Think twice before building that LEGO gun to work next time…

Constructing an incredibly detailed and life-like LEGO gun is cool. Constructing said gun after hours at work while the neighbors can see you — not so much. Having the Swat team, a chopper, and road block set up to capture the LEGO gun toting individual — uh oh. Such is the luck of one Jeremy Bell of Toronto, Canada. Looking at the picture above (actual picture taken by the concerned citizen, Michael Dent) it could be taken in the direction that a serial killer/terrorist/disgruntled employee was about to unleash hell. But if you look at the picture longer than 3 seconds, seeing half a dozen lego pieces and instructions laying on the table, does it really look like a real gun. Umm, no. Oh well, at least we know the city of Toronto has one hell of a Swat team.

Building a LEGO gun after hours in your office is no where near illegal. Still, maybe next time Jeremy will think twice, deciding instead to take his LEGO gun building projects to lesser volatile and visible areas.


117 toys. 1 LEGO to stand on.

Have some time on your hands do ya? Well then, you can set out on trying to outdo Walter Wick, famed Childrens author and photographer and apparent LEGO/toy balancer extraordinaire. In the video above, Walter shows off his feat over modern physics by balancing a total of 117 toys of all shapes and sizes on a single LEGO brick. Wow. Careful hands indeed…

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The LEGO key ring holder and gadget charger

Oh the wonderful world of LEGOs how we love thee. Having some nerdy gadgets stashed away in your private layer or command center is cool. Having some form of geeky gadgetry sitting at your back door waiting to slap unsuspecting foes in the face is even better. The LEGO key ring & gadget charger is that gadget. Created by John Edgar Park of Makezine, he claims he got the inspiration for the project when he saw a LEGO key holder on a recent trip to LEGOland. Using is craftiness he threw together his own version with the added benefit of gadget charging. Awesome. It isn’t hard to make your own. Just know that some soldering and a couple hours will be needed to recreate your own. The full instructions can be found at the link below.


Macbook LEGO Logo Holder decal

Say that one ten times fast. As Mac’s become more widespread and more popular, seeing someone sitting across form you with that glowing white label just isn’t what it used to be. But you don’t have to blend in with everyone else. Many who join club Mac may be hip, but only a few are true geeks. So why not show it with the Macbook Lego Logo Holder decal. Featuring a nifty little LEGO guy with a perfectly formed club hand holding your Apple logo out back. Hi-tech it is not. Cool — very much so. Macbook 13″, 15″, and 17″ users can pick up this decal for $14 over at Etsy. For those who love customizing their lives to the nth degree, this is your calling.

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Geek alert: World’s largest LEGO Mario. 1up: purchase on eBay!

Feeling generous and have the deep pockets to support such an attitude? If so, a giant LEGO Mario may be in order for you. The LEGO Mario above stands 5′ 9″ and consists of over 40,000 LEGO pieces. Originally created by renowned LEGO sculptor Dirk VH for the Ronald McDonald House charity foundation, Mario the giant has since moved on to eBay in search of a new home. As of October 24th at 9:20 pm (EST), good ‘ol Mario is sitting right at 2,500 Euros ($3,755 USD). Ya, being a nerd and/or collector isn’t cheap. If you’re toying with the idea of giving Mr. Mario a new home, take comfort in knowing that the LEGOs are glued together so moving this mega monstrosity aren’t nearly as touch or nerve wracking as it could be. Bid away!

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LEGO Foosball table: The ultimate geek toy?

Ya, I built some pretty cool stuff in my younger years (and even now *shifts eyes) with LEGO’s. Not nearly as cool as the foosball table you see above however.

My son is really attracted to foosball tables, and, if I’m honest, I’d have to say I am too. I considered the idea of buying a small, tabletop unit, but I was unsure how much use it’d see. I was afraid it might become one of those things you play with for a bit, then collect dust. Once again, I see a solution in the form of Lego.
I personally prefer the design and building stage, and my son enjoyed that too, but he REALLY enjoys playing with it and now insists we play a couple matches every night.

Props to the mother above for making a solution to her problem. While I wouldn’t consider it a legitimate replacement for a full size foosball table (unless someone makes a full sized LEGO version), I would definitely give it a few rounds at least. Wouldn’t you. Though I’d be worried of breaking it when I’m zoned in and stuck in “competition mode”.


Reclaim those younger years with LEGO Walkie Talkies

Whether you’re old or not so old, LEGO’s were probably a part of your life as youngster. Hours of your life were spent constructing and destroying priceless creations. Many times since the then, companies have capitalized on the LEGO name. The latest venture involves a little two way action: Walkie Talkies. What says geeky kid better than almost LEGO Walkie Talkies. I say almost because the Walkie Talkies aren’t really made out of LEGOs. Instead, it is just a printed sticker on top of your usual plastic housing. A tad disappointing but still cool none the less. The cost to reclaim that lost youth? $28 and a trip to Urban Outfitters. Price is right. Looks pretty cool. What are you waiting for?

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Let the inner kid inside of you free with the Lego mp3 player

Legos and kids go together like ghosts and the ever popular reference to Michael Jackson.  Any kid who has grown up with Legos knows just how many countless hours can be spent building something only to wreck it in a matter of seconds.  When I was a kid, I had a big 36 gallon tub full of hundreds of various lego kits all mixed together.  When the time came to rebuild a certain lego figure/object, because of the sheer number of lego pieces mixed together, I was often missing a piece or two from the finished product.  However the limitless freedom I had in creating my own objects was exciting to say the least.  Lego has recently begun releasing Lego themed toys and gadgets in hopes to rejuvenate sales and solidify Lego into the hearts of another generation of youngsters and parents alike.  What is the latest gadget Lego is bringing to the masses?  


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Lego phone makes the kid in all of us jump for joy

Are you the type that loves to build things…take apart things…roll it down the stairs and watch it shatter into a million pieces only to rebuild it and do it all over?  If so, Alcatel and Lego have something just for you.  Building on the earlier announcement by Lego and Digital Blue,  Lego branded electronics are starting to trickle to the market.  The original plans were to bring affordable cameras, audio/video players, cellphones, and other electronics designed and geared more towards kids to market.  They are starting the Lego craze off with the “Lego Phone”  The lPhone is a joint effort between Lego and Alcatel who are teaming up to bring the little kid out to you”.  The phone is currently still unnamed.  However, the two companies are rumored to be pushing for a summer release.  You don’t have to feel bad about being an adult and intrigued about the lPhone…it does look pretty cool.  The phone will come with modular pieces as seen above as to let the little architect inside of you run wild.  Hopefully the $20-$60 stays put as this would be a pretty cool gift for little Benny.  Just don’t expect GPS or HSDPA on this puppy.


Source: Boy Genius, Slippery Brick