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The most comfortable mouse ever…

For all the computer mice I’ve seen, held, and loved, I’ve only ever had one that’s made me want a second — the Logitech MX Revolution. No, this isn’t some shamless plug for Logitech. It’s my honest opinion. While I’ve tried a few of those more vertically standing mice that are more geared towards designers and such, they just aren’t very practical for gaming purposes. And swapping mice constantly isn’t an attractive option either. So where does that leave us?

It leaves us wishing the mouse pictured above were real and not just some fantastic dreamer’s concept. The dreamer is Damien Crossan>. The mouse is the G50 Ergonomic Gaming Mouse by Logitech — again, not an actual, real product. *Sigh* With 11 physical buttons that increase to 23 when functions mappings are used and a very comfortable looking grip, this mouse is the power users dream. I’m sold. I want six. Please someone, make this mouse.

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Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 7 gaming mouse: For those who have to have it all…

If you’re a fan of the movie Transformers, are an avid gamer, and love to change things up a big, the Mad Catz R.A.T. 7 gaming mouse is for you. Right off the bat, you’ll notice this mouse very, very different than your typical gaming mouse. Everything from palm swell to pinkie grip to overall length of the mouse itself can be changed and dialed in specifically to your liking. Of course, the obvious settings including DPI and changeable weights means this is a very configurable mouse.

The coolest part (for me anyway) is the “Precision Aiming” button. When playing a FPS or similar game, holding down said button while aiming/shooting will instantly cut the DPI by half, making very precise movements amidst the chaos that FPS’s tend to have inherently easier. Releasing the Precision Aiming button will instantly return your lighting quick DPI as it was before — no need for rudimentary DPI changes during gameplay.

It seems like an awesome mouse. For gamers, there’s no question as to what to get now. The Mad Catz R.A.T. 7 is hot. Doing a little shopping around online will net your one for under $100, so it’s rather affordable for what you get to boot. But don’t let my starry eyed drool session blur your decision making. Stop on by Everything USB and go through the very thorough hands-on review.

Anyone feeling mouse envy?

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The Mickey Mouse satellite dish…

Take a stroll through any large city and you’ll see houses butting right up against each other, and roof tops chock full of antennas and satellite dishes. We are an entertainment driven society after all. So why not take a chance to stand out from the crowd? Why not slap a Mickey Mouse face on your satellite dish? Actually, I can think of plenty of reasons why not to. Reason #1: It looks stupid.

But to each their own. If a themed dish is what you seek, brush up on your Japanese and follow the link.
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Mice for those who dare to be different.

Walyou took it upon themselves to put together a little show showing off some neat concept mice as well as real mice that have actually made it to the production line. There’s some known favorites in there by popular manufacturers such as Razr as well as many other creative designs.

If you’ve got a thing for gadget concepts, especially digital rodents, then hop on in…
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Magic Mouse gets a little bit more comfortable

You been enjoying Apple’s latest desk critter? Or has it been just a little too uncomfortable? Well, Will over at (Magic Mouse Fixed, if you were wondering) was having way too much pain in his wrist after using the Magic Mouse, and after searching, he realized he wasn’t alone. Since the Magic Mouse doesn’t fit to the contour of ones hand, we are left with only two options; excruciating wrist pain, or getting a different mouse. Will didn’t like those options, so he decided to start building prototypes out of clay until he was able to get one that fit perfectly. He had his wife give it a try, to confirm it fits in both big and smaller hands, and after testing, he decided it was time get it manufactured.

If you are currently using a Magic Mouse, uncomfortably that is, head on over the and toss one into your car, for only $10, free shipping in the US and $3 internationally. To mean, it looks like it’d be an annoyance, but I also don’t have a Magic Mouse, so I can say either way. But, if you do find your wrist hurting from usage, and have an extra 10 bucks to dish out on this little thing, do it and let us know how it works. I’d actually like to know, so if I ever do get a Magic Mouse, and find myself in some pain, I’ll have a fix I can look for.


Magic Mouse Fixed from on Vimeo.

Logitech unveils marathon-like wireless keyboard and mouse with 3-year battery life.

Tired of having to constantly replace batteries in all of your wireless devices? I know I am. Throwing away cash and time on batteries is no one’s chosen task in life. Wireless computer accessory makers routinely tout their devices and products life-span on a single set of batteries. In regards to wireless mice and keyboards, a solid 10-18 months isn’t out of the norm. I generally don’t have any complaints either. A solid year seems good enough, right?

Not to Logitech. Announced today, the Wireless Desktop MK710 by Logitech is the world’s first 3-year life span wireless keyboard and mouse combo. The new ultra low battery consumption is made possible by a more refined RF adapter which is exponentially more frugal with it’s transmissions than past versions. One of the battery saving techniques used by the MK710′s RF chip is that it dynamically shuts down the wireless signal when not needed — much more often than it’s predecessors. Resume time waiting for everything to reconnect after the signal is severed is said to be almost non-existent.

Sounds pretty interesting wouldn’t you say? I wouldn’t mind picking up a MK710 myself. Price wise, it’s a mid to lower high-end product, priced solidly at $100. There’s cheaper options out there if you so choose, but it’s also far from the most expensive keyboard and mouse combo I’ve seen. Think an MK710 is in your future? Get yours in Europe starting this month and the US come April.


Is a taxiderm-ified mouse flash drive with light up LED eyeballs simply odd or downright disturbing?

I’ve seen some strange novelty flash drives before in my relatively short time span spent on this planet so far. But I think the title of “world’s weirdest” or “world’s most disturbing” flash drive has been one-upped by the Taxidermy Flash Drive Mouse w/ light up LED eyes. Yes, you read that right, an actual mouse carcass all hardened up and stuffed chock full of wonderful flash storage and light up LED eyes to boot.

I have to ask, at what point does the cool or funny aspect of a novelty flash drive cross into weird, gross, or downright disturbing? One thing’s for sure — If you have a knack for going all out on Halloween, this flash drive is definitely up your alley. As for me, I’m not really grossed out by stuffed animal bodies. Though, used in this fashion is admittingly, slightly odd.

Would you use it?

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Fill you sweet tooth and get the job done with the Chocolate Bar Mouse

Novelty gadgets while not usually worthwhile in regards to actual usefulness when features are concerned surprise us every once in a while. This gadget probably isn’t one of them. The gadget in question is the Chocolate Bar Mouse. Instead of pushing around a common, boring mouse, do something different. Stand out in the computing age with a mouse that looks like a a bar of chocolate with a bite taken out of it. Now I love chocolate. So see this makes me want to go eat a bar myself. However, moving back to usability one can see that the flat shape and awkward styling probably isn’t all that comfortable. Hey, I could be wrong. Still, if this digital sweetness is calling your name, Lazybone UK is your hookup for a mere £21.99 ($36.31 USD).

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Go old school social with Facebook/Twitter mouse pads


Forget the fact that today’s optical and laser mice rarely need a mouse pad. But, if you have one of those grandmas who sware by there effectiveness or just like the smooth supple feel of a nice 1980′s tech mouse pad, these pads may tickle your fancy. Featuring nifty screenshots of the Facebook and Twitter “home areas”, these mouse pads aim to shake up your typical monotone/floral/animal print mouse pads and bring a tad of the here and now into your life. The cost to attain such geeked glory will set you back $17.99. Meninos will be happy to take your money.

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