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FCC Reveals Full Net Neutrality Rules and Guidelines. #netneutrality

Two days ago, the FCC approved by a narrow 3-2 vote to enact the controversial set of rules and guidelines called “net neutrality”. The aim is to make the internet a fairer place, free from anti-competitive actions and policies pushed by big companies. The road from concept to “law” has been long and hard, with some arguing the end result is a far cry from what was originally intended. To some degree, critics of the recently approved net neutrality are right — there are barely any stipulations for wireless internet. As for the wired type, their are three main things: Transparency, No blocking, and No unreasonable discrimination.

With that said, the FCC released the full set of Net Neutrality text in its entirety (PDF) tonight so that we the people can find out just how “fair” the groundbreaking set of guidelines really are. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, give it a look and let us know what you think.

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The world after the fall of net neutrality…

John McCain: since you have no idea what the internet is nor how to work it, sit down and take note. The image below is how cable/quasi-internet packages will look if you and your we’re-in-the-pockets-of-big-business friends F’ up net neutrality and the internet as a whole, tiered pricing and all — you know, since tiered pricing is everyone’s favorite and “benefits” the economy.
Is this a worst case, end of the world scenario? End of the world - no. Worst case - Yes.

If net neutrality falls and I start seeing this BS below, I’m making my own damn internet. Anyone looking to join a potential startup that’ll offer big returns with massive growth? Call me.

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John McCain pushes anti-net neutrality “Internet Freedom Act”. In other news: John McCain knows what a computer and the internet are.

Net Neutrality supporters and opponents are quickly engaging in a fight that regardless of the outcome will have far reaching effects for many years to come. While consumers and tech based companies generally favor some form of net neutrality ruling, most governmnet reps corporate lobbiests are pushing just as hard opposing any type of net neutrality. With all the technical details becoming increasingly complex, I was quite surprised to see failed president John McCain making his voice heard on the issue. His solution is ironically titled the “Internet Freedoms Act” which moves to make the FCC’s net neutrality regulations null and void. Mr. McCain’s words:

Today I’m pleased to introduce the Internet Freedom Act of 2009 that will keep the Internet free from government control and regulation,” McCain said. “It will allow for continued innovation that will in turn create more high-paying jobs for the millions of Americans who are out of work or seeking new employment. Keeping businesses free from oppressive regulations is the best stimulus for the current economy

As Gizmodo highlights, McCain appears to group “internet freedom” and his industry filled deep pockets together. Can you blame him though? I mean, the agencies and companies hes defending with this “Internet Freedom Acts” are the very ones stuffing his pockets. Don’t want to piss of the hand that feeds do you? So where exactly do consumers fit in….


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AT&T: “We hate freedom and choice”. Sends letters to employees encouraging them to bash Net Neutrality regulations.

Is there any more needed? Jim Cicconi, one of AT&T’s top lobbyists and cronies of choice spent his fine Sunday afternoon carpet bombing AT&T’s 300,000+ employees with propaganda encouraging them all, their families, friends, and random homeless guy on the street to petition congress to not pass any net neutrality regulations. The key points highlighted in the email include (Per Washington Post):

1.Wireless consumers enjoy a many options for mobile services;
2. Competition in the wireless industry is strong;
3. AT&T and other carriers need flexibility to manage their networks;
4. Net neutrality rules could hamper a goal of the White House to bring broadband to every U.S. household;
5. If the FCC passes the new regulations, the rules should apply to more than just network operators and should also include Web content companies like search engines.

BS. I know. If congress listens to lobbyists and big corporations, consider us consumers screwed yet again. So I invite you to petition against AT&T and any and all who do not support net neutrality. Grab the pitchforks, fire, and mules. We’re going to war folks.

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Verizon CTO claims: “Metered Broadband is the way of the future”

According to Verizon’s CTO, “Metered Broadband is the way of the future”. Apparently someone forget to tell him how the future is supposed to work.

Look at the title and give yourself a minute to think. Who does this benefit? Obviously the company doing the metering and billing. While on one side, metering is a legitimate answer to raise more revenue for businesses as heavier users pay more, the thought of metering usage and having tiers still doesn’t sit well with me. It makes sense on the most basic level, however, I can’t help but to envision the near future full of metered internet plans that are all grossly overpriced. Even though providers in support of such packages and plans argue otherwise, if internet packages are overpriced now, just wait until metered tiers take hold. Still, with more companies jumping on the support wagon of tiered services and lawmakers in the pockets of those this benefits, the odds of the outcome benefiting consumers is looking slim. Care to vent?


Senators, AT&T come down on proposed Net Neutrality bill


Net Neutrality as any geeks battle cry in this age of ever increasing digital walls, unfair business practices, and innovation stifling bills abound. So it comes with no surprise that many a geek were ecstatic when FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski proposed new net neutrality rules that stated the internet and the pipes that flow to and fro should be unbiased. That is, internet providers both wired and wireless can’t discriminate between what can and can’t move between said pipes. As expected, there are opponents. Several Republican senators such as Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R. Texas), John Thune (R., S.D.), Sam Brownback (R., Kan.), David Vitter (R., La.), Jim DeMint (R., S.C.), and John Ensign (R., Nev.) immediately moved forward stating their disapproval and general concern that an open internet will somehow “impede investment and innovation”. (Read: we’re getting mad $$ from various companies in this market…don’t touch our dollars yo). Such bias and mindless responses are common from government as 99% of these so called “servants of the public” are anything but as they don’t have a clue about anything digital nor do they care about anything but their own pockets. Not to mention, anyone who falls with this BS excuse for not keeping the internet unbiased and open is just as stupid themselves. Moving on, AT&T (surprise surprise) had something negative to add as well saying:

(We) AT&T would be very disappointed if [the FCC] has already drawn a conclusion to regulate wireless services despite the absence of any compelling evidence of problems or abuse that would warrant government intervention

AT&T’s statements can be immediately discredited. Really. Empty promises and continual disappointment highlights their existence. Again, AT&T is probably supporting several if not all of these senators with a few dollars. Whats sad is that this grand government we have is so full of one sided people taking bribes from big corporations turning them into nothing more than an extension of those respective companies. It’s not right but there isn’t any hope of change anytime soon. So we must continue on voicing our disapproval.

Of course, if these companies wouldn’t have spent the last decade sitting on their asses and instead actually over built their networks, they’d be in a much better position now. To fight against an open and freely flowing internet is against everything that the internet was intended for. What exactly is the internet? **See “Internet Manifesto far right and slightly down

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Net Neutrality “Diagnostic Tools”


With all the talk of Net Neutrality and ISP’s filtering the packets that come and go, favoring some and giving the cold slow shoulder to others has drawn up quite a bit of debate.  The ISP’s see it as a way to “manage congestion”.  Apparently they’ve never heard of upgrading their networks to actaully be able to cope with demand.  I guess they can’t afford it after spending $50 million or so upgrading their corporate jet.  But I digress.  Are you curious as to if your ISP is doing some dirty work behind the scenes in regards to filtering/throttling your connection?  Google, along with Measurement Labs have released a set of tools that will allow you to do exactly what I mentioned above, determine if you’re connection is being filtered/throttled.  The goal behind the product is to let consumers have an option in seeing if the way they use the internet is being negatively affected giving them a chance to do something.  Though in reality there really isn’t much of anything you can besides get angry, swear, and throw things.  All jokes aside, the diagnostic tools are definitely handy to tinker with.  Head on over to Measurement Labs to quickly learn the dirty details about your connection.

Source: Slashdot, Measurement Lab, Good Gear Guide

COX to start discriminating between 1′s and 0′s.


The third largest cable provider in the U.S., COX, announced today (and rather bluntly) that they will be starting a test in Kansas and Arkansas.  Now no one really likes tests.  We get the bad exposure to them starting early in life in school and it doesn’t get better from there.  The poor residents of Kansas and Arkansas get to be the latest digital guinea pigs.  What kind of test is COX going to be doing?  +Continue Reading