On device BlackBerry Theme Store launched

Browsing themes downloads on a BlackBerry device isn’t exactly fun, intuitive, or fast. Having a “theme browser/store” in a mobilized version is something BlackBerry users have been clamoring for. CrackBerry, in conjunction with MobiHand are finally releasing such a store bringing easy and fast theme browsing to BlackBerry handhelds. Searching through themes via Category, Newness, etc. give you plenty of ways to find what you want. Go ahead and give it a try.


Allerta inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry available for pre-order

You may recall a small rant I posted last week about the Allerta inPulse BlackBerry smartwatch. At the time, it was nothing more than a rumor documented by a couple of mock up renderings. It appears that it was in fact real and will soon be available for nerds everywhere. The one nagging question that kept pinging my thought process was the price. Being as that you need a stand alone BlackBerry for this watch to work, any price I assumed would be relatively cheap. Now that the inPulse watch is available for pre-order for $149, we can see that while affordable, it isn’t exactly cheap. If I were a BlackBerry user looking at either renewing my wireless contract and getting a new Berry or expanding the usefulness of my current Berry by ordering this inPulse BlackBerry watch sidekick thing, I can tell you that the $150 would certainly go towards a new Berry. To each his own. Though at $149, the inPulse isn’t exactly an impulse buy. Perhaps a $99 price point would spur more sales? The 150mAh that powers this thing may seem puny, but remember, this is a watch. According to the manufacturers, the inPulse will last roughly 4 days per 30 minute charge — pretty promising in the battery department I’ll admit. Still, we’ll have to wait and see how many units freeupyourhands.com moves. Look for actual shipments to start headin’ out the door in February/2010. How do you think they’ll fare?


  • 1.3″ OLED display
  • Bluetooth v2.0+EDR
  • Glass lens w/ full metal body
  • 150 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery / microUSB port for charging
  • Vibrating motor
  • Over-the-air firmware updates
  • Requires BlackBerry OS 4.3+

Find out more about the inPulse at getinpulse.com

List of OS 5.0 compatible BlackBerry devices

BlackBerry OS 5.0 has been rumored to start rolling out on the 1st Gen Storm starting today. Whether or not that actually comes true, I’m sure most other BlackBerry users are anxiously wondering if their unit will be able to enjoy all of the new goods that 5.0 brings to the BlackBerry platform. Does your Berry have the hardware to support the latest software? Take a peek below for the info:

  • 8200 series, 8330, 8350i, 8530, 8900, 9000, 9500 series, 9630

Did you make the cut? Praises and tear filled weeping conversation can be left inside…


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Verizon Storm2 coming to town October 28th.

What’s today? For me in (EST) I’m still staring at Thursday on the computer. *sigh*. If you’re in the same slump, cheer up! For October 28th is but a mere 6 days away. You know what that means? The BlackBerry Storm 2 which is exponentially leaps and bounds ahead of it’s more trouble ridden, 1st gen brother. The image above comes from CrackBerry via some brave Verizon worker who was able to snap a shot of the Verizon intranet page in all it’s underground glory. With the Storm2, text input is drastically improved as is many other areas pertaining to software. On the hardware side of things, the Storm2 received a gentle face lift that overall is a nice step up from the original. Still, with the Moto DROID breathing down the Storm 2’s launch date neck, who’s looking at giving this Berry a pass?


Verizon bound Motorola Sholes gets new name, specs.


Well well well. Verizon junkies and Android hopefuls have something to get all hot and bothered over tonight. First up, the Motorola Sholes as it has been called up until this point apparently has a new name: “Droid”. I know, you’re thinking “how original”. The name whether it is Motorola Sholes, Motorola Droid, or whatever else they decide to call it is irrelevant as all we really care about is the specs. What’s it packin’?

  • 3.7″ 854×480 WVGA capacitive screen (Awesome!)
  • ARM Cortex 500MHz CPU
  • 5mp shooter w/ facial recognition software
  • Custom Moto UI — No MOTOBLUR/Verizon UI
  • Available in Black and Titanium

Well, if I didn’t like SIM cards so much Verizon would be my new home this fall. Now that is how to build an Android handset. Everyone else listening?


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RIM to launch official, push supporting Twitter client October 16th?

Are you a Twit-a-holic? Does the 140 character universe wait for each and every moment you feel is worth sharing? BlackBerry users are some of the most impatient individuals (I should know…I’ve had 3 so far). When they want an answer or information, they want it now. RIM is still the king of messaging, especially push messaging. Currently on any given BlackBerry you can receive emails, SMS/MMS, IM’s, as well as many other messages from different sources pushed to your device. However, one uber popular service has still gone on: Twitter. Now in case you didn’t know, there are several BlackBerry Twitter clients such as TweetGenius, Twibble, and TwitterBerry, just to name a few. Though RIM has so far declined any part in this 140 character game. That is until October 16th rolls around. While an official RIM Twitter client is still unconfirmed from the boys up north, some pretty compelling information has come forth giving light to a rather worthy in-house contender. The so called features:

  • Ability to view/follow/unfollow followers
  • DM/tweets/replies
  • Keyword searches w/ saved results
  • Homescreen icon displaying new tweets
  • Tweet photos directly from memory card/onboard storage as well as viewing photos from received tweets
  • Support for trending topics
  • Full address book integration

After you ponder for a moment, you see that RIM has got a pretty good Twitter client in their hands…supposedly. The date for all of you Twits to mark down in your calendars is October 16th — the claimed release date. So what do you think? Does the world need another BlackBerry Twitter client? Willing to bet on RIM delivering?

IntoMobile > BBNews

Apples rumored iTablet gets more compelling evidence, feature list.

So far I’ve held off on really mentioning anything about the iTablet because so often rumors have come and gone with no tangible object in site. Not to mention, such rumors just drum false hope and drama. However, a new light has been cast on this much sought after gadget by way of a treasure trove of information that highlights some of the best features of the tablet that may or may not exist. Continue on inside for the full rundown…

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BlackBerry OS leaked for a slew of devices.

If RIM won’t give us what we want…someone else will. Right? That’s how it seems to work in this world of digital obsession. Waking up this morning I was barraged with emails about numerous 5.0 OS flavors for various BB devices. Talking aside, find your device below and get to downloadin’:



**Don’t forget: Delete the Vendor.xml file or else it’s all a no go.


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Facebook 1.6 for BlackBerry released. Brings OS 5.0 compatibility. OS 5.0 imminent?

Sometimes, being on the up and up of technology means having to go without. Without your favorite accessory, your favorite theme/skin, or your favorite application. In the case of those loyal BlackBerry users who chuckle at constant reports of OS 5.0 “coming soon” as they’ve been using it for many weeks now, their cold hard reality of being that tech savvy has meant going without certain applications. Applications that currently aren’t compatible with the leaked beta versions of BB OS 5.0 floating around the inter webs. However, one particularly popular service called Facebook has made it’s grand appearance at the 5.0 party. Facebook 1.6 for BlackBerry is officially available with the biggest improvement being (I’m sure you can guess by now) BB OS 5.0 compatibility.

While we all know OS 5.0 is almost here, just how close remains to be seen. Though if big names such as Facebook are prepping for the big day, the big day can’t be that far can it? We can only hope…


BlackBerry OS 5.0 update

While I criticized RIM pretty hard, the addict in me still looks favorably on the old friend as I long for something new and exciting. 5.0 was supposed to be launched Aug/Sept according to several pieces of documentation that circulated over the summer. Obviously August is gone and September is quickly heading that way. So what now? We wait longer. According to RIM as they talked tireless at several BlackBerry symposium events, 5.0 for the enterprise and developer networks is already starting to move out meaing device software will be here before the ball drops for 2010. Not quite in line with the original Aug/Sept time frame but forgivable none the less. However, it is worth noting that 5.0 won’t immediately be available for all devices receiving the upgrade, simply 5.0 will begin to ship for handheld consumer devices. Notably the first to receive the update will be new handsets such as the 9700/Onyx/Bold. While my previous criticism stands, it is at least somewhat reassuring that a large update is coming soon.

Source: CrackBerry

Afraid of spying eyes? Want a BlackBerry Tour? Sprint has your back.

Consumers and consumer based smartphones are dominating in the current market. But that doesn’t mean devices marketed towards corporate users are going away anytime soon. While the recent adoption of cameras on just about every BlackBerry (save for the camera-less 8350i and Bold), cameras seemed to be infiltrating ever nook and cranny of RIM’s product line. That is hardly the case though as a newcomer featuring one less piece of glass is very soon coming to Sprint: a camera-less 9630 Tour. The Sprint branded Tour will feature all the same great features as the camera enabled model minus the optics involved to snap those precious moments of life. Unnecessary? For most, yes. Simple IT policies can take care of camera functions rendering them completely unusable. Still, ultra secure corporations should feel a tad more at ease. The 9630 sans camera will set you back $199.99 on contract. Get those wallets ready.

Source: IntoMobile

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