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TRON PC Mod Revs Our Engines.

  • May 19, 2011 7:11 am

We’ve seen some truly awesome PC mods in our ventures through the wilds of the internets, but the TRON Legacy PC mod by Bods Mods jumps to the top of our list. We like sci-fi movies. We also like flashy lights. And yes, we love computers. Put them all together and you’ve got a trifecta of awesomeness.

Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Skin Released for Launcher Pro. #launcherpro #android

  • December 13, 2010 1:05 pm

While the iPhone 4 may be my current device of choice, I put in many months with a Moto Droid and came to appreciate the platform overall. During that time there were a few apps that really stood out, particularly Launcher Pro. Say what you will about the so called performance of the stock Android launcher, but at the end of the day the harsh reality is that it sucks. I’ve seen phones ranging from 528MHz up to 1.5GHz overclocked display shakey, stuttery homescreens. Launcher Pro fixes that and then some.

Besides the dramatically smoother and faster homescreen interaction, Launcher Pro also allows end users to customize the look and layout with skins. On that note, Launcher Pro forum user “Benny879″ went ahead and crafted a few Gingerbread-themed skins for users to install.

If the green is too much for you, there’s a gray-toned version available as well. The additional color schemes and any install help you may seek can be found in the Launcher Pro Forums.

Gmail Receives 5 New Themes

  • November 5, 2010 1:30 pm

The customizers of the internet bunch are going to like the expanded Gmail theme library today. On their blog the Gmail team took the wraps off of 5 new themes: 2 minimalist light/dark, “Tree Tops”, “Marker”, and my personal favorite, “Android”. Head on over to your Gmail settings page and click on “Themes” to check the new ones out. They’re not all grouped together so you’ll have to search for a quick second.

The two minimalist themes are simple light/dark skins — bare minimum. Tree Tops gives your gmail account the look of a rain forest. Android has the famed green paint plastered all over the place as well as a couple of nifty Android guys hangin’ out. Finally, Marker takes the look of a piece of paper with highlighter markings making up the borders and such.

Ok, I have to correct myself. Android and Marker are my two favorites. The naming scheme is pretty much self explanatory. Check out the screenshots inside as a sort of “dry run”…

Give the gift of fright: Microsoft releases Halloween theme for Windows 7

  • October 20, 2010 9:55 am

In recent years, Microsoft hasn’t been known to be exceptionally talented when it comes to design. Sure, Windows 7 is pretty slick and a big step up from Windows XP, but there’s just something about it. It lacks a certain eye candy. Perhaps that’s part of my OS X/Apple-loving side poking through. Nevertheless, theming and skinning can go quite a ways to help.

If you were staring at your desktop, desperately seeking a freshened look, let me run something by you. Microsoft has had a themes gallery available on their website since Windows 7 was released. There are many, many different options to choose from. And now for Halloween, it appears that Microsoft is getting all festive.

A new theme called “Eerie Autumn” is available in the themes gallery and consists of plenty of dark tones and spooky wallpapers. As usual, you’re free to swap out the wallpapers and window border coloring according to your own taste. But honestly, the dark look is just so cool.

Windows 7 Themes Gallery

Antec releases modular, user customizable LanBoy Air PC Case.

  • September 28, 2010 2:11 pm

Computer cases can only be so different from one another. An accent piece here, an extra cut out there. Ever five years or so, designs are refreshed and reintroduced. It’s really no different than any other market that deals with design and retail. But Antec may just have something special and unique with the LanBoy Air.

You see, this case is completely customizable. Everything from swapping hard drive orientation with the new “AirDrive” hard drive mounting tech to < 5 minute projects of swapping the PSU from bottom to top hit home just how awesome this case is. Your imagination really is the limit. For PC builders who prefer more straight-laced, minimally designed cases that blend into the background, the LanBoy Air isn't for you. But if you seek ultimate customization and the potential power of 15 fans all blasting your heated hardware, your search for a new case can effectively stop.

It may look funky at first, but having your way with literally every aspect of the case is in my eyes, worth the trade-off. The LanBoy Air is now available for $219.95. Be sure to jump inside to check out a video overview...

Palm Tungsten C dressed in Android…

  • September 14, 2010 7:46 pm

Heeeeeeellooooo 2003. Palm Tungsten C’s the name. Back in ’03, the gadgets we thought were so slick and high tech looking (such as the Tungsten C you see on the right) are pretty outdated and laughable when stacked against today’s iPhones, Nexus One’s, and BlackBerry Torches. But in the spirit of nerds everywhere, one Dmitry Grinberg has managed to get Android up and running (sorta kinda) on an old Palm Tungsten C. As we’ve seen in the past with such unholy unions, the squarish 320 x 320 display isn’t exactly playing well with Android. But that’s to be expected when you jam together a donkey and a caterpillar — chaos.

It may not be very useful, it looks like hell, and it probably took days of work to get it to even boot. The fact still remains, however, that the proof of concept is more than enough to put a smile on our face. You?

iPhone 4 gets Colorware-ified

  • July 14, 2010 7:02 am

Faulty antenna issues aside, the iPhone 4 has plenty to offer. So much in fact that the only real reason I’m not buying one is the AT&T fluster cluck I’d be exposed to in order to prance around with one of the best smartphones currently on the market. But I somehow continue on.

Although, for those who don’t care about AT&T’s shortcomings, there’s a pretty nifty way to stand out from the rest of the iPhone 4 crowd — Colorware. Colorware is famous for taking gadgets and turning them into works of art and individualistic forms of expression thanks to the countless color combinations. The iPhone 4 is the latest gadget to receive their blessing.

If the Colorware bug has bitten you, prepare to pay for the experience. Getting all creative with your iPhone 4 will tack on an additional $250 to it’s price. For some, it’s more than worth it. Short video after the break…