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James Bondesque LG G910 watchphone coming to Orange


The luckiest carrier in the world (in my opinion) has just become Orange UK.  Orange has announced that they will be the first carrier in the world to carry LG’s amazingly cool G910 watchphone.  Available later this year with a current price of “pick a number”, many are sure to start shaking uncontrollably.  Orange will offer it over their entire network footprint.  For those of you who live in a cave and don’t know what the G910 is or simply need a refresher: 3G HSDPA, video calling, multimedia playback, and the holy grail of touch input.  A pretty solid feature set.  Hopefully this phone decimates all past attempts and wrist watch communication as the device and UI look simply gorgeous.  Press Release aficionados can check out the official PR here while the more visual type come inside for a whole slew of pictures of the G910 in action.

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