MySpace’s Tom Anderson becomes Mr. Facebook [comedy]

If that isn’ t a slap in the face, I don’t know what is. Whether Mr. Anderson has some ill will or salty feelings for his old love is between him and himself for the time being. What is immediately apparent to all of us is now that he’s free, he can be a bit more, um, social. Even though the page is fake, as one can see above, it is well done and a great play on social networking none the less. Did it have you fooled at first?

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Put words in the Pope’s mouth. Dirty dirty words.

What better way to honor a highly regarded religious figure than by stuffing his head with metal and voice recording components? If you’ve always felt you could say certain things better than the Pope or just think it would be humorous to turn his holiness into an expletive laden speaker, the “Benedictaphone” Pope head, voice recording key chain is right up your alley. While religious folks will certainly find this defamatory and offensive, I’m not one to get worked up about little things such as this and a good joke. Life’s to short to be serious right? If you want to take part in this holy laughter yourself, check out the product page at Slam Design. Sadly no pricing is listed yet so you’ll have to adventurous with that buy button to give the Pope the voice you’ve always dreamed him of having. A couple more pictures await your curiosity inside complete with picture miniature pope mobile!

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Sears now selling hi tech baby part roaster?


From the department of “someone’s getting fired”, either Sears has a sick sense of humor….or they have a sick sense of humor. Still, the mentally lacking side of my brain still manages to conjure up a small chuckle from within. Perhaps Apple and Sears can do a combo sale of Baby Shaker/Grill? Am I chuckling alone? If you want to check it out for yourself, it’s currently listed under “Human Cooking > Grills to Cook Babies and More > Body Part Roaster.”

**UpdateWell that was quick…Sears took it down already. Thank god for photographic evidence.

Source: TMZ