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RIM: “PlayBook Retail Pricing Not Changing. Gift Cards OK.”

  • September 27, 2011 11:48 pm

We’re beginning to think RIM really can’t see the massive amount of denial they’re in. How else would you describe their response to recent reports of PlayBook price slashing, gift cards, and promotional pricing galore? Last time we checked, the PlayBook hadn’t “established” anything except an image of mediocrity, an absence of updates, and complete lack of apps. Hopefully RIM doesn’t drop the ball with QNX phones like they have with the QNX powered PlayBook.


“The official retail price of BlackBerry PlayBook has not changed. However, as mentioned on the Q2 earnings call on Sept. 15th, we have a number promotional plans in place for the fall with our retail partners that are intended to drive sell-through and increased adoption of the BlackBerry PlayBook. We are already starting to see some of these promotions being implemented in the form of instant rebates and gift cards within the consumer channel, and expect these promotions to continue into the holiday season. The BlackBerry PlayBook has established itself as a high-performance tablet, and we are confident that these activities, along with the upcoming software upgrade, BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, will help to generate an increase in demand and sell through of the BlackBerry PlayBook over the upcoming months.”

In short: RIM is spinning any price drops as strictly retailer-controlled and hinting that the PlayBook 2.0 update, whenever it comes, will wow people into picking up new PlayBooks.

We’re not so sure RIM really understands what’s going on here anymore…

RIM Offering $100 Pre-Paid Gift Card To PlayBook Buyers.

  • September 7, 2011 5:42 pm

Apparently it pays to be a RIM/BlackBerry fan. After several previous discounted programs by various companies for RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook comes another new offer directly from RIM — a $100 gift card to new PlayBook buyers who are also current BlackBerry smartphone owners. The promotion runs through September 22nd and is limited to one PlayBook per person or three PlayBooks per household (pretty generous if you ask us). If you’re not a resident of the U.S. or Canada you’re out of luck. Sorry, folks.

While it isn’t free, it is a decent discount nonetheless. Worth pursuing?

RIM Sponsoring 50 Android Developer Meetups.

  • September 7, 2011 2:01 pm

RIM’s QNX-powered PlayBook tablet lacks a lot of native/dedicated apps for a number of popular services. On top of that, RIM’s promise to bring a native Android app player have gone unanswered thus far. Things are progessing, albeit slowly. Hopefully the ~50 new Android Player developer events being set up on result in some actual visual, tangible progress. As of writing there are 10,256 attendees across 36 already scheduled meetups.

Android Player for BlackBerry PlayBook is supporting 50 Meetups across the country to get the word out about converting your Android App to run on the BlackBerry Tablet OS and host it in BlackBerry World. They’re thrilled to have your Meetup participating in this program! In addition to having a local Blackberry rep come visit your Meetup, they’re making a financial investment in your Meetup Group over the next 3 months to help your Organizer make it even better!

We’re not going to lie. We’re not too fond of RIM’s Android Player idea. Granted, the idea of being able to tap into the vast supply of Android apps is intriguing. Though that doesn’t take into account the fact that Android itself lacks a healthy suite of tablet-specific apps (though that is also changing by the day, and more quickly at that). We’d rather see RIM get devs on board with QNX so that we don’t have to deal with these emulated Android environments. But hey, at this point we’d just like to see RIM handedly succeed at anything.

Are you an Android/QNX developer who will be attending one of the 50 Android Player meetups? Let us know your experience!

BlackBerry PlayBook BBM App Appears On RIM’s Website.

  • September 6, 2011 9:17 pm

One of the PlayBook’s glaring holes is the lack of dedicated BlackBerry Messenger support, instead relying on the company’s BlackBerry Bridge software to get mobile messaging done. A dedicated BBM app has been promised for many months now, although nothing has come to fruition just yet. But a slip up on could be sign of things to (soon) come.

The screenshot above shows an ad that was live on earlier today that has since been removed. The scandalous content pertains to the BBM app displayed on the PlayBook’s screen whose “dedicated” status is made more official thanks to the “uninstall” button located on the same screen. If this were a screenshot of BBM via BlackBerry Bridge there wouldn’t be an “install/uninstall” button.

This could be RIM slipping up and giving us a sneak peak of what’s coming (we already know it is). Also likely is that someone in the marketing department tried their hand at Photoshop. As we’ve seen many times across the tech world, Photoshop failures are frequent.

Stay tuned…

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Images Leak Out!

  • August 26, 2011 6:35 am

RIM’s floudering PlayBook tablet is constantly updated with minor maintenance updates, but they need something bigger. Introducing: PlayBook OS/QNX 2.0. The images after the break give a quick glimpse into what RIM’s next major update for the PlayBook’s QNX-powered OS will look like (spoiler: pretty much identical).

QNX BlackBerry Phones Could Gain Android App Functionality.

  • August 24, 2011 12:45 pm

Call us too assuming but we gathered from RIM’s massive marketing of Android app support on the QNX-powered PlayBook tablet that the same functionality would automatically get pushed down to QNX phones once they eventually ship. But according to a new report by Bloomberg, they are just now “confirming” that RIM has plans to do just that. While we are certainly happy to see some more concrete evidence of what QNX BlackBerry “superphones” will pack, we believe it is Gizmodo’s Adrian Covert that summs up the news best:

“If BlackBerry apps were amazing and abundant, would they even bother running Android apps on their platform?”

He has a point.

Current rumors peg QNX BlackBerries launching sometime in early 2012, though we have heard repeated mentions of RIM pushing for a late-2011/holiday launch.

Rumor: QNX Powered BlackBerry Colt Launching In Late 2011.

  • August 16, 2011 11:42 am

Tin foil hats and salt shaker time. According to, citing “various sources from the telecom sector”, RIM could launch the highly anticipated QNX-powered BlackBerry Colt earlier than expected — possibly even late 2011.

Thus far, “sometime in 2012″ has been the most specific date we’ve gotten. And it’s not a very reassuring one. RIM desperately needs to move on past the BlackBerry OS. QNX is the solution (at least we hope). In terms of the BlackBerry Colt, current rumors peg the device to feature a 4.3″ capacitive touchscreen display, 1.2 GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 processor, and a handful of new battery saving software technologies.

We’re skeptical of the above claim given RIM’s numerous mentions of no chance (in hell) of such a phone hitting this year. Still, our fingers remain crossed.

BlackBerry “Colt” To Be World’s First QNX Smartphone.

  • August 8, 2011 11:17 am

RIM’s latest BlackBerry OS 7 stop-gap hardware is pretty nice and all, but it’s more of the same ‘ol stuff we’ve seen. In short: it’s a fleeting attempt to keep customers from fleeing to other platforms before the real magic happens — QNX-powered phones. Introducing: The BlackBerry Colt.

The hardware specifics aren’t nailed down yet, but sources of BGR say single-core is most likely the only option at launch. Though they don’t write off dual-core options either. (In a time of dual-cores being standard and quad-cores on the horizon….)

In other news: The BGR source(s) claim the lack of any dedicated email for the PlayBook was because of the complete re-write of BES code needed for QNX, and that it’s been “quite difficult” thus far. For the QNX phones, RIM is supposedly working on an all new, exclusive BES server software just for the new platform outside of the current BlackBerry OS sphere. Because of this, companies wanting to use Microsoft’s Exchange server technology will have to make use of Microsoft Active Sync.

Current release goals are eyeing Q1 2012. The name “Colt” and rumors of single-core hardware could very well change before then, so don’t go forming too solid of an opinion just yet. We’re frankly quite happy to hear something in the form of good news coming out of camp BlackBerry after strings of bad.

BlackBerry PlayBook Android App Compatibility Still On Schedule?

  • August 4, 2011 11:42 am

Previous rumors claiming RIM’s release of the highly discussed Android app player for the BlackBerry PlayBook may not be true, according to Kevin Michaluk of According to Michaluk, he hasn’t seen or heard anything supporting a delayed Android app player even after his recent trip to BlackBerry HQ in Waterloo.

RIM hasn’t said anything either way meaning we’ll have to sit back and choose sides for now.

So maybe, just maybe the Android app player for the BlackBerry PlayBook will hit the streets running during the original late summer time frame after all.