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Stockpile: Hard Candy Orders 50,000 Cases For Re-designed iPhone.

  • October 4, 2011 6:49 am

Despite a mountain of evidence proving an iPhone 4S exists (and a lack of evidence for a re-designed iPhone 5) some case manufacturers are pressing on.

Hard Candy, a case manufacturer who has apparently confirmed with several sources that the above mockup is descriptive of the upcoming iPhone redesign, has just ordered 50,000 cases based off of rumors. What’s interesting, as Macrumors notes, is that the listed sizes for the Hard Candy cases don’t really match up to the Case-Mate ones we saw several weeks back.

In short: Somebody is going to be sitting on a ton of useless iPhone cases. It may not be Hard Candy, but it will be someone.

Vodafone Germany Outs 8 GB iPhone 4 And iPhone 4S In 16/32/64 GB Sizes.

  • October 3, 2011 7:01 am

Vodafone Germany has accidently let slip some next-gen iPhone fodder on a page reserved for iPhone bumpers. The drop down, as you see, contains the rumored 8 GB iPhone 4 and sure-to-be-unveiled-tomorrow iPhone 4S in black/white and 16/32/64 GB sizes.

Still think Apple is hiding a magical iPhone 5 unicorn? (We’ll admit it. We are.) With that said, the overwhelming evidence showing an iPhone 4S is coming does not rule out an iPhone 5 — a device which has seen it’s own fair (albiet small) share of evidence leak.

Let us not also forget that inventory listings are pretty useless things to gauge future products on as they are often names/titled based on the very rumors we report on.

A little over 24 hours to go…

Infographic: Are You An Apple Fanboy (Or Girl)?

  • October 2, 2011 5:37 pm

The first of three parts published by Mashable and highlighted by us concerning iPhone 5 upgrade choices moves on to part two — iPhone Fanboy Status — with data provided by PaidViewpoint.

Do you consider yourself an Apple fanboy (or girl)? Take a look at the infographic after the break and let us know in the comments!

iOS 5 Begins Appearing In Cellbrite Systems Ahead Of “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event.

  • September 30, 2011 10:53 pm

As we count down to the final hours before Apple’s revealing of the iPhone 5 and final build of iOS 5, we’ll have to fight our way through an explosion of last minute rumors and “leaks”. Speaking of which, this screenshot showing “iOS 5″ in Sprint’s Cellbrite system is rather intriguing considering Apple hasn’t seeded the GM build of iOS 5 to developers yet. Would carriers get first first dibs before devs? It’s plausible.

While some would classify this as “not news”, we think it is. So there.

Apple Inventory System Gives Up A Few Secrets: New iPhones And iPod Touches.

  • September 28, 2011 11:30 am

Still think Apple is going to release an iPhone 4S? Today evidence supporting such a device was made public by 9to5Mac citing an unnamed tipster claiming the new models are now appearing in Apple’s inventory system. Three of the devices are labeled as “N81A” — a slight change from the current 4th-gen iPod Touch — and likely just the white colored iPod Touches that were rumored a couple of weeks prior. What that means is that the black 4th-gen iPod Touch won’t be getting an upgrade, at least that’s what it looks like today. Tomorrow that could very well change.

The other device(s) carriers a model number of “N90A”. For those not keeping track the current iPhone 4 is the N90. Considering the iPhone 5 is pretty much guaranteed to share the iPad 2′s dual-core A5 processor, expanded 1 GB of RAM and potentially larger display, we’re hard pressed to believe this is the new iPhone 5. 9to5Mac speculates that it is an 8 GB, “low-cost” iPhone 4. Apple took a similar approach with the iPhone 3GS when the iPhone 4 launched. Seems plausible at least. And let us not forget the “N94″ moniker we’ve seen float around the web a time or two.

Everything will be settled on October 4th. Mark the date.

Midday iPhone 5 News: AT&T Lists Vacation Black Out Dates, iPhone 5 Placeholders Hit AT&T Inventory System, And “1 Phone Rumors”.

  • September 27, 2011 1:53 pm

As if we needed any more confirmation that Apple is releasing a new generation of iPhone in October — several tech sites are now new reporting that AT&T has officially begun blacking out dates for employee vacations. You guessed it: October 3rd-14th. The 3rd is a bit earlier than the start of Apple’s own October 9th employee vacation black out dates but nonetheless signals something is coming.

Building on the vacation black outs are six new SKUs that just popped up in AT&T’s inventory system which are “likely for Apple devices” according to a BGR source. Obviously Apple isn’t releasing six new phones, but if you consider each phone (white/black 16 GB and 32 GB) counts as separate SKUs, that leaves two SKUs for new iPhone 5 specific accessories.

As of now, the world is pretty much split on whether Apple will announce a single iPhone 5 or a lower end iPhone 4S and higher end iPhone 5. We’ve never been too keen on the dual phone approach as it isn’t Apple’s style to make a mad dash for the low end of the market — they generally care only about the mid to higher end sector. There’s always a first for everything though. With that said, infamous Apple blogger John Gruber of Daring Fireball makes a cryptic claim that has us really scrutinizing the dual iPhone rumor:

“Something tells me there’s only one new iPhone.”

We’ve seen a few sites reading the icons on the “Let’s Talk iPhone” invite rather deeply, speculating that the “1″ on the phone icon could mean Apple has but one phone to unveil — a reach for sure though intriguing nonetheless.

What do you think about the whole thing: Two iPhones, LTE capable, redesigned?

Here It Comes: Apple Sends Out Invites For October 4th “Let’s Talk iPhone” Event.

  • September 27, 2011 11:54 am

The rumored October 4th iPhone 5 event is official. Apple has started sending out media invites for the upcoming “Let’s Talk iPhone” event being commandeered by none other than recently appointed Apple CEO, Tim Cook, and taking place at 10am (PST)/1pm (EST) at Apple’s Cupertino campus.

Up for revealing include the final version (and unannounced features) of iOS 5, more information about iCloud, and of course the iPhone 4S/iPhone 5.

When Will iPhone 5 Be Announced? Apple Events And Press Invite Time Table Laid Out For Easy Consumption.

  • September 26, 2011 10:49 pm

If you’re an Apple fanboy, the rumored October 4th iPhone 5 announced is no doubt the most important event on your calendar. Even if you’re an Apple hater, you’re still probably going to want to mark the iPhone 5 announcement date as you’ll want to refrain from visiting 73% of the internet on that very day. Jokes aside, wouldn’t it be great if someone took a healthy list containing the dates of past Apple events, the date in which press invites for said events went out, and compared them to see what we can expect for the iPhone 5? Yes. Someone did.

Tech site Obama Pacman put together the handy little chart above using data from this post from Macrumors forum user, “Saving107″. The verdict: if the event is as rumored (on Apple’s campus) this October 4th, we should see medie invites go out later this week.

Waiting for something you know is coming but don’t know when it’s really coming is terrible for the nerves.

LTE The Main Reason Apple Chose Cupertino iPhone 5 Reveal?

  • September 26, 2011 12:54 pm

One possible explanation for Apple’s choice to use their Cupertino home base for the rumored October 4th iPhone 5 unveiling is simply because Oracle is hosting their own “OpenWorld” conference that same week, meaning hotel space will be limited. As stated before, Apple isn’t one to share limelight much less hotel space for media.

But another interesting point was highlighted today by fellow tech site, Slashgear — LTE. While we’re still not sold on the claim Apple will introduce an LTE iPhone this year, the claim is intriguing.

Apple has a robust and diverse set of wireless network technologies on their Cupertino campus. If Apple were to show off a new LTE iPhone, they’d likely want to make sure the network is rock solid. Verizon’s LTE network may be up to the test, but AT&T’s next-gen network is still quite a ways away from widespread availability, especially in the California area where Apple normally unveils new mobile devices. So, why not hold the event in Infinite Circle territory where LTE waves are sure to blanket the area?