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Dev-Team responds to purple sn0w claims

  • July 16, 2009 9:43 am

The iPhone Dev-Team is one of the most talented and well respected hacker groups currently around. You have scores of individuals with iPhones that are mercilessly shackled who want true honest to goodness freedom for their property. Why spend several hundred dollars on a device that is neutered? That’s what the Dev-Team is here for. However, after an iPhone freedom fighter, George Holtz, became unhappy with how the Dev-Teams progress was going in regards to waiting until after the 3.1 iPhone update to release an iPhone 3GS lock, ‘ol Gerogy boy took matters into his own hands and released purple sn0w. But he didn’t just stop there, he made the claim that purple sn0w was better than any of Dev-Team’s offerings — not a small claim at all seeing as how the Dev-Team is somewhat famous around these techie parts. The Dev-Team has finally taken the stand to tell their story…

iPhone 3.1 Beta ready for your attention

  • July 1, 2009 6:28 am

All of you lucky iPhone developers or those of you who simply signed up to get the goods early have something to get all giddy about today. iPhone 3.1 Beta has been released by Apple and is vying for your attention. Just a forewarning, if you enjoy the freedoms of unlocking…you may want to hold off. So what exactly does this new update bring? That and oh so much more is right inside.

Pwnage Tool 3.0 releases all except the newcomer

  • June 19, 2009 1:37 pm

Hackers and jailbreakers take note, iPhone and iPhone 3G running OS 3.0…check.  Jailbreakable?  Check.  Now, the newcomers.  iPhone 3G S, not so fast.  If you have picked up one of the latest omnipresent phones, your best bet is to not even try as the current Pwnage 3.0 tool won’t do a damn thing for you.  However, if you’re running a non-iPhone 3G S, by all means go ahead and open her up!  Oh one more thing, an unlocking solution for 3,0 is not available…yet.  We’ll have to wait for ultrasn0w for that added bit of freedom. 


Source: Gizmodo, Image Source

Palm Prefection iPhone theme blends the best of both worlds - iPre

  • June 17, 2009 6:49 am

One of the greatest features of the iPhone that Apple sadly fails to support is that of iPhone themes and UI customization.  I understand they want their devices to have a certain graphical “prettiness” and present a funtional yet highly eye gushing experience, but come on guys, give the consumers some control.  Thankfully various programmers and graphic designers have spent countless nights toiling away at unlocking the iPhone and its inner secrets so that you, the gadget user, can experience true freedom and ocular happiness.  If you are one of the millions who have taken matters into their own hands and gone through with jailbreaking your iDevice, though admittingly have a thing for Palm’s latest, the Pre, I’m happy to announce you can finally have the best of both worlds - Prefection as it is titled brings a complete and dramatic overhaul to the iPhone’s UI that is nothing short of awe-inspiring.   If you want to see a tad more of the eye candy detailed in lots of pictures, come on inside.


Power to the people - Dev Team announces OS 3.0 software unlock ready

  • June 16, 2009 7:10 am

While Apple will always be playing a game of catch-up against the ever talented and relentless hacking community, the hacking community meanwhile enjoys the taste of the fresh air and leg room out front.  The latest news in iPhone hackery comes by way of news that in addition to iPhone OS 3.0 already being open to jailbreaking, soon to be 3.0 users will also be able to unlock their old new baby.  Tonight, Tuesday evening, the Dev Team will broadcast a live demo of the yellowsn0w process in action.  Looks like I’ll be upgrading to iPhone OS 3.0 sooner than I thought…  Who’s ready to get liberated?


Source: Gizmodo, The Mod Shop, DevTeamBlog

iPhone Modem 2 lets you use iPhone as wireless modem

  • February 18, 2009 4:59 pm

In what could be see as a devistating monetary loss for the Apple App Store by rejecting iPhone Modem 2, will surely prove to be a huge success on Cydia.  If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone I highly advise you to try it at least once and see all of the amazing things you can do with your iPhone and all of the things you are missing out on.  If you happen to jailbreak, check out a sweet app called iPhone Modem 2 on Cydia and being taking your internet with you where ever you go for any device.  The steps to set up you iPhone as a wireless modem is easy.  (1) Jailbreak your iPhone (google it) (2) Download iPhone Modem 2 from Cydia (3) Install “helper app” to allow your computer and iPhone Modem 2 converse happily (4) Setup your network and hit “connect”. (5) Get to the settings on your iPhone go to the WiFi area and click on iPhone Modem and you’re set!

The first network that is created is given the default name of “iPhoneModem” and is open*read: no password*.  In all reality, it is more than likely AT&T who has told Apple a big fat NO to any app like this being available on the app store.  Regardless, it’s so easy a baby could do it *cavemen are off today*.
Source: Mactropolis

Confirmed: iPhone firmware 2.2.1 breaks yellow sn0w!

  • January 28, 2009 12:11 pm


If you have unlocked your precious iPhone 3G and been looking to upgrade to 2.2.1…DON’T!  Yellow Sn0w, the unlocking software that unshackles the iPhone 3G gets reshackled in Apple’s latest update.  However, jailbreakers can take a breather as jailbreaking is not harmed.  So if tricking out the theme or using PDA net is your thing, don’t worry, you’re still in business.  Unlockers will want to hold off until the Dev Team has a chance to release an update to yellow sn0w before upgrading.  You’ve been warned!

Source: iPhone Alley

iBluetooth turns iPhone into file transferring beast.

  • January 25, 2009 10:35 pm


Besides copy/paste, what is one of the other most often requested updates to be included?  If you answered Bluetooth file transfers you would be correct.  Yes it’s really here.  However, like all great revelations for the iPhone, jailbreaking is a must…Apple just loves their iron grip.  Who do you thank for this little feat of awesomeness?  MeDevil from iSpazio is the developer responsible for freeing up the iPhone just a little more.  Those looking to start swapping files will have to wait a tad longer as the app is not quite available yet.  Soon folks…soon!


Source: 9to5 Mac, Gizmodo, iSpazio

Jailbroken iPhones get copy and paste!

  • January 20, 2009 12:15 pm


If you’re iPhone/iPod Touch is jailbroken, head on over to Cydia now and download Clippy.  Clippy allows you to copy and paste “user entered” text.  (Potentially a minor setback).  However, it will only copy/paste up to one line at a time, (bigger setback).  The copy paste buttons appear when you select the 123 button/keyboard at the top of the keyboard.  It isn’t the best implementation of copy/pase, but something is better than nothing right?


Source: TUAW