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You’re Doing It Wrong: Microsoft Suing To Block Sale Of 1+ Year Old Motorola Android Phones.

  • August 23, 2011 9:36 am

Using lawsuits to keep your competitors from getting too far ahead is a trait that far too many tech companies rely on these days. Over the past several months at least, it seems this tactic has exploded in popularity with Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Motorola and many more kicking the court room battles up several notches. So it’s with great sadness we highlight a new lawsuit brought forth by Microsoft signaling out Motorola and the alleged infringement on seven Microsoft patents.

In Microsoft’s lawsuit, they seek to ban the import and sale of several Motorola Android phones including the Droid 2, Droid X, Cliq XT, Devour, Backflip and Charm. What’s humorous is that it appears the focus is on these phones exclusively and not all of Motorola’s Android lineup — phones that are ~ 1+ year old and sorely out dated. We understand the idea behind suing to keep competitors at bay (as opposed to actually producing something consumers want). But suing to block the sale of old hardware that no one cares about anymore? What is Microsoft thinking?

Motorola Mobility has publicly responded to Microsoft’s lawsuit by stating that they are “vigorously defending” themselves “against Microsoft’s patent attack business strategy” and that they have “brought legal actions of our own in the U.S. and in Europe to address Microsoft’s large scale of infringement of Motorola Mobility’s patents”. Judge Theodore Essex is scheduled to reveal his findings on November 4th while the commission is seeking to have the investigation completed by March 5th of 2012.

DROID Bionic Commercial Leaked. Features Secretive QR Code That Leads To…?

  • August 22, 2011 10:50 pm

The constant stream of DROID Bionic information and marketing material has hit an all time high as we close in on ~ 1 month until release. Late today a new DROID Bionic commercial leaked onto the web. It’s quality was just barely adequate. But more interesting than the message — because we already know what it’s saying — was the blink-and-you’d-miss-it QR code at the very end of the commercial. Secret information?

We’re going to have to break your heart. According to ongoing discussion in this thread over at Android Central, the super secret QR code simply leads one back to the already flogged “Get More” Bionic teaser page. Yeah, buzz kill. But hey. The Bionic is coming very, very soon and everything you could possibly want to know about it has already been leaked. Kind of makes for a rather ho-hum release, huh?

Still, if you’re feeling a bit bored this fine Monday evening, why not hop past the break and catch that commercial everyone’s been talking about…

Motorola DROID HD Poses For The Camera!

  • August 17, 2011 7:42 am

The DROID Bionic is cool and all but it’s starting to lose its luster after months of delays, waiting and still nothing to show. But that’s ok. We’ll gladly focus our attention on the upcoming DROID HD. This sexy piece of gadgetry features an alleged 4.5″ display that will either run at 960 x 540 (qHD), or as Engadget speculates, move up to 1280 x 720 — following the “HD” lettering in its name. Other perks include an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera w/ 1080p video recording, microUSB/HDMI/microSD ports and the latest Android 2.3 software. Word on the streets is that this beaut has been put on a diet, coming in at between 8.5mm and 9mm in total thickness. For the record, the current super model of phones, the Galaxy S II, is a scant 8.49mm thin. Bionic what?

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Google To Purchase Motorola Mobility For $12.5 Billion.

  • August 15, 2011 8:06 am

The mobile world just became a lot more interesting — today it has been revealed that Google is in the beginning stages of purchasing Motorola Mobility, the company’s mobile-only unit. The acquisition will cost Google a cool $12.5 billion, though shouldn’t be too hard for Google to muster up considering their $35+ billion cash reserves. According to the press release Google will run Motorola as a separate business and Motorola will continue to be an Android licensee.

Google’s new stance raises some very interesting questions/scenarios. First and foremost, Google will now more or less feature a complete “stack” — they’ll control both hardware and software in-house much like Apple. As far as Motorola competitors go, will they see Google’s acquisition as but another challenge or defect to Windows Phone? You have some time to think it over as final approval for the acquisition isn’t expected until late 2011/early 2012.

The next few months will be highly interesting to watch play out. Thoughts? Press releases after the break.

Motorola KORE Is A Fitness Gadget, Not A Quad Core Beast.

  • August 11, 2011 8:05 am

Well if this isn’t a let down — Android enthusiast site Phandroid is reporting that the Motorola KORE device that caught our attention by way of new domain registrations a week prior is in fact not an uber tablet after all. As it turns out, the Motorola KORE is a fitness device — perhaps even this device highlighted by Droid-Life.

Yay for active people. Boo for those seeking Moto’s first quad-core tablet.

Next Up In Apple’s Crosshairs: Motorola XOOM.

  • August 10, 2011 11:53 am

If you thought Apple was going to stop at the 10.1″ Samsung Galaxy Tab’s EU-wide injunction, think again. FOSS Patent’s Florean Mueller is reporting on a snippet of text hidden within Samsung lawsuit filing that hints at Motorola also facing Apple’s lawyers’ wrath. Just yesterday it was was ruled that retailers across the European Union had to remove the new 10.1″ Samsung Galaxy Tabs from shelves.

The statement doesn’t make mention of Motorola’s alleged infringements or when the lawsuit was filed, though Mueller points out it could have happened many weeks prior to Samsung’s most recent case. At any rate, Apple is suing Motorola over the XOOM’s “similar design” to their iPad.

It’s rather interesting to note that most of the ongoing lawsuits focus around tablets — a market where Apple dominates without any close competition. One would think that Apple would be somewhat focused on securing a few more market share percentage points in the smartphone realm. Then again, Apple has repeatedly stated that it’s not necessarily the biggest player that wins, only the one with the most revenue/cash at the end of the game.

We’re all for our own respective favorites when it comes to gadgets, operating systems, etc. But Apple’s tactics to simply block competition are pretty childish and annoying. If anything, it shows Apple is finally taking Android more seriously. Hopefully the Samsung injunction as well as possible injunction against Motorola ends quickly. As much as we like Apple personally, we understand the benefits of healthy competition.

Motorola XOOM Update Finally Rolling Out. SD Card Support Has Arrived!

  • August 5, 2011 10:18 pm

Getting SD card support, adaptive media streaming and a suite of other new features is good and all, don’t get us wrong. But it’s not LTE. (Moto…?) At any rate, we’re not looking to rain on XOOM owners’ parade tonight. Instead, we’re here to inform you the latest software for your precious tablet is now available, ready and waiting for download — kind of. The HTJ85 update is currently rolling out in the standard staggered fashion. You know how it is — keep refreshing that update page until victory has been achieved!

Let us know how it goes for ya.

Domain Name Registrations Unearth New Motorola “Kore” Device.

  • August 5, 2011 9:32 am

The XOOM is still in its own right, a good Android tablet. But in the grander scheme of things it’s getting old. Add in stories over the last several weeks showcasing upcoming Kal-el quad-core mobile processors and you’ve got an environment ripe for change. Bringing the first wave of that new quad-core change could very well be Motorola if recent domain registrations from August 3rd and unearthed by Fusible are any indication of things to come. The domain names:,,,, and

The quad-core nature of the “Kore” device is far from confirmed, though the naming would suggest the obvious. LTE is will also likely make the list given Motorola’s penchant for being on the up and up for the latest hardware trends. Finally, don’t rule out a higher resolution display. As nice as the XOOM’s display is now, there’s certainly room for improvement.

This is all assuming of course that the “Kore” is a tablet. Motorola happens to make phones too…

Verizon MAP Leaks Out, Foreshadows Bionic Killer(s).

  • August 2, 2011 12:42 am

The DROID Bionic is this close to release after months of delays, but despite Motorola’s best efforts, the competition has us more excited.

Check out the Verizon Wireless MAP (minimum advertised pricing) sheet above. The first device (MOTXT875) is the DROID Bionic — dual-core uber phone. The 4th is an alleged LG Revolution “2″ of sorts. Also decent. However, it is the HTC device labeled ADR6425 and believed to be the previous HTC Vigor that really has our attention. With rumored specs proclaiming a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, LTE, 720p display, and Adreno 220 GPU, the alleged HTC Vigor is the new “phone to have”.

As for the remaining “ADR6330″ — we’re hearing a simple color change of the already publicly available Incredible 2.

Motorola Bionic what…?