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60GB Xbox 360 beginning death march…

While some may be saddened of the soon to be nixed 60GB Xbox 360, mourners should really be holding their heads high and looking forward to what the near future brings — a cheaper Xbox 360 Elite. While the Arcade version ensures cheap availability of Microsoft’s gaming console to many, the only model that is really relevant and on most peoples’ wishing lists is the Elite with its more spacious hard drive (still small by 2009 standards) and for some, the more sleek black coloring. So far, several retailers have been coming foward warning of the Xbox 360 Premiums upcomping demise and as mentioned previously, a cheaper Elite that will put even greater pressure on Sony to do something…anything with the PS3′s stagnant price. The potential bad news in this instance is the rumor that the low end Arcade version could actually see a price hike. Hey, they have to make up something for the lowering of the Elite right? How is this going to affect you if it all plays out as suspected?

Source: Electric Pig, Eurogamer

Sony wants to be in last place…price drop comes to *drum roll* PS2


I can understand bottom line sales tactics and keeping your company afloat, but if you can’t drop the price on product that is already a couple of years old, you need to get rid of some of or all of your management because someone isn’t doing their job.  The latest disappointment comes to you by way of Sony and their still expensive with no price drop in sight PS3.  Instead, Sony is choosing to drop the price on their able yet drossly outdated PS2 down to a pocket change price of $99.  The PS2 was a gaming beast in its day.  That day has come and gone…many days ago.  Today Microsoft’s Xbos 360 and Nintendo’s Wii are wiping the floor with Sony and their PS3.  Sony jas repeatedly claimed a more “quality over quantity” type of stance in regards to their lower sales numbers compared to the other two game console manufacturers.  Sadly the next gen gamers who were waiting for a little love from Sony before plunkering down more of their cash will have to wait a while longer.  How long?  Who knows.  Why don’t you fire up the ‘ol Atari and reminisce about the simpler times in life…when a rectangle and a square could keep you busy for hours.

Source: Alley Insider