Nokia N900 get’s scared. Incubating until Thanksgiving

Awesome. Another delay. This time it’s the Nokia N900. Sorry for more bad news but I figured you’d want to know, especially considering how pivotal the N900 is for Nokia. It’s by far the most impressive gadget coming from the Finish company in quite some time. Any negative news surrounding it will certainly make someone’s day a bit less cheerful.

The dark tale comes from Nokia’s Head of Maemo Marketing, Peter Schneider. He goes on to say that we can expect to see the N900 start shipping in November ‘09, not October as originally planned and hoped for. I guess one month isn’t too bad is it?

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T-Mobile’s New York 3G network super fast. Humming along at 2+ Mbps!

AT&T users may be left wondering aimless around the country searching for speed of any kind, but T-Mobile customers may not wonder very long. T-Mobile U.S.A’s 3G footprint while still pretty weak when compared to other big players is apparently helluva fast. Take the screenshot above for example. The shot was captured on a freshly baked Nokia N900 which Mark Guim from The Nokia Blog received as a gift after attending the Maemo Summit in Amsterdam. 2+ megs down is awesome! And that’s not even on the *rumored* soon to launch 21Mbps+ HSDPA network.

Of course, as IntoMobile points out, he’s probably one of very few using the towers 3G capability meaning as more users sign on, expect that number to drop like a rock. Still, it’s cool to see some real speed via wireless means isn’t it? In case you were wondering how it stacks up compared to other wireless carriers, a couple months back BGR conducted a rather useful poll on wireless speeds. At least for this lucky chap above, he’s twice as fast as anyone else without a cord. Oh how we envy thee…

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Nokia N920 makes still unreleased N900 old, outdated?

Hear that? That’s the rumor train haulin’ into your neck of the woods. On board is a fresh rumor that Nokia fans will take quite a liking to. Even though the N900 is still unreleased, if this rumor holds true, Nokia isn’t wasting any time moving on to bigger and badder fish to conquer, namely the HTC HD2. The N920 will feature a larger, 4.13″ multi-touch capable touchscreen as well as a slimmer body. Or so I would assume as the slide out physical keyboard is getting nixed in favor of a finger on screen method. With such an early lead, more important details such as specs, price, availability etc. are pretty much nil at this point. An upgraded processor is a given, but is the lack of a real keyboard going to tie you to the N900? Ok, ok. If you have to have something to look forward to, a Q1/Q2 2010 announcement/release doesn’t sound too far off. A word for Nokia: Let’s see if we can’t finally catch up with the times and toss a capacitive screen in their huh? It would be much appreciated.

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Nokia N900 does it like it’s 2007 — No MMS Support!

Uh oh. Seems like all of those Nokia fans who bashed the iPhone for the last 2-1/2 years for not being able to send a simple MMS message are about to get a rude awakening if they had any hopes of upgrading to the N900. It seems Nokia is pulling an Apple and leaving the ancient technology out of their brand spankin’ new device. Ya ya, I get it. MMS is old. Tons of people now have IM or email support on their phones. Awesome! Many more don’t and rely on MMS for sending pictures. I can understand dropping support for old outdated technology, but when so many people use it, problems arise.

Of course, looking at the other side of the coin, you have start somewhere don’t you? That was Apple’s hope — to drive enough people away from MMS into more modern IM and email methods. Maybe Nokia will have better luck since they have such a large presence no? Besides, I’m all for reducing the amount we overpay to wireless carriers each month. But remember, this is so far only on their N900, a niche device that will sell in low numbers. Is it doomed without MMS? Or will they simple backtrack like Apple and provide it after the fact?

In the end, while no MMS will be no less than a pain in the ass every time you want to send a quick pic to someone on the fly that doesn’t a phone as smart as yours, the N900 is still a sexy device both hardware and software considered. I wouldn’t mind borrowing one. You?


Rolodex powered by Nokia N900


Competition is a good thing, right?  It can helps spur inovation or lead to the bastardization of existing technologies in the pursuit of all things new and cutting edge.  With the Nokia PUSH N900 compaign , it is starting to seem we are finding both some cool cutting edge stuff  yet retro.  Case in point: The Rolodex done N900 style courtesy of the fine people at

What the folks at did was take a Rolodex and hook it up to the N900 with Arduino and Bluetooth.  As the Rolodex is spun, the Arduino tracks the position of the wheel  and Bluetooths that specific position to the N900.  Now each person is marked with a specific position so when the information is Bluetoothed over from the Arduino to the N900, the Python script uses the loaded library to pull the contact up as if someone had manually gone there.  Once the touchscreen is activated on the phone, a call is placed.  It is just that cool

Check out this and other N900 hacks at

Nokia N900 now official! Coming to T-Mo USA?


Those of you who have been aimlessly wondering the streets, wasting away, and more or less turning in to an anti-social hermit since the demise of Nokia’s widely popular (in geeky circles) N800 internet tablet. For those of you who call gourmet eating finding 3/4 of an old McDonalds cheeseburger in the dumpster, Nokia has some news that may inspire you to clean up just a tad, reversing months of decline. Nokia is back in the game however with the official announcement of the N900. Even though we’ve known about this for awhile, official confirmation is always appreciated. While this isn’t solely an internet tablet like the now defunct N800, the “N” prefix will surely catch many consumers off guard. But the N900 is a completely different beast and goes on record as Nokia’s first Maemo-powered phone. So what else does this Nokia Jesus phone attempt number xx have?

  • Maemo 5 OS
  • Quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA 900/1700/2100, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth with A2DP, and GPS *kitchen sink a $50 option*
  • ARM Cortex A8 processor
  • 32GB internal memory
  • 5.0 MP Carl Zeiss camera with dual-LED flash, auto-focus, and sliding cover
  • 3.5-inch WVGA (800 x 480) resistive(?) touchscreen display (really guys….? All the hype and oozing next-gen appearance and image and you stuff resistive crap on it. WTF?!
  • Sliding, portrait QWERTY keyboard
  • 1320 mAh battery (ya, that’s a problem, hopefully Maemo is super frugal or else wall outlets are going to be your best friends)

So how do the specs look so far? Is your mouth oozing yet? While AT&T would seem like a given as cream of the crop Nokia phones, heck, most high end smartphones stray on over to AT&T’s turf, the appearance of the 1700MHz band in the spec list gives extremely high hopes and credibility to a T-Mobile USA release. We can only hope. AT&T’s network can’t take much more.

The only set back, though it’s to be expected with high end Nokia phones, is the roughly $700 USD pricetag. Hey, our bodies come with extra organs for a reason. I’m just sayin’…..

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