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#CES2011 — The Mobile iPhone 4 Headphone Amp and Battery Charger by Go-DAP

If you’re into the high-end portable audio scene, you’ve probably heard of Go-DAP before. They already have one successful battery + amp design on the market for the iPhone 3G/S. This week at CES, the company took the wraps off of their next generation of portable headphone amp and battery for the iPhone 4…
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Nintendo 3DS Stolen, Snapped, and Leaked.

Fancy a look at the upcoming Nintendo 3DS? Supposedly, the image above is one of many captured in a mini-photo shoot by a rouge Nintendo employee. Though the translation of the original article says things a bit different, and instead claims that it is merely a “player” that lifted the unit in question. Either way, Nintendo won’t be nearly as happy as we are. Hop on past the break for a few more shots and hands-on video…

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RIM Compares the PlayBook to the iPad. [Video] #playbook

While there are a lot of tablets cropping up on the market, there are few that I would say are complete enough or even perform as well as the iPad. Though, there are a few notable exceptions. The Samsung Galaxy Tab while not my preference, is a pretty strong contender thanks to it’s more portable size and powerful internal hardware. The AigoPad N700 is another. It features Tegra 2 — need I say more? And then we have RIM’s PlayBook. Featuring the new QNX-based OS, the PlayBook will be the first publicly available, RIM-branded product to make use of the OS.

With the relase creeping closer, it only makes sense for RIM to drum up interest and hype. And what better way to spit in your competitors face than highlight one of it’s biggest weaknesses — the lack of Flash support.

Hop inside and check out RIM’s PlayBook vs. iPad video, and let us know what you think.
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Nintendo 3DS features dual ARM 11 processors, separate 133MHz GPU.

Just in case you thought the new Nintendo 3DS wouldn’t have the gusto to power all of that new fangled 3D wizardry, a source “close to the matter” leaked to IGN UK the claimed spec list. It’s quite a trip: dual 266MHz ARM11 CPUs, a 133MHz GPU with 4MB of dedicated VRAM, 64MB of RAM, and 1.5GB of flash storage. I know what you’re thinking. 266MHz, even in a dual configuration, isn’t much to be impressed or excited about. To some extent you’re right. But you have to look at the company behind it. Nintendo hasn’t been on the bleeding edge of graphics or realism since the N64.

With that said, 3D is the new fad that everyone is obsessed with. And as far as mobile goes, Nintendo is way out in front. Gamers definitely have something to look forward to with the upcoming 3DS. While the eye candy won’t be as crisp as other options, it will be in multiple dimensions. For some, that’s the only thing that matters. Check back in the near future as the rumored November launch date approaches. We should be hearing more concrete evidence proving or disproving the claimed info above before long.

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Game developer lets slide his secret possession of PSP2. Sony: Deny, deny, deny.

If you’re in the market for a portable gaming device from Sony, go ahead and get one. Wait, what? With news of a PSP2 in the post title, shouldn’t I be advising you to wait? Usually that would be the case. However, it’ll probably be quite a while before we see any PSP2. Hell, Sony hasn’t even announced one yet. With that said though, they don’t have to because the company behind Mortal Kombat did.

At PAX2010, Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick went ahead and let out a few opinions on the in-house PSP2 device they have for testing/development purposes, claiming that it was a “powerful machine” and citing a 60fps figure. Being that the PSP internal hardware didn’t really change from PSP to PSP Go and that same hardware is many years old, I would hope some newfound speed is finding it’s way into Sony’s mobile lineup.

Even though we don’t have any specs, pictures, or official recognition from Sony, we can rest assured that the devs working on the games that makes said hardware tick will keep us in the loop — albeit a small, rarely talked about loop. Still, I’ll take a small something over a vast nothing any day. Looks like we still have something to look forward to folks…

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RIM registers “”. Please God don’t let that be the official name…

Rumors of an iPad competitor by Canadian-based Research In Motion just got a lot more serious tonight with the discovery of “”. Registered by RIM on July 8th, 2010, the new domain name signals that a tablet from the longtime BlackBerry maker is in fact approaching. For now however, the hardware itself is still wrapped in a shroud of mystery. But it doesn’t take much to assume a large touchscreen, snappy processor, and some tweaked version of the BB OS will ship.

One thing that I hope does change is the name — if it is taking after the registered domain name that is. “Black Pad” sounds kind of…um…stupid. I’d hope RIM has something a bit more unique and original. But such deep thought is best left to another day. Instead, take it a bit easier, relax, kick back, and speculate the night away…

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The portable 360 for the masses: The Gaems “360 in a suitcase”

Some people have a natural gift in terms of one-off creation and modding. Some people do not. I would fall more into the “do not” category as ripping apart gadgets while helluva fun often ends in paperweight status when all is said and done. One area in particular that interests me is taking gaming consoles and turning them into portable devices. No, I can’t whip up some gorgeous looking and svelte Xbox 360 laptop, but I can certainly buy a suitcase-like contraption from Gaems and be just as enthused.

The Gaems Portable Console Gaming and Entertainment system features a 15-inch 720p LCD, several speakers, polyurethane foam padding, and even a lock. As you can see, it’s pretty small all things considered while offering a new unbound freedom to your gaming needs. The only issue still standing is a nasty pinching issue that puts the clamper on the power cord when closed. Fret not however, the clamp and other remaining minor issues will be cleared by launch.

Speaking of which, look for the Gaems Portable Console Gaming and Entertainment system to drop later this year during the Q4 time frame for roughly $250. Will you be ordering one?

Hop inside for a few more pics…
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Audiophile sound soon coming in a more portable package — HiFiMan 602

Do your friends call you “Golden Ears”, signaling you have some sort of extra-human hearing? While I wouldn’t label myself a full blown audiophile, I’d definitely rate me above average in the sound department. At CES I had the opportunity to play around with and listen to the HiFi Man 801, an MP3 player for audiophiles through and through. It features some of the highest grade components across the board with options to swap out op-amps as the user sees fit. The price however, wasn’t so easy to stomach nor was it easy to fit in your pants pocket. That’s where the new HiFi Man 602 fits in the picture…
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GoldenEye remake to finally see light of day on Wii and DS this Novemeber?

I know I’ve commented on claimed GoldenEye remakes several times over the last few years. But now more than ever, there really is a good chance we could see it GoldenEye reborn.

If you don’t remember, the original publisher of GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64 was Rare. However, they have stated time and time again that they have not, and do hot have any future interests in remaking GoldenEye — but Activision does. Thankfully, they have the almost never ending pockets needed to pay the sky high licensing in which to make it all possible.

You may recall Microsoft has also been trying over the last several year or two to get GoldenEye Classic up on Xbox Live for download. Though plenty of greed, red tape, and rights issues have stood in the way. But fresh reports from EuroGamer are painting a very convincing picture that we could see that hallowed game reappear this November on the Nintendo DS and Wii…
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