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Sony Ships 4.1 Million Moves - Not Actual Sales

This morning Sony had some numbers waiting for everyone after the release of Microsoft Kinect sales numbers. According to a Sony press release, they had sold 4.1 million Move Controllers.

Well, it looks like Sony is backtracking a tad bit; now claiming to only have shipped 4.1 Moves to retailers world wide. As many in the retail world will know, shipping and selling are two completely different numbers. Do you think Sony intentionally mislead with their numbers, or was it an honest mistake? Either way Sony claims to be getting more and more requests for Move’s.

Gran Turismo 5 lobbies ball back into Forza’s court. What’s your call?

If you’re a SIM racing nut, there’s really only two legitimate options that every get mentioned: Gran Turismo and Forza. Both have their own unique feel and approach to the racing SIM ideology and are literally separated by an unsurpassed divide (Forza being Xbox only and Gran Turismo PS3 only).

Back when Gran Turismo 3 (and even 4) were brand new, all of the spit polish and eye candy couldn’t help me get past the fact that smashing into a barrier at 200+mph did absolutely nothing to the car. That’s a problem. Hence the reason Forza began to win me over. And then, talk of Gran Turismo 5 and it’s long sought after damage modeling pulled me back into a conundrum of not knowing exactly who’s “best”.

So where do we stand?
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Sony running thin on PS3′s due to super fantastic holiday and upcoming game lineup?

Hearing the words “PS3″ and “shortage” together a few months ago would draw out a few chuckles from those in the room. While Sony would like us to think otherwise, since launch the PS3 hasn’t exactly been leading the market in console sales. Up until recently, that honor went to the Nintendo Wii. I never caught on to the Wii mania, but obviously many have.

Fast forward one year and here we sit looking at Wii’s stacking up on store shelves and the once stagnant PS3 now selling like hot cakes. So hot in fact that Sony is claiming a PS3 shortage is among us in the coming months due to the bangup holiday season they saw. A pretty jam packed upcoming game lineup would also do wonder for sales/wreak havoc on supply. Could the tables really have flipped that drastically?

For now I’m staying squarely seated in the middle of the debate as I haven’t seen or heard of any PS3 shortages. But if holiday sales were as good as Sony claims and the new upcoming titles such as “Heavy Rain” and “God of War 3″ have any hand in it, we could very well see Sony’s baby decline in availability.

What do you think? Is there an honest shortage impending or is Sony merely blowing smoke to create a false sense of urgency in picking up a PS3 -> which in turn nets them more sales and money?


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Sony & Netflix drops the ball. PS3 Netflix discs needed until late next year… [Update]

Several weeks back it was announced that the Sony PS3 would be gaining Netflix support albeit with one HUGE crutch being that you would need to load a physical disc into the PS3 — Every. Single. Time. Not a very well thought out plan at all. Ok, so we figured we’d be looking at a couple weeks to a month or two of this half-assed attempt at a fix. Hope you weren’t planning on using your PS3′s disc drive for anything else while loading up Netflix for the next year as Netflix has come forward and shared the bad news with G4. The news: We won’t see a software based fix until late next year.

Aside from a few software issues, I can’t understand why it is going to take an entire year to bring normal Netflix support to the PS3. Yet again, Sony drops the ball. Only this time they had help. Anyone else a bit saddened that your Netflix disc Frisbee party is going to have to be pushed back?

As MattyB noted below, it was Netflix’s doing that got Sony in this hurry up and wait with a half-baked solution predicament. And as I replied below, I’m still pointing my finger at Netflix. I understand the money, cash, and fame that come with exclusive deals. But there are too many choices and platforms to make money on and users to reach to limit yourself to a single option.

Frisbee party still rescheduled….


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Total development costs for Gran Turismo 5 — $60 million

No, I didn’t misplace a zero. The simulation racing game that has spanned the ages of video gaming time packs a wallop in the latest installment, Gran Turismo 5. $60 million is a lot of money, especially considering it was spent on a single video game. Now I’m not to deep in development costs for other big gaming titles, but I’m surprised to say the least. I’ve been playing Gran Turismo since v2 and have loved every minute….and then Forza came along. In order to keep a Forza vs. GT flame war, I must stress that each game has it’s pro’s and cons. Gran Turismo 5 is graphical eye candy at it’s finest. No game on any platform has ever come away looking so realistic (relative to the time period of course) than GT. Boundaries and hardware are constantly pushed to the limit. Forza on the other hand has the one up with real physics/damage modeling that brings a completely different level of realness that GT has lacked. Though several months back, shots of GT running with damage modeling inside surfaced leading many GT enthusiasts to finally have something to compete with their Forza frenemies. In the end, both games are worth of a spot in your collection. I wonder just how much Forza 3 cost to develop. Anyone care to wager a guess?

What would you do with $60 million?


Early Wii 2 rumors leak. Blu-ray, simultaneous world-wide launch in 2010?

Great jumping Jehoshaphat. HD Wii! Hear that? Oh you missed it? That’s because it was the sound of a single, tiny grain of salt hitting the floor. Which signals how you should treat this rumor. According to a “very reliable source” of Logic-Sunrise (Google translated), the 2nd gen Wii, for now cleverly named “Wii 2″ will debut in 2010.

The main rumored feature that stands out is the Blu-ray support and hardware support for both 720p and 1080p. Sweet. Finally some HD. I know the Wii is still more popular than the Xbox 360 or PS3, but I’m just not into video games made in 2009 that still feature characters with blockheads ala late 90′s games. The whole jumping around and waving my arms like a mad man doesn’t strike my fancy either. I want eye candy and graphical power.

We know Nintendo has to embrace modern graphics and technology at some point unless they plan on jumping out of this whole gaming business all together. But somehow I just don’t think that’s on their future projection charts littering HQ do you?


Geek Squad offering bargain $130 PS3 home setup — *Tip* Don’t Do It

In the age of technology quickly creeping into every aspect of our lives, we sit at a unique dividing line where the older generation is coming to a point where they have to quickly learn technology (as opposed to people born within the last 15-20 years which have more or less “grown up” with modern technology). Because of this learning and generation gap, there are groups of people who “get it” and those who don’t. Technology help groups such as Geek Squad are there for the those who don’t quite get technology and have no interest in learning. A sad thing to say the least. Looking to make a quick buck, these individuals are often taken advantage of as the Technology Specialist starts rattling off terms and phrases that might as well be in Latin to the unsuspecting person needing said service. However there has to come a point where we just have to say “STOP”. Stop with the customer raping. Stop with the taking advantage of unsuspecting people.

The latest case in point: Geek Squad’s new $130 PS3 home setup service. For the bargain price of $130, Geek Squad will come out to your house and spend 5 minutes doing what would take even the more technologically retarded 15-20, except for considerable more $$$. Let it be known there isn’t any fancy services that come with the high price tag. Instead such mundane tasks as hooking the PS3 up to your TV, setting up parental controls, installing firmware, and online account setup are the brain busters that warrant the theft of your money. Chances are if you’ve graduated to either gaming or movie watching on the PS3, you at least have some idea of what you’re doing in the digital age or know someone who does. To spend $130 for such simple and uninvolved services is a travesty of epic proportions. Please save the old guy next to you at Best Buy trying to be lured in to this seemingly “good deal” and tell him to go elsewhere. It’s the least you could do.

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Become a statistic: Play video games. Eat food. Get fat.

Playing video games, especially extended gaming sessions, can cause a weird yet often experienced phenomenon. The phenomenon in question is the growing hunger that builds inside your gut with each punch, lap, shot, etc. Some have to pause their game, waste precious valuable seconds/minutes walking into the kitchen. Some are lucky to have a mini fridge in close proximity. But the coolest of the cool have a PS3 and are enjoying the new built in Papa Johns on screen ordering. Surprise! PS3 users will find a nifty little Papa Johns icon right next to the YouTube icon on the PS3 home page giving you quick and easy access to a gateway for weight gain. Super! Upon clicking the link, a special PS3 optimized version of the site springs to life making it easy to design the pizza of your dreams. Who’s ready to eat?

Source: Gear Log

Gran Turismo 5 getting damage modeling!

Since the first Gran Turismo graced my TV set and infiltrated my eyes, I have been begging for damage modeling. Any true racing sim can’t go on without it yet somehow Gran Turismo managed to go years through 4 different games without it. I must admit, while I am a Playstation guy, Once Forza came out for Xbox it was a done deal as the added complexity, eye candy, and game involvement of damage modeling instantly catapulted Forza to the top of my list for racing sims. However, the Gran Turismo team appears to finally be getting all of the ducks in a row as the screenshot above shows some pretty good damage modeling on a car being flung around some track in GT5. According to Cnet, out of the 1,000 vehicles, 170 will be “premium” models that will have fully rendered interiors that will feel the full affects of the games new damage modeling engine. The other 830 lesser models will only have visible external damage. A fair trade off I suppose for years of neglect.

Perhaps one of the juiciest rumors is that due to the new physics engine, vehicle rollovers will now be possible making GT5 a lot more realistic and on par with the physics engine that powers Forza 3. I love carnage…what can I say? And finally, for the few of you who make frequent use of the PS Eye add-on, there are rumblings that the game will be able to track your head with said device making turning left and right to check your side view mirrors all the more realistic. The racing sim wars have just been re-ignited!

Source: Cnet

Sony provided backwards compatability coming back into focus?

Chances are that most individuals with a PS3 have at least one PS2 game floating around their house. If they don’t own one, they’ve at least played one on the next gen console before. While the Xbox 360 has more or less buried its predecesor, negating it to but a mere thought that crosses our minds every now and then, the PS3 has yet to decimate the PS2. Heck, the PS2 is having some of the best sales numbers of its life. Still, the push to next gen hardware won’t go away. Sony knows this. The original PS3′s had hardware based backwards compatability from the start. Over time that support was dropped to reduce building costs. Still, after several years on the market, the PS3 is now overpriced and going nowhere.

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Silver Dual Shock 3 controller finally headed to America


If you are a Playstation user who is sick and tired of hour after hour having to stare down at that old, ugly, and unoriginal black Dual Shock 3 controller, you may want to take a seat and put on your helmet.  A listing on GameStop’s website shows a silver Dual Shock 3 controller now available ending the streak of black only for Sony’s dual shock controllers (for PS3 anyway).  Finally us North American users can enjoy the lighter side of gaming just as our Japanese friends have been doing for quite some time now.  If you’re looking to get your silver colored Dual Shock 3 gaming on, come June 24th, hit up GameStop and turn over $54.99 of your cold hard cash for the privillage.


Source: Slippery Brick, Joy Stiq