Liberation: Musical Copyrights nearing the end. Music labels in for drastic reality check come 2013.

Copyrights and other law topics aren’t really covered here a whole lot. It’s for good reason though. This is a tech blog aimed more at gadgets. But being the nerd that I am, I follow many more areas than just gadgets. Music copyrights and the whole music label tango that so many deal with on a daily basis interest me. We see daily how the digital world in which we love constantly gets lambasted by labels and content owners as the cause for declining music sales, the reason for sinking profits, and overall the start of the end of the world. Those facts have been disproven many times over but that doesn’t stop them from repeating the same sentences over and over. They claim that because of the digital age, copyrights need to be protected to a higher degree and more of them filed.

Thankfully for us the end user as well as artists, the end (or at least significant decline) of label control of the music scene is one that desperately needs to come. It seems like an implausible, almost laughable dream — that labels will lose their copyright with the artists getting back what is rightfully theirs. But it isn’t that far of a stretch. Thanks to a law passed in 1976 called the “U.S. Copyright Act of 1976″, artists will very soon be able to reclaim their property giving them the ability to succeed where the labels have failed time and time again — to properly manage, distribute, and market musical content in the digital age…

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AT&T: “We hate freedom and choice”. Sends letters to employees encouraging them to bash Net Neutrality regulations.

Is there any more needed? Jim Cicconi, one of AT&T’s top lobbyists and cronies of choice spent his fine Sunday afternoon carpet bombing AT&T’s 300,000+ employees with propaganda encouraging them all, their families, friends, and random homeless guy on the street to petition congress to not pass any net neutrality regulations. The key points highlighted in the email include (Per Washington Post):

1.Wireless consumers enjoy a many options for mobile services;
2. Competition in the wireless industry is strong;
3. AT&T and other carriers need flexibility to manage their networks;
4. Net neutrality rules could hamper a goal of the White House to bring broadband to every U.S. household;
5. If the FCC passes the new regulations, the rules should apply to more than just network operators and should also include Web content companies like search engines.

BS. I know. If congress listens to lobbyists and big corporations, consider us consumers screwed yet again. So I invite you to petition against AT&T and any and all who do not support net neutrality. Grab the pitchforks, fire, and mules. We’re going to war folks.

Washington Post

Phil Schiller Tim Cook off his rocker. Calls 1st gen iPhone best phone on the market…still [Update]

If you’ve been reading any of the Apple Earnings reports circulating this fine EST evening, you have no doubt seen some verbiage repeated highlighting ‘ol Philly Timmy boys comments regarding iPhones and the current smartphone market. In particular, Phil Schiller goes on to say that everything on the current market is several steps behind the iPhone….the 1st gen, EDGE-only version.

Now I completely understand standing firm and representing your company, but blatantly tooting your own in such a way that makes you look like Steve Ballmer is pretty dumb if you ask me. And we all know how mentally “out there” the ‘Balms can be. A more accurate representation would have been “our current iPhone 3GS is perhaps a half step ahead of most everything else”. The Moto DROID meanwhile is by far the closest contender as of yet to come anywhere close to challenging any version of iPhone. Agree? (Can you tell I’m just a tad bit excited for DROID?) If Apple really wants to play this game of “we’re better than everyone…all of our hardware is superior” maybe they should stop…oh…you know artificially limiting their products’ abilities to even perform ancient tasks — iPhone 2G with no “official” MMS support, we’re looking at you. Of course, if you really want that, Google is your friend…

**Update: Well that’s embarrassing. Seems this post I made last night in a medicated, dreary eyed stooper failed to differentiate between “Phil Schiller” and “Tim Cook”. WTF? I don’t know either. Be kind. I’m sick.

Social Networking a tool of the devil?

Fear mongering is often a personal hobby of many uneducated individuals who lack knowledge of a particular subject yet feel they have a genuine understanding of the issues at hand. Take for example the Archbishop Vincent Nichols who doesn’t really take too kindly to this whole social networking craze that seems to have taken the world by storm the last several years. Basically he goes on describing how social networking sites (Facebook in particular) and the activities they promote are nothing but sin breeding gardens. Though it is worth noting that people who hold such high religious positions don’t often have very much understanding, if any, of anything technologically based. In fact, the Archbishop’s response can be akin to the same responses that rock ‘n roll music, fast cars, and pretty much anything else fun has garnered over the years. At times like this, when someone feels the need to declare something unlawful/sinful/unfit for human partaking when they have absolutely no idea on the subject, it’s best to simply turn your cheek the other way and ignore it/them. Are you a sinner? Do you really believe the simple act of joining the social networking crowd is evil?

Source: Tech Dirt, BBC, Image Source

“Tethering coming soon” says AT&T

Chances are, by now if your even remotely tech smart and wanted to tether your iPhone to your laptop you probably have already explored the world of jailbreaking. Setting up tethering on a jailbroken iPhone is hardly a chore. With AT&T’s delay because of fears their crappy 3g network will cave under all of the extra traffic (we all know it’s true) one would ask, will anyone even pay for the most certainly overpriced tethering option from AT&T once ts actually released? I’m sure a few tech retarded people and a few people mortified of voiding their oh so useful warranty from Apple will gladly welcome AT&T’s new addition. Honestly it should be included in the overpriced $30 data plan. Paying extra for tethering is paying twice for one thing. It’s dumb…really.

Source: Boygenius

AT&T “4g shmore g”

Getting tires of those crawling 3g speeds and looking for more? Does the thought of 4g turn you into a stuttering fool? Well, if you’re on AT&T you’ll have to stutter a little longer. AT&T is perfectly happy with their current progress of their 3g rollout and even says they plan to get at least 2-3 more gets out of it. With Sprint launching their XOHM network 4g is startig to come into the limelight. Currently it can actually he slower than 3g but in time, tthat will change.
Personally I think every carrier Gould blanket the US with 3g or at least most of it before trying to go to 4g. Trying to do two technologies at once will ultimately hinder both. Besides, so far 3g has been fast enough for me. What do you think? Can you wait 2-3 years or more 4g?

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