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CES 2012: X-Doria iDevice Protection

  • January 11, 2012 11:05 am

Through out our wanders yesterday we happened to stroll by a booth that had about 10 iDevices laying around with cases strewn about. We walked on in to see what was going on because we are in iPhone case mode and what we found was actually quite interesting. They had your normal every day cases, but some of the designs were actually quite nice. Their website has most of those cases on them to look at. Different styles ranging from leather to plastic. They have them for iPhones, iPads and iPods.

The product that X-Doria had that really caught our eye was the Defense Pro. I have personally never been attracted to a lot of cases out there because of the bulk they add to the gorgeous iPhone, so I’ve always leaned towards using protective skins. When he was showing us the Defense and the Defense Pro, we were blown away. We couldn’t even tell it was on there. The greatest part about the Defense Pro, other than the self-healing material, is how the application takes place. If you’ve ever used BodyGuardz or Zagg, you’ll know that bubbles are our worst nightmare. Defense Pro utilizes an iOS app that places a grid on your screen that lines up with the skin itself and the grid printed on a top layer of the material. You line up the lines with the lines on the iOS app and the result is a bubbles-less protection for your iDevice.

Their website is up, but they are an incredibly new company. Look out for their products this Spring and hopefully check back here for a review.

CES 2012: BoostCase Hybrid Hands On.

  • January 11, 2012 5:08 am

We first heard about the BoostCase Hybrid at CES Unveiled this past Sunday and we were crazy impressed. We’ve used so many different battery cases in the past and to be falling in love with one now seems whacky to us. After seeing the Hybrid and meeting with the reps at the booth on Sunday, I decided I would spend the majority of my walks through the CES Halls looking at the battery case competition. I wanted to see if what I was excited to learn more about would stand up against all of the other competition out there, especially the likes of Incipio, that have been doing this for a few years.

We’ll spend more time on that subject in a future post this week once we’ve had enough time to play with every case out there. But for now, please join us inside for a hands on with one of my personal favorites - the BoostCase Hybrid…

Concord Keystone Is Set To Release ECO MarineCase

  • January 9, 2012 2:56 pm

We’ve seen a couple waterproof cases for the iPhone in our days. I personally am not a huge fan of cases because of all the extra weight and bulk they add. But with so many people owning iPhones, and not letting that prohibit their active lifestyles, we need to see a surge in other-than-shock protective cases.

Keystone will be doing just that, with CES gearing up with Press Conferences today, the releases keep on pouring out and this one happened to catch my eye. Not because it is waterproof, but because of how slim and compact it is. The ECO MarineCase is specifically designed for the iPhone 4/4S and will protect you from being submerged in water - up to 20 feet - as well as snow, sand and dust. Made out of clear silicone, the MarineCase offers complete call and iPhone screen functionality.

If you happen to be an iPhone users who expose their phones to environments that prone to contact with water, the ECO MarineCase might be a good option for you. It retails for $39.99 and comes in white and black.

IDAPT Launches Universal Docking Speaker At CES 2012

  • January 9, 2012 2:27 pm

IDAPT announced the World’s first Universal docking speaker for the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices. The IDAPT S1 features a dual docking station as well as a patented interchangeable tip system allowing for multiple devices to be docked at once.

The all-in-one speaker has a unique retro design and a top facing LCD panel to set and have access to all functions while an LCD panel on the front gives access to the basic functions. The IDAPT S1 will fit perfectly anywhere in the house, whether it’s in the living room or by the bed, easy access and a snazzy design make this a winner for any home.

As far as audio, the IDAPT S1 includes Stereo 2.0 sound, full range loudspeakers and Bluetooth 2.0. We haven’t heard it with our own ears, but they claim great quality.

We will be stopping by their booth to attempt a hands on and a review sample. We’ll hopefully be touching on this later in the week.

Hop on in for a full list of specifications…

CESUnveiled: BoostCase Hybrid.

  • January 8, 2012 10:11 pm

If you really use your iPhone you’ll quickly realize that a full days charge is no where near possible. Battery packs help. But they’re bulky and take up space. Plus, it’s just another thing to loose. That’s where battery cases come in. Yeah, they’re bulky themselves. But at least you’re not going to go misplacing it seeing as how it’s stuck to the back of your phone.

At CES Unveiled we got to take a hands-on look at BoostCase’s new Hybrid iPhone 4/4S case. The cool part about this case over other battery cases is that it features a two-part design — the first part is a normal looking soft-ish case that can be worn as is as a daily driver while the actual battery case part fits over the first case and latches into place.

The battery in the Hybrid case is rated at 1900 mAh meaning a full 100% recharge should be obtainable.

Those with expressive personalities shouldn’t have any problems finding a color to their liking. As you can see above, there are plenty to choose from, not to mention, the two-part design of the case makes them interchangeable.

$89 at - Buy

Another shot after the jump.

Samsung ChatOn Challenges iMessage - On iPhones

  • January 6, 2012 5:54 pm

Anyone with an iDevice with iOS 5 should be fully aware of iMessage, a service extending SMS by sending messages to other iDevices via the internet, instead of through your carrier. Although other similar services and apps exist, both on other devices (like BBM) and across devices (like WhatsApp), it’s a little unusual to see a direct competitor like Samsung take on iMessage with its own service, ChatOn.

ChatOn has been released on the Android Marketplace but is soon to arrive on the Apple iOS App Store and BlackBerry marketplace. Offering cross-platform messaging with delivered and read reports and whiteboard features.

While perhaps this news is positive in that Samsung are attempting to reach a wider audience, it’s notable that one of the major news stories of the last year involves Samsung and Apple in infringement and anti-trust lawsuits around the world. It seems like Samsung is taking the fight to Apple on their own turf.

Will Samsung take over iMessage, or is the market saturated with many messaging applications? And finally, with many rumors circulating since the introduction of iMessage, will Apples notification application reach other devices?

iOS Hacker pod2g Builds “Dream Team” To Help Finish A5 Untether Jailbreak.

  • January 6, 2012 9:36 am

Infamous iOS hacker @pod2g, the dude currently hammering away at the A5 untether, has as he calls it, created the ultimate jailbreak “Dream Team”. @planetbeing (iPhone Linux), @MuscleNerd (iPhone Dev-Team) and @p0sixninja (Chronic Dev Team) have all enlisted to help pod2g get over the hurdle(s) he’s come across and to finally get a working A5 untether up and running and pushed out to the masses.

With so much talent focusing on a single goal, the walls should begin falling much sooner rather than later.