NTT DoCoMo jumping 2G ship a little early. Set to abandon in March 2011. [Update]

Update: Got a couple dates mixed up. Sorry ’bout that.

Living in Japan presents itself with several pros and cons. On one hand, because the land of Japan is so small, the ever growing population is finding itself having to cram into tighter and tighter spaces. On the other hand, if you happen to care about mobile technology, Japan is a hot bed of activity. Part of that success is due in part to the close quarters. Further increasing in mobile technology is that a majority of the population lives on a small part of the overall land meaning cellular networks can upgrade large swaths of coverage area relatively quickly and cheaply when compared to U.S. counterparts.

Examples of this speedy rollout can be highlighted by detailing how Japan started their 3G rollout years before the U.S. and are planning to have a fairly extensive 4G network in place by December of 2010. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about 4G efforts stateside — they’re coming, but not near the speed or coverage area that Japanese 4G networks will be enjoying come this time next year.

This move to 4G and quick rollout of wireless technologies over all combined with rather swift uptake by the public meant Japan could flip the switch on 2G cellular networks as soon as December March 2011 — much sooner than the U.S. Perhaps they’re just sick and tired of 2G’s god awful everything and/or enough peoples have abandoned 2G use all together as NTT DoCoMo has announced that instead of December 2011, they will be killing 2G network support several months earlier with 2G network shut down coming as early as in March 2011. But what good is a 4G network without devices to take advantage of it? Check. DoCoMo is planning on releasing 4G data cards in late 2010 with 4G handsets to follow in early 2011.

Living in a country with considerably more land to cover, it’s hard to imagine a world without 2G here in the states as driving an hour or so from your house (in many instances even much less than that) results in your 3G coverage giving way to the antiquated 2G networks. Keep driving and you’ll eventually find a big, nasty network hole. Current U.S. network troubles aside, living in a more technologically advanced city and society is a tech lovers dream. How’s your stomach for sushi and your ability to decipher Japanese? I’ll be needing a roommate…

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Twitter sees gold in Japan…launches Japanese mobile site

Since the U.S. can officially be claimed “conquered”, Twitter is setting it’s sites on a larger, more global scale. Even though other U.S. based social networking giants such as Facebook and MySpace have failed to gain any real following in the east, Twitter is pushing onward in hopes it can do something different. Part of that “different” approach is new measures that aren’t employed inside the U.S. For example, banner ads can be seen on the mobile Japanese version of Twitter. Such ads are still unseen here in states. Whatever Twitter is doing appears to be working as January - June alone saw user numbers rise to 783,000! Sure it pales in comparison to the millions upon millions of U.S. users, but, Twitter was born here. They aren’t just expanding outside of the company however as recent months have even seen the hiring of a Japan country manager and several other tools to further their reach into the distant land.

Future growth should be rather unhampered as Japan’s largest social networking site, Mixi, is more of a full fledged Facebook-type experience, not a short, 140 character messaging service like Twitter. It will be interesting to see if Twitter can sustain the early growth they’ve enjoyed so far as well as what new things they will try. Just maybe, some of those new treats will creep back over to us.

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Logitech router/butter knife sheds a boat load of weight

Those of you who look at your router day in and day out and cant stand to see all of the heft and excessive amounts of plastic may have something to look for in the Logitech Japan’s LAN-W300N/R. The main draw here is of course the size — the insanely thin (for a router) case. Thickness for said router starts out at a still rather svelte 24mm and moves down to a Lindsy Lohan skinny 7mm. Butter is safe no more. As far as actual real specs such as speed, which by the way tops out at 300Mbps, price, and availability are sadly still unknown. At least you have a pretty face to stare at right?

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Japan just became a digital junkies new hell

Now before I get going…I do not have a thing against the Japanese people as inviduals, I do have a thing against BS copyright laws, holders, and enforcers as well as any government too stupid to see through their PR crap.  In what can be seen as an incredibly scary revalation, the RIAJ and his gang of consumer hating friends have succeeded in getting a law passed in Japan that goes beyond common sense, fair use, call it whatever you want, because any way you look at it is pure and simple greed.  The law that will hopefully stay on the other side of the pond centers around personal copies of digital material for home use.  We all know by now why copyrights were invented and brought into the market in the first place - to prevent the copying of files for public use.  Personal use has remained untouched throughout the years and for good reason.  Japan however has opened Pandora’s Box and sadly doesn’t appear if it will ever be closed again.


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NTT DoCoMo’s Blackberry Bold taking after AT&T’s Quickfire?


Bad news for Blackberry hopefulls on Japan’s NTT DoCoMo’s network: it is being reported that the DoCoMo is halting sales on the Blackberry Bold due to overheating issues while charging.  AT&T’s humorously titled “Quickfire” is still fresh in our minds with it’s own overheating issues.  Apparently there is an epidemic going around that affect peoples’ ability to plug in their cell phones properly.  While I joke, this current NTT DoCoMo issue doesn’t seem to be anywhere remotely related to the actual person pluging in the charger.  Out of the roughly 3,000 Bold’s that have been sold so far in Japan 30 users have reported the keypad getting hot when charging.  Currently no one has been burned nor has any Bold spontaneously burst into flames.  RIM has already acknowledged the issue and said that they have ruled out a battery issue as other countries’ Blackberry Bolds aren’t suffering from this issue and that the investigation to the cause is ongoing.  Hopefully they find a fix fast as I’m sure their are many Japanese Crackberry users who will now have to go a little longer without RIM’s amazing Blackberry Bold.  Do you live/work in Japan and purchased a Bold?  If so, have you had any problems regarding overheating?  Lets expand it further, has anyone from any country had any overheating problems with their Bold?  Lets us know!

*By the way, I know there’s an AT&T logo on the Bold pictured in an article talking about NTT DoCoMo’s Bold.  However, I couldn’t find a big enough picture that didn’t look like crap…so AT&T’s Bold wins out*

Source: Alley Insider, Reuters

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