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You know, you don’t have to come here and read what I type. But you do, and I thank you. It’s been quite a while since I gave away anything. It’s time to give you, the reader something to say thank you. What better way to say thank you and start of your Saturday than with a chance to get a new iPhone case? Do you love thin, need a new iPhone case, or simply want another to add to your collection? Leave your comment below. Be Creative. Be original. Get those two down pat and the Blink case is yours. Aaaaaaand go!

iPhone case by Blink [Review]

Getting just the right iPhone case for your tastes is often a quest into the vast world of 3rd party accessories for Apple’s uber phone. I’ve lost count of how many cases have come and gone over the life of me and my iPhone’s relationship. Some were good and I just simply wanted change while others were bad and I had to return them almost as soon as I opened the packaging. The individual traits we all look for in the “perfect” case are objective of course meaning that no case can truly be perfect. Some like a solid, well built, all encompassing case that sacrifices nothing in the name of protection. On the other hand, some merely seek a case that adds a different color or some other desirable physical change. The latter often don’t add as much protection as the more function minded cases for obvious reasons. So how does the line of ultra-thin cases by Blink fair? Read on…

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Like getting ripped off on the look and feel of over priced plastic? Tom Tom has a hardware accessory for that.

Hate me if you want. Call me too cynical. But one thing is for certain, Tom Tom’s iPhone car mount is over priced by about 80% of what it should actually cost. In case you were curious. The mount is currently available for pre-order on Apple’s UK store for £100 ($160.67 USD)! £100 for a collection of plastic screwed together to hold a phone in your window. Ya I’ll pass. How stupid and gullible does Apple/TomTom think we are? I’m sure plenty will pony up the dough however. Is anyone else the least bit riled up by this gross inflation?

The cherry on top is the fact that the TomTom iPhone app IS NOT included with the purchase as many are reporting. Ouch.

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Pong Research Silicone iPhone skin blocks radiation. Protects your grey matter

Do you wear tin foil hats often? Sacred that every single time you cross into a wireless field of some sort you’re losing precious brain cells to an invisible thief? Well, there isn’t much you can do about those “other” wireless signals, but, if you want to do something about the radiation coming from your own iPhone, Pong Research has just the case for you. While the dangers of cell phone radiation keep getting confused between terms such as “possible” and “probable” (mountain of difference), you can yak away in safety, or so Pong Research claims with their latest Silcone case. Said case pictured above is claimed to block up to 60% of iPhone radiation aimed at your skull meaning less mutations and such further down your genetic line. The ability to save lives and what not essentially gives the makers a reason to mark the price up — $60 mark up to be exact. Now, I don’t know about you, but $60 for a Silicone case regardless if it saves my head is a steep price to pay…for some special silicone mind you. Again noting that wireless signals probably aren’t nearly as deadly as claimed, the benefit-to-cost analysis has me looking elsewhere for sixty singles.

However, if you walk through life paranoid and keep your phone on speaker phone as to keep your offspring from being born with 3 arms, the Prong Research Silicone case may be just the case for you.

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Flexible Mini Capsule Microphone ensures your iPhone audio is top notch

If you’re a big audio notes taker or have the new iPhone 3GS and simply want better playback in your captured videos, the little Flexible Mini Capsule Microphone may be just the iPhone addition for you. Considering the iPhone 3G/S’s microphone is located away form the camera/video lens, the audio you normally get isn’t as great as it could be. That’s where this little gem comes in. By facing the microphone towards the content being captured, your audio will come back much more crisp and distortion free, not to mention louder. Such ammenaties don’t have to cost as much as a human organ. Brando’s Workshop has the Flexible Mini Capsule for the low price of $14. Mobile video hobbiests, are you down?

Source: The-Gadgeteer

Yesterday a doorbell…today an iPhone Dock.

Following yesterdays showing of the NES Controller Doorbell, the iconic little controller is moving on and singing a different tune today. Mr. NES can now add iPhone dock to the list of alter egos. Nintendo junkies who love 80’s tech will definitely want to make one of these for themselves. Those of you who are already whipping out your wallets might want to hold off as it isn’t for sale. Though, interested parties can try to find a way to contact the creator, forum member WCR, and maybe, just maybe he’ll share with you how he did it. Who wants one? A couple more pics are sitting patiently inside.

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Wireless USB coming to iPhone/iPod Touch thanks to Alereon


Now before you get all giddy and jump off the roof with glee, take a second and read carefully, the iPhone/3G is getting Wireless USB features. Wireless USB features will not be built into the phone’s hardware inside. Instead, a company on the forefront of wireless USB technology, Alereon, will be debuting a wireless USB accessory for iPhone/iPod Touch users that will help the freedom fighters cut yet another cord and get one step closer to true wireless freedom. With the new wireless accessory, iPhone/iPod Touch users will be able to take advantage of wireless syncing between any PC or Mac with the ability to transfer everything you could before over a wire now over thin air. One small added bonus comes in the form of slightly longer run time for your iDevice when the wireless USB accessory is plugged in as it has it’s own small battery that will also share the love. If you’re still equally as excited and can deal with a bit of added bulk on the outside of your iDevice, you may want to keep on eye on Alereon and see exactly what they have to offer.

Source: Techchee, Slippery Brick, Alereon

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