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  • PSP-4000: Accidental slip or common marketing snafu?
    by Mike
    Posted December 21st, 2009 at 11:43 am
    Like any gadget loving person, I constantly comb through all corners of the web hoping to find the latest dirt on private information that the companies involve don't want to be So you can understand some piqued interest when stumbling upon an ad that mentions "PSP-4000 support". Is it for real or is it nothing more than a small oversight that somehow made it's way to print? A next-gen PSP has been rumored for several months. Lest we not forget the utter failure and d...
  • Copyright “protection” at it’s worst: Shop owner ordered to pay for performance license for singing while working…
    by Mike
    Posted October 22nd, 2009 at 5:28 am
    I often start posts regarding stupid copyright decisions and laws on a negative and cynical note. I figured why not switch it up -- this one ends favorably for the accused. So, in the spirit of adventure and trying to always stay fresh, here it is: The accused in this story gets an apology and flowers...that's it. Whew. Since that's over, if you'd like to know the reasons why flowers and an apology were warranted, continue on... How's this for stupidity -- Sandra Burt of Clackmannanshir...
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