, or any good? Thankfully you have people like me to get the nitty gritty details for you.

Today we’ll be looking at the Proporta Tubo Charger 5000. Come on inside…
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iPhone 4 Rollout Continues. Target Next In Line.

Back in 2007 and the iPhone’s early days, finding an actual brick and mortar store that sold one was extremely hard seeing as how Apple Stores and were the only places that really had any. AT&T carried them too, but they had far less iPhone’s on hand to actually keep up with demand. It was basically a lost cause for many weeks after the iPhone was officially launched. But now in 2010, things are very different.

Joining the masses, Target is the next big box retailer to soon be offering the iPhone under their roof. Though check first before you head out. Only 846 of Target’s 1,752 locations will be carrying the iPhone. Of course, if you do manage to strike gold in your city, you’ll be pleased to know that you can also activate the iPhone in store. One less stop means a happier iPhone user come holiday season.

Following standard iPhone pricing, the 16GB will cost $199 while the 32GB will set you back $299. And just in case the iPhone 4 is a little too expensive, Target will also have stock in the iPhone 3GS. Look for that to come in at $99. Now the entire family can have an iPhone…
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Verizon iPhone gets another confirmation via Fortune.

The CDMA iPhone rumors just won’t die. Joining major publications such as the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, Fortune is now also coming out with their own story, “confirming” that a CDMA iPhone is in fact dropping in “early 2011″. So far, January has been a popular target. According to the Fortune article, the first CDMA version of the iPhone won’t be a “World Edition” or feature LTE… +Continue Reading

[Update: 2] And the plot thickens: White iPhone 4 actually cancelled, delays are a smokescreen?

Well this would certainly qualify for “scandalous” — A source of BGR close to one of the manufacturers for Apple’s iPhone 4 has come forward to shed some potentially saddening news. Specifically, the delays Apple is torturing us with are supposedly mere smokescreens for the cold hard truth — the iPhone 4 in white garb has been cancelled. The delays are an “easy” way to keep the original issue (paint matching between back case and home button) at bay while also allowing Apple to push off the possible fix until the iPhone 5 drops.

Speaking of that paint matching issue, the same source also claims that the manufacturers aren’t saying anything confirming Apple’s (and the rest of the world’s) belief that it was a manufacturing issue, and that that is a second smokescreen to the real issue. What that “real” issue exactly is isn’t mentioned. It’s certianly believable that Apple would purposely holding back the white iPhone 4, instead aiming to pick up the pieces and continue on with the iPhone 5. But it just seems so…odd. Though as all things of this nature go, tread lightly and avoid the salt.


A post over at Cult of Mac points the blame finger at not the home button or mis-matched back case, but the camera. Specifically, the rumor (that we’ve heard tossed around a bit before) claims that the translucent white glass back of the white iPhone 4 lets too much light back into the case, screwing around with the camera sensor. As such, all pictures taken with the white iPhone 4 are washed out. This issue is magnified when using the flash. A “source close to the matter and Apple” said that the issue is severe enough that a complete redesign of the phone is looking to be the only solution — hence the multiple delays.

That definitely sounds plausible. Why can’t Apple just tell us what’s going on?


And now the white iPhone has been pulled again. Cancelled? It’s looking more like it…
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