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Stock BlackBerry 9700 (OS Wallpapers inside!

Many BlackBerry users, especially the geek and tinkers in the world love the ability to fully customize their BlackBerries with custom themes, wallpapers, and sounds. Building on that addiciton, the BlackBerry 9700 that is slated for release in just a few short weeks is no doubt the most lusted BlackBerry to date. One particular feature that many Berry users are clamoring for currently are copies of the wallpapers (shown on commercials) that are included in the new OS that ships with the 9700. Often times, finding such new and niche things can be a chore on the vast expanse of the web. However, thanks to Benezblog (Google translated), all BlackBerry users can get an early start on the new hotness. If you want to cash in on the new wallpaper eye candy, step inside and start the download madness! (11 New wallpapers inside)

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