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Motorola i465 CRAMS full qwerty onto rather small handset

  • February 26, 2009 10:09 pm


While it is one of Motorola’s more unique and classy designs, it hardly appears functional.  Last time I checked my fingers weren’t mice sized.  Nit pics aside, it again looks pretty cool.  What else is there to say…?  At this point nothing.  Obviously Sprint/Nextel will be the U.S. carrier lucky enough to launch this fine piece of technology.  Sadly all of the spec geeks will have to go to bed hungry tonight.

Source: Engadget Mobile, Mobile-Review

Back from the dead: Motorola “Napoleon” coming to Verizon

  • February 25, 2009 2:47 pm


In what is most certainly a very botched launch and severe delay since it was originally revealed, the Motorola Napoleon is pretty much a *slightly* revamped Moto Q.  Yawn inducing features include a 2 megapixel QVGA camera, WiFi, and Windows Mobile 6.1.  Sorry folks no new aged high tech WinMo 6.5 here, move along.  Globe trotters should feel at least a little happy as it is debuting as one of Verizon’s world phones meaning there’s a GSM radio inside for jaunts across the pond.  One feature that comes out of now where: average camera, WiFi, WinMo 6.1….BAM finger print reader.  In order to keep your private information out of creepers’ eyes, Motorola has retrofitted a swanky finger print reader into the aging relic in a desperate attempt to grab a few customers back.  While it does look pretty cool appearance wise and the finger print reader is still a rather unique feature, it’s going to take a lot more than WinMo 6.1, some fancy looks, and high tech finger print reader to make me part with my hard earned money.  WinMo campers…are you going to bite?


Source: Engadget Mobile, Phone Arena *pic*

Motorola’s outs possible first Android phone?

  • February 23, 2009 1:23 pm


MWC has come and gone and many Android faithful are still feeling neglected and unloved.  MWC was hyped up to be the first big event for Android.  However, while a few Android handsets were shown, it was far from the “wow” effect that many had been predicting.  There just wasn’t any “omg I gotta have it” moments.  Continuing the talk of disappointment, Motorola hasn’t quite revived from the lull since their popular Razr handset went out of style and has been desperately trying to recapture the market it once dominated.  What better way to get back into the minds of the technologically geeked consumer base than with a touchscreen Android phone.  Android junkies take a seat.  The above picture is supposedly Moto’s grand entrance into the high end touchscreen market with the Android (Rumor) toting beast.  Apple, Nokia, RIM are all on the radar of Moto’s GPhone.  Some notable features of this (hopefully saving grace) are: 5 megapixel camera by Kodak with Xenon flash, and HUGE touchscreen display the only things we currently know.  Again, the Android add-on is still a rumor as the button layout doesn’t exactly scream no home/back buttons.  Other OS’s that could popup would be WinMo 6.5 and even if you want to dream a little, Windows Mobile 7.  Of course, an in house OS is never out of the question.  Please Moto, for the sake of all of us and your ailing business, just put Android on there already.


Source: Into Mobile, Engadget Mobile

Motorola giving Windows Mobile the cold digital shoulder

  • February 4, 2009 1:07 pm


Motorola hasn’t exactly been pulling in the big dough lately.  The handset division has been in a rut with razr knockoffs that can’t seem to break away from the once iconic design.  In order to turn around the handset division and get back into the black ink, Motorola announced that they will be spending more time and money developing for Android as it offers more than the current version of Windows Mobile.  +1 for Android.  Not so good for WinMo.  Besides being alot more customizable than WinMo, Android looks leaps and bounds better than the 2001 looking WinMo 6.1.  Heck even 6.5 looks old.  I’m sure WinMo lovers will disagree but that’s ok.  Freedom of opinion is ok.  Motorola is quoted as saying that once WinMo 7 rolls around they will revisit the issue.  I am particularly hopeful for Android this year.  With more carriers and manufacturers coming on board Android is starting to become a bigger market force.  What’s your take?  Is Android the open haven you’ve always dreamed of.  Or, do you think it is an aimless lost cause?  Shout out below.


Source: Ars Technica, Alley Insider, Android Authority *pic*

Motorola i9 coming to Boost Mobile

  • January 23, 2009 3:12 pm

Since the Razr fad ended, Motorola has found itself unable to escape the once iconic handsets styling.  Most of the phones Motorola has released since then have all revolved around the same “thin” look as well as more or less copy over the keypad.  While the Razr was a great phone in its hayday, times have changed and Motoroloa is sadly falling behind.  If you are a fan of cutting edge design and all kinds of features built in to your phone, Boost Mobile isn’t really the first carrier that is considered.  However, Boost Mobile does have some pretty good prices.  Recently announced was there $50 unlimited everything plan which is by far the best deal in the industry as the bigger carriers don’t and won’t even come close to matching it.  As far as cutting edge handsets…not so much.  However Motorola is determined to win customers back.  One step towards that goal comes today as Motorola announced the Motorola i9.  It is a clamshell, ModeShift, PTT handset that (in my opinion) loosely resembles a more squared off pebl.  Nothing to write home about, but certainly it will excite some.


Source: Boy Genius

Moto announces Renew, Tundra, and MOTOSURF

  • January 6, 2009 9:06 am


Moto sure has fallen from their Razr driven dominance they had just a few short years ago.  Today they hope to move one step closer to dominance again as they announce several new phones.  It really is shocking to look at the Motorola from a few years ago (Razr era) and now, a company that is desperately trying to cling to life.  They are still having some problems breaking away from the Razr’s main design, making their phones appear long in the tooth even on launch day.  Hopefully Motorola can turn this funk around and create the phones that will truly wow us.  Click through for info on Motorola’s 3 new handsets.

(Product) Red iPhone = (Product) Fake!

  • January 4, 2009 4:24 pm


Pictures of a so called Product (Red) iPhone have been making there way through the many miles of wire on the web  early this afternoon.  If you at all familiar with Product (Red) it is a an organization formed by many big corporations that donate money to AIDS research.  Apple is one of the many companies involved that sell special edition models of various products with the (Product) Red branding donating a certain amount to the (Product) Red cause.  Looking at comparison shots between past (Product) Red products  and the Red iPhone show that there isn’t any (Product) Red branding, quickly putting this rumor to rest.  When did it come from?  It is quite possibly a Colorware case or some home mod.  Either way it isn’t real.  Continue on to see the comparison shots.

iPhone takes crown, dethrones Razr.

  • November 10, 2008 6:48 pm

The Razr’s reign has come to an end.  No longer is it the #1 phone in terms of units sold.  That title now goes to the iPhone 3g.  The iPhone has taken the top spot not be a little but by a wide margin.  One question comes to mind is look at how the perception in the Razr has changed the last few years.  WHen it first was released it was a $500 beast (at the time) of a phone) that everyone wanted, and few could afford.  Now, every one and their mother can get Razr’s for free.  Now its a poor mans phone.  With the iPhone coming into popularity and acceptance much faster, does that make you wonder if the iPhone’s dominance will be even shorter lived?  For me its hard to say.  Obviously, the iPhone is much more technologically advanced than the Razr, and therefore has a much better sticking appeal to the public.  But, in time will the iPhone become another poor mans phone as opposed to the Blackberry Bold.  I think in some sense the market will become saturated with iPhones and lose interest quicker than if it were a more exclusive item.  All in all, if Apple can keep evolving the iPhone they can stand the test of time and continue to gain new sales and customers.  If not there is always someone ready to take their place.

source:  iLounge