300 apps and counting for Palm Pre App Catalog.

Apple’s App Store may be 100,000+ apps strong, but it isn’t the only mobile app store in town. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Palm users have reason to celebrate as their app selection has official crossed the 300 app mark. At first celebrating such a puny number may seem ridiculous and laughable. Though remember, it isn’t necessarily the quantity but the quality that matters. Of Apple’s 100,000+ apps, I can guarantee that maybe 5% of those apps are actually worth trying once let alone buying outright. As one milestone comes, the next will only come that much faster which is certainly a good thing for Pre users looking for some more choices. So here’s to Palm for gaining another notch in their mobile app belt, and to many, many more to come.


Palm Pre finally getting paid apps. Developers flock to the streets for small get together.

pre-paid-appsPalm Pre developers and those sitting on the fence should all feel a bit wealthier come September 24th. That magical date is the grand opening if you will of paid apps. That’s right, the App Catalog is finally entering digital puberty which will in turn *hopefully* begin to acquire a more robust app catalog. Getting paid for your work is always a good thing. Now that paid apps are coming, more developers should be interested no? With the same 70/30 revenue split as just about everyone else, a level playing field is forming. If you’re a developer, now all you have to decide is which platform to go for. Who says you have to only choose one….?

Source: Digital Daily

Sprint continues downward spiral…searching for whiskey bottle as we speak

If anyone wanted to see the prime example of the rise and fall of a company, look no further than Sprint. Once a much greater force in the wireless world is now but a distant third (working their way to fourth) in terms of customer base and earnings. The Palm Pre was marketed as Sprint’s saving grace. It was the CDMA jesus phone if you will much the same as Apple’s iPhone has been classified for GSM carriers. However, the Pre never had as much hype and media attention as Apple’s devices meaning only the more hardcore Sprint/Palm users knew very much about it. If you thought that the Pre did in fact stop the customer/money bleeding over in Sprint land, after taking a gander at 2nd quarter earnings once can actually see that all the Pre did was merely put a solitary band-aid on a gaping amputation gone wrong. The exact numbers ring in at losses of $384m and 257,000 subscribers defecting to greener pastures. Definitely not the rosy outcome Sprint had hoped for. Still, many have said that it would take many “Pre” like devices to bring Sprint back up to par and it does appear that they were correct. Who wants to take bets on how much longer Sprint can continue giving away money and subscribers before closing their doors?

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Palm Pre to be first mobile device with Kazaa powered HD video service

Reach into the depths of your mind. Way back past the spider webs, old rusty wagons, and Aunt Bettie’s rotting fruit cake. In that little desolate corner there resides the memories of your younger years and Kazaa, the once very popular though very illegal file sharing service. After going the numerous lawsuit scares several years back, they implemented a subscription model of $19.95/year. Super. So why the importance now? It has just been revealed that the Palm Pre will be the first mobile device to be able to stream HD movies as well as other file types to and from Kazaa to the device. Holy bat piss batman! Will this lead to such delicacies like mobile P2P file sharing (legal of course)? One can only hope. Who’s perception of the Pre just got a tad rosier?

Source: Into Mobile, PR Web

Unlock landscape email on Palm Pre via secret code


Why Palm neglected to add a landscape keyboard throughout when they have watched Apple get chastised relentlessly over the last two years for the very same thing is beyond me. But, have no fear, average joes, you can take your destiny into your own hands. Those of you worrying about jailbreaking, hacking, or any other involved methods that are more often than not frowned upon can throw those worries out the window. All that is needed to access the landscape keyboard in the email application is a secret code. Now, you’ll have to enter this code every single time you enter mail, but hey, it’s better than what you’ve been dealing with. And now for the code…enter it exactly as shown (case sensitive and without quotes): “RocknRollHax”. After entering the secret james bond code, type away your little hearts while enjoying the added widescreen landscape.

Source: Mobile Whack, Pre Central

“Playstation emulator runs better on Palm Pre than iPhone 3GS”


While Apple my deny emulators from their iJesus, Palm has so far stayed relatively quiet on this front. Leave it to the faithful developer community to get the real job done right the first time. For those of you who have switched over to a Palm Pre and are aching for a Playstation emulator can take chill pill and relax. One is coming. Thanks fo ZodTTD, a seasoned iPhone emulator veteran, the Palm Pre can now enjoy the glories of Playstation emulation. He even goes as far to say that the Pre runs the PS1 emulator better than the iPhone 3GS. How that’s possible, I’m not sure. Maybe Palm is hiding something from us. Who knows. Before you go and toss your beloved Playstation in the trash you may want to know that:

* There is no sound output (but it’s emulated), as Pulse Audio is required for the Palm Pre, and I have yet to support it. It will come soon.
* I have not figured out hardware rotation or scaling, or whether it is possible. Until then I am using the raw framebuffer device and blitting 320×240 software scaled.
* I figured out how to read the keypad device on the Palm Pre, though there are times it fails to give a keyup event, making keys “stick”. This is annoying and I’m looking for a workaround.
* As things progress I will have fullscreen landscape working as well.

So there you thave it. Working, *almost* perfect Playstation emulation on the Palm Pre. I know you want to see more. So come on in and watch the video of the gaming goodness in action.

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GSM Palm Pre seen running around ‘Nam

Palm’s saving grace in the states hinged on Pre launch day. The phone and the network, Sprint, both needed this wonder device to sell like no other Sprint/Palm device before it in order to give them a fighting chance in staying relevant. So far, the Pre has being doing pretty well meaning at least Sprint can breathe a sigh of relief. Palm however is not quite out of the woods yet. While the Pre is doing pretty hunky dorey over here in the States, elsewhere in the world this odd, third cousin removed CDMA technology just won’t fly. Naturally, Palm is working on a GSM version to satisfy everyone else on this big blue sphere. Lucky for us, someone over in Vietnam has loose lips and has graciously taken the time to show us the GSM Palm Pre compliments of YouTube. Yup, the video goodness is right inside!

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Palm Pre firmware updated to 1.0.4 — Un-jailbroken homebrew goodness now but a dream

Palm Pre number counters who have a love for firmware newness may want to hold off if they are part of the group partaking in homebrew apps running on un-jailbroken devices due to an easily exploited security hole. In what is bittersweet, Palm has plugged the security breach in 1.0.4, however that has rendered un-jailbroken devices unable to install any more homebrew apps. One diamond in the rough if you will is the fact that previously installed apps will still work. So how long until .4 falls victim to the people? Any takers?

Source: Engadget, Palm, Image Source

Palm more consumer/jailbreak friendly?

While Apple has time and time again negatively talked about jailbreaking, even going as far as to saying that it is illegal, Palm it seems is taking a different approach. A recent statement from Palm says:

“We recognize that some developers will experiment in ways that cross official boundaries, but we believe that our formal offerings – and community efforts built around those offerings – will provide the best experience for the vast majority of webOS developers and users.”

That isn’t too hard to decipher and at least to me comes across as “Ya, it’s cool”. What’s your interpretation? This is one of the best stances and policies Palm could have towards hackers and “outside” developers. By not alienating these individuals who will truly be the innovative force behind the Pre, Palm can actually surpass Apple in this respect by allowing jailbreaking and not actively trying to cut it off. +1 for Palm.

Source: Gadget Venue

October 4-7: Flash cometh to Android and WebOS

Media junkies and mobile web addicts who happen to be running Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android and WebOS will want to set at least a few hours aside each day beginning October 4th of this year as something very special is coming your way — Flash 10. That’s right folks! The most sought after feature on smartphones today is in development and on its way to a smartphone near you…that is unless you have an iPhone. In which case the “whole” internet still is not in your pocket. Android and WebOS users should be the most pleased as they currently don’t have any flash options, unlike Windows Mobile and Symbian who have at least one solution each with Skyfire and Bolt. The day that actual working, non-pwning Flash can come to more mobile devices, the better the world will be. October 4-7th will be here before you know it. What are you going to do in the meantime?

Source: Gizmodo, Android Guys

3rd Party apps come to a non-rooted Pre a bit early…*maybe*

I can see it now…people running in the streets, arms in the air, clothes on the ground: mass pandemonium. The Palm Pre was one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year. While the sales numbers are no where near what Apple attains with each successive iPhone launch, the Pre is none the less a great phone with a few glaring drawbacks. Probably the most glaring is the lack of native 3rd party apps. One would think that after the massive amounts of criticism and backlash from the 1st Gen iPhone’s lack of native apps that every handset maker from here on out would incorporate one at launch. Apparently Palm thinks different as Pre users will have to wait until later this year, (that is if you haven’t rooted into your phone and taken matters into your own hands). However, the open source community cares for the individual geeks more than the manufacturers do. Specifically, xorg, simplyflipflops, and Shaya Potter can be credited for making available on the Palm Pre the ability to run native 3rd party programs without having to root into your phone. Plain english: You can install 3rd party apps on your stock Pre! Woo Hoo! Right? Wrong!

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