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Review: Film Director Pro For iOS

Whether you’re a home movie junkie or professional on a mission, iOS has quite a wide assortment of video apps to suit most if not all your needs. Anything from simple home movies to full-on short movies can be captured, edited, rendered, and published on something as small and simple as an iPhone. With that said, today we’re taking a look at Film Director Pro to see if it is worth your time, and most importantly your money. Hop on past the break…
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Android-Powered ASUS Smartphone Packs 4.8″ 1024 x 480 Display. #android #asus

ASUS is currently unveiling a bunch of new digital goodies in New York City at their official press event. But this particular gem stole the show — an unnamed smartphone that features 4.8″ 1024 x 480 display. For movie buffs, it falls nicely into that 21:9 aspect ratio meaning no black bars! On top of the gorgeous screen, a 1GHs Snapdragon, 802.11n WiFi, HSPA+ support, HDMI output, 8-megapixel rear camera/2-megapixel front-facing camera, and a flurry of accelerometers and gyroscopes all point to a monster of a phone.

Unfortunately, ASUS wasn’t as forthcoming about price. For that, we’ll have to wait until we get a little closer to the April 2011 release date. With that time frame in mind, Android 3.0 could be a possibility. Excited?
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Redbox dipping their toes into streaming/digital rentals?

So far, Redbox has kept itself completely in the physical realm, giving customers a great and cheap way to rent DVD’s. But even they realize they can’t be as senseless as BlockBuster and pretend a digital future isn’t quickly approaching. At least thats the goal of Redbox president, Mitch Lowe. According to him, the expansion to online markets is a given and one that is being taken seriously.

Fans of the drive-by rental process shouldn’t worry though. The basic physical DVD rental model that’s catapulted Redbox into popularity will remain for some time. Besides DVD’s, Lowe cites the upcoming release of Blu-ray titles as an extended run for physical sales while they get the digital stuff all worked out.

Either way, it’ll be nice to see some more competition in the online rental space. Especially since Netflix recently bent over for hollywood and accepted one of the most asinine agreements yet — you know, the 30-day physical-only rental period.

Any Redbox fans looking forward to digital ventures?

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Super Mario Brothers Curbside edition. [Movie Magic]

Of all the nerdy movies I’ve seen, the “Super Mario Brothers: Curbside Edition” is probably up there with the all time coolest. Essentially, it’s SMB played out on a curb, with a painted on background and Mario animated into the action. Can you top that?

Hop inside for the full vid…

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Netflix continues screwing over customers with delayed new-release rentals compliments of Fox and Universal…

Like renting new releases via Netflix soon after they’re released? Well, now you’ll have to either (A) find a new similar service or (B) start pirating that crap because Netflix just made it harder to enjoy the service you pay for. With the help of Fox and Universal, delaying new movie rentals for 28 days after release in hopes of increased physical media sales is the sole motivation behind this move. According to the trio, it’s a “win-win” for everyone, ultimately bringing lower prices.

Forgive me if I don’t understand, but how does fucking over consumers and forcing us to purchase a product we obviously don’t want going to “help” us? How is it “better” for us?
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Blockbuster toying with rental-by-mail for video games. Writing on the wall points to belly up position in 3..2..

If there was ever a better example of how not to run a company based on old business models and physical inventory — wait a minute… — Blockbuster would take the cake. Anyone with half a brain cell can figure out that if you’re business model revolves around physical goods such as movie rentals, at some point the digital transition is going to hurt your business. Apparently Blockbuster had visions of VHS and DVD’s lasting forever in their unicorn land. The real world as of late hasn’t been so nice to them.

But they have an earth shattering solution — video game rentals by mail! *Facepalm* That was a great idea…four years ago. The apparent plan was sent in to Consumerist by one of their readers who just so happens to be 1 of 7 people enrolled in Blockbusters Total Access Plan, a video rental by mail service. “Emily’s” recent email from Blockbuster had the following to say on the matter:

In addition to sending your favorite movies by mail, Blockbuster is considering giving Total Access members like you the ability to rent video games by mail for no additional charge. You would be able to choose from over 3,000 different games, including many popular new releases. All you’d have to do is add them to your Queue, and we would send them to you just like we do your favorite movies! Please take a moment to complete the following short survey so we can gauge your interest.

If you’re a big Gamefly user and have a knack for sucking up all the movies you can, having a free-of-charge addon to your movie rental plan that brings video games along for the ride sounds pretty spiffy. And for the more mature generations out there not so keen on this whole digital thing yet, it’s quite the head turner.

But I can’t help but feel Blockbuster would put themselves in even greater peril if they put the rest of their money and marketing mojo behind such a service. Think about it — digital distribution methods -whether for sale or rental — are increasing each year as the need for physical products becomes less and less mandatory.

Blockbuster is effectively using outdated business models…again. Does anyone at that company know how to come up with a good idea in the digital age? I’m thinking not.

It’s weird how looking at this rental-by-mail set up for Gamefly is good yet Blockbuster trying it out brings about the feeling I’m dishing out now. Of course, it’s worth highlighting again just how late to the game Blockbuster is. It leaves the same bad taste in my mouth just like the whole SD rental thing from last year. Who in their right mind is going to drive into town to rent a digital file on a physical disc? Ya, that was a good one…

So, how much longer ’til Blockbuster goes belly up?


Man asks women to shut her yap during movie. Disgruntled women storms off. Then it gets all stabby…

One of my biggest pet peeves that I’ve acquired over the years is that of people yapping it up during a movie. I can’t stand that crap. If you really need to talk, get out. Texting I’m ok with. A little lit up screen is at least avoidable. Regardless, asking someone to shut up is a perfectly normal practice here in the states. However, Steve Whitmore of Los Angeles will no doubt think twice about asking such things of people after his little encounter at a local movie theater. Steve found himself sitting next to one of those very annoyances, and just as any of you would, asked the woman to cut if off. So she split (with two male accomplices), leaving Steve all happy with his movie. And then it got weird…

The two accomplices came back and had a talk with dear Steve. There talk of course wasn’t so much talking as it was a stabbing…in the neck…with a meat thermometer. Yes, a meat thermometer. While Steve himself was seriously injured (as was several good samaritans who came to his aid), he has so far lived to tell the tale.

Unfortunately, the meat stabbers are still at large. It’ll make you think twice…won’t it?


Moto DROID shows off Flash 10.1 in video

Flash Flash Flash. No, that’s not an invitation to do something scandalous. It’s all about Adobe Flash. Whether you like it or not, Adobe Flash is coming the the DROID and a whole host of other smartphones in the near future. The pros of Flash integration are mainly centered around a much richer web experience. The naysayers however site even mobile versions of Flash for having poor performance — stuttery playback and battery depleting powers like no other. Looks like we’l see soon enough. If you’re curious to see how the DROID holds up when churning through all of those pixels, give the video below a look over.


Koreans get the best of everything: Avatar in 4D

A few years ago, seeing a movie marketed with the characters “3D” screamed “gimmick”. After Avatar however, the movie studios are scrambling to match Avatars success, especially with that impressive $2 billion+ box office. I’m positive that as studios try to cash in on the 3D mania, we consumers are merely along for the ride and subject to countless craptastic movies with 3D slapped on to earn an extra buck. Such is the world in which we live.

Korea however has one upped us and the countries most famous movie in recent memory by adding another number: Avatar 4D. What exactly would constitute a 4D movie? Besides surround sound and 3D visual effects, Avatar 4D features added effects such as moving seats, laser lights and/or wind, and a host of other more “physical” features to immerse viewers into the film even more. For Avatar, CJ-CGV (the company that owns and runs the several 4D Plexes showing Avatar 4D in Korea) uses a total of 30 different “real-life” effects in order to rationalize the upgrade to 4D.

Avatar 4D isn’t the companies first venture into 4D. Beginning last year, CJ-CGV kicked things off with “Journey to the Center of the Earth” in a single 88-seat theater. With Avatar’s success, the company was able to expand. Over the last year, a total of 10 4D films have been released for public consumption in Korea across several more theaters.

It’s a pretty neat concept and one that I wouldn’t mind dropping a few extra bills for to experience at least once. Speaking of money, a standard ticket for Avatar 3D will set you back roughly $15.80 USD. Ya, I’ll have to set aside a few extra bills for the experience. But hey, you only live once. If it’s put together well and performs as well as the company claims, I think it would be worth the added cash.

I’m a simple human. I like to be entertained. Is $15.80 too much for a movie ticket regardless of price? I just wish I even had the choice of seeing a 4D movie close to home. Don’t you? Leave your thoughts below.

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