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  • “Sn0wBreeze” clamors for your 3.1.3 jailbreaking attention.
    by Mike
    Posted February 8th, 2010 at 11:14 pm
    Before we go any further, I must stress that I have never used Sn0wBreeze in any form and cannot attest to it's effectiveness in jailbreaking your iDevice. With that said, continue on diligent reader. The seasoned veteran on the iPhone/iPod Touch jailbreaking scene is the hometown favorite -- the Dev-Team. Many people are impatient however, and can't stand the whole wipe, build custom ROM, restore procedure. For them, a simple patch that gets the show on the road all without having to rest...
  • Dev-Team releases Pwnage Tool 3.1.5 for Mac to the world.
    by Mike
    Posted February 8th, 2010 at 8:07 am
    And the Cat&Mouse; chase continues. This time it is the Dev-Team volleying their latest Pwnage Tool 3.1.5 Mac edition jailbreaking tool which is meant to unshackle your iDeviecs from the latest 3.1.3 OS release. Some may be dancing in the streets, downloading the update as we speak, but there are some hurdles and things you need to know first. iPod Touch: The 1st and 2nd Gen iPod Touches are the only Touches compatible with PwnageTool 3.1.5. A special note to 2nd Gen iPod Touch owners: m...
  • ultrasn0w released. All pre-iPhone 3GS devices free to the world!
    by Mike
    Posted June 23rd, 2009 at 5:26 am
    Don't even try to hide the fact that you, like most everyone else love the freedom. (Duh). In regards to the oh so popular iPhone/3G, the Dev-Team has finally released the ultrasn0w software package that will free your iPhone from it's carrier shackles. All you have to do is jailbreak your phone using redsn0w or Pwnage Tool 3.0, go to Cydia or Icy and add the repo: , and finally search for ultrasn0w. Install said package, reboot your phone and get ready to enjoy the f...
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