Missing Sync 2.0 for iPhone adds “Two-way syncing” to the feature list

If you were a bit peeved by the iPhone and iPod Touches lack of syncing certain files such as notes and documents just to name a couple, Missing Sync was your saving grace. It allowed you to sync files that your Mac that you normally wouldn’t be able to borrow from your device. Though, with the first rendition you could only sync files on the mobile device to the Mac, and not the other way around. However, Missing Sync 2.0 now brings the ability for true two-way syncing as to make the most of your mobile life and allow you mobile and desktop devices to always be in sync. As far as iPhone/iPod Touch app compatibility goes, Fliq Notes 2.0 and Fliq Docs 2.0 are supported. If the 2.0 update is exactly what you’ve been waiting for, you’ll have to part with $40 for the added functionality. Previously registered pre-2.0 users will be able to get the upgrade for free. You down?

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Missing Sync v2.0 for Blackberry/Mac users now available!

One of the biggest complaints I had when I was a Blackberry user was the lack of Mac integration.  I know Blackberry’s were tight corporate devices meaning Microsoft integration was important, however Mac users got let out to dry as RIM’s idea of Mac Blackberry support meant propping up your Mac Pro with your Blackberry wedged underneath.  Not quite the support that I wanted.  However a new day has dawned as Mac continues to make strides in both the coporate and consumer world.  Today, Mark/Space released an update to Missing Sync, Missing Sync v2.0 .  Updated features include better iTunes and video transfers as well as archiving of text messages and call histories.  Good job guys.  Now keep going and make it as good as RIM’s desktop manager for Windows and it will be golden.  For more info head on over to Mark/Space.  For the press release continue on…

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