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Repeat: Sony Attacked Again. (But This Time Credit Card Info Is Safe.)

  • October 12, 2011 6:26 am

Sony, Sony, Sony. New reports are circulating around the web this morning that many a PSN user will surely not want to hear: Sony has been hacked attacked. Again. But before you get all bent out of shape and launch your PS3 through a window we must stress that it’s far less severe than back in April. Much less in fact.

According Sony’s Chief Information Security Officer, Philip Reitinger, the Sony Entertainment Network, PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment Network are affected. Moreover, a total of roughly 93,000 (at least 35,000 in the U.S. and 20,000 in Europe) PSN accounts have been “halted”, with owners of said accounts being sent emails to verify account information and reset passwords. At this time Sony has stressed that absolutely no credit card/personal information has been compromised. The list of accounts/passwords allegedly comes from several 3rd party sites and sources (credit: HackerNews).

For now, this appears to be nothing more than a small, unsuccessful (for the hackers) hiccup that hopefully doesn’t turn into another Spring-to-Summer PSN downtime. If you recall, Japanese PS3/PSN users felt the worst of the hacking effects with governments stepping in and preventing any PSN re-launch until security measures were up to their standards — a move that didn’t come until late July.

PS Vita Release Date Being Announced In September At Tokyo Game Show.

  • August 5, 2011 11:44 am

If you happen to love yourself a fine Sony product you might just want to tune into the Tokyo Game Show this September. It is at that point that Sony will announce the official (Japan) launch date of the PS Vita, the PSP’s successor. The announcement (not translated) comes by way of SCEJ President, Hiroshi Kawano.

For U.S./European users, the news is bittersweet. It’s already been confirmed via Sony that the PS Vita won’t be launching anywhere outside of Japan in 2011, so September’s announcement won’t benefit us in the least. But if you’re the type who wows their friends with Japanese-only gadgets, September might turn out quite well for you after all.

Sony Admits PlayStation 4 Currently Under Development.

  • May 26, 2011 2:15 pm

Back in 2006 Sony released the PlayStation 3 to much fanfare thanks in small part to the inclusion of Blu-ray technology. While physical formats aren’t quite the moving force they were even a few short years ago, hardware still sells. On that same note, the PS3′s hardware while still capable is growing a bit long in the tooth, leaving many to question when Sony will push out an updated PlayStation 4.

At today’s earnings call in which Sony detailed the company’s current financial health, Chief Financial Officer Masaru Kato admitted (indirectly) that the company is hard at work on the next generation PlayStation 4, citing increases in R&D costs.

For the home equipment the PS3 still has a product life, but this is a platform business, so for the future platform – when we’ll be introducing what product I cannot discuss that – but our development work is already under way, so the costs are incurred there.

While details concerning specs, release, and pricing were obviously not discussed due to the extremely early nature of development, it at least signals to us that a new piece of PlayStation hardware is coming sooner rather than later. And coming from a usually quite secretive company such as Sony, we’ll take anything we can get.

What would you like to see on the PS4?

Sony Updates PSN Users. Still Can’t Say Credit Card Info Is Safe.

  • April 27, 2011 11:54 pm

The ongoing PSN hacking story got a fresh update tonight via Sony’s official blog. While Sony still can’t verify that credit card info was taken or the chances that users’ credit card info is “safe”, the card numbers themselves were encrypted and therefore unlikely to be useable. Even better is the fact that the 3/4-digit security codes on the back of said cards weren’t stored at all. Nevertheless, Sony reiterates to “remain vigilant” in tracking your finances for any malicious actions.

There’s plenty more in the full Q & A-style update. Full rundown after the jump…

Sony Relents: Personal Information Compromised.

  • April 26, 2011 4:39 pm

It appears that PlayStation owners have quite a bit more to worry concerning the PSN outage. Sony has come forward in their latest update and finally revealed the severity of the breach:

Certain PSN and Qriocity service user account information was compromised” during an illegal intrusion between April 17 and April 19. Among the personal data that was accessed: name, address, email, birthdate, PSN network login/password, PSN handle, PSN password security answers, and possibly credit card information.

Sony further adds that while they haven’t found any evidence of credit card information being stolen, “they can’t rule it out at this point”, but to “remain vigilant in reviewing credit card accounts and information”.

The admission by Sony is even worse than previous rumors that hackers had merely found a way to illegally download material from PSN without paying. Now they can make completely (looking) legal purchases with stolen identities and credit cards. Add in the fact that Sony waited a solid 10 days and gave the hackers a head start doesn’t exactly help customers.

Oh yeah — Sony hopes to have the PSN back up within a week. Larger snippet of Sony’s announcement after the break…

PSN Network May Be Down, But You Can Still Watch Netflix.

  • April 26, 2011 2:42 pm

The ongoing PlayStation Network outage is the worst event to happen to Sony’s online gaming community thus far. For not only are online games down for the count, but other networked apps such as Hulu too. There is one app that still works though — Netflix.

Many are reporting that the movie streaming service doesn’t work as it requires logging into the PSN, and as such throws up an error when attempted. However, if you log in as normal and back out of the error message that pops up, you’ll find a perfectly unscathed Netflix app ready and waiting to occupy your now gameless nights. Have fun!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in…

Angry Birds Coming to Wii, Xbox, and PSN. #angrybirds

  • November 12, 2010 2:28 pm

If you can’t get enough of the Angry Birds game, stuffed toys, or iPhone cases, Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka has something you’ll want to hear. Angry Birds is invading the PSN, Wii, and Xbox platforms. The announcement was made at the first annual Social Gaming Summit in London, England, and foretold of Angry Birds expanding to not only the platforms above, but into many new “forms”. Sounds pretty interesting. And I’ll admit, I’m an Angry Birds junkie. I’ll probably buy anything with the name on it. Yup, even Angry Birds toothpaste made out of…angry birds. (Can’t imagine they’d be too happy to be turned into toothpaste in the first place.)

With that said, Vesterbacka also stated that before we see a proper sequel, the consoles mentioned above would see their own 1st-gen releases. Furthermore, he revealed that there would be a “surprise twist” in upcoming iterations of the uber popular game as well. Unfortunately, that’s where he’s left us all hanging. Time to fill in the blanks yourself.

Sony to unveil “real” Xbox Live contender: “PSN+”?

  • May 26, 2010 10:18 am

Are you a social gamer or one who cares more for eye candy and being locked away in a dark, somewhat smelly bedroom for hours on end? If you’re the former, Xbox Live is pretty much your only choice. The integration with the console and the ease at which games can be played across continents to the simplicity of buying and downloading new games is second to none.

But if you’re the latter, Sony’s PSN is more your flavor. I mean, how can you beat free? Sony realizing their PSN isn’t quite in the same league as Microsoft’s Xbox Live looks to be trying at it again, with rumors that a highly needed change is coming to the Playstation Network…

Capcom “evaluating impact”/polluting Final Fight: Double Impact with “always-on” DRM. Apparently, no lessons being learned from Ubisoft backlash…

  • April 23, 2010 8:51 am

Another day, another game ruined by DRM. Or is it? A new development on the PS3 front is disappointing to put it mildly. Gamers across the blue marble we live on are noticing that trying to launch Final Fight: Double Impact when logged out of the PSN or in a location with network access are being prompted each and every time to log in. This would signal that Sony is testing a similar approach that Ubisoft is rolling out — always-on network connections to play games. But is it Sony?