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Ecomat blocks the savior of geeks and desperate homeowners alike.

  • April 19, 2010 5:43 am

Think of one of your biggest wishes when you were a kid. For some, it was a constant rain of chocolate. Others wanted an unlimited supply of toys. Yet some were more logical in their wants and wishes, and instead sought out something a tad more useful, say, massive, larger than life LEGO blocks. If that just so happens to quantify your early years, a new building block by Ecomat is just for you.

Where computer parts go after they’ve run the course: The Keyboard Notebook

  • April 8, 2010 6:57 am

Being that gadget people constantly are swapping out their old gadget for something newer, faster, and overall better, many don’t take so much as even a second to think about what happens to that old gadget once we give it up. Depending on the age of said gadget and user, sometimes those things end up nothing more than trash. Naturally, all the chemicals and compounds in electronics aren’t exactly earth happy things.

Gadget recycling isn’t a new concept really. But it just isn’t as popular as say paper recycling. Part of it could be just because of the sheer length of lead time paper recycling has on it’s electronic cousin. But I think one other reason is that consumers don’t really see any end results or rewards for recycling gadgets. Nevermore.

The Keyboard Notebook aims to truly “recycle” a gadget so that it isn’t just turned into a pile of plastic but instead something actually usable in the real world, albeit a slightly different job than in it’s previous life.

I don’t know how a rather bulky outer layer of keys would work as a notebook cover day after day, but at $16.99 a pop, I’m willing to gamble a bit. Feelin’ lucky?

[Product Page: ShareSale]


The green cubicle starts here? CubeTubes.

  • February 19, 2010 10:50 am

It isn’t too often we see a corporate minded gadget get us all hot and bothered. I mean, the differences between the corporate world of gadgets and the consumer world of gadgets are like comparing the a horse and buggy to flying cars. But every once in a while, a gem makes it’s way past our visual receptacles and excites us. In this case, it’s the CubeTube.

Everyone knows what a solar panel is and what it’s main function in life is — to recycle solar particles into usable energy for whatever plugs into it. An office uses a ton of energy but has generous amounts of worker bees crammed into tiny cubes, away from the outside world (and sun) meaning any solar advancements have to typically be thrown outside or on the roof of the business costing eye bleeding amounts of money. And we all know how giving your typical business is with modern tech. That’s where CubeTube comes in.

Taking solar recycling and giving it back to the people, the CubeTubes sit atop your cubicle or desk and actually draw the ambient light from indoor lighting — not solar/sun light — to recycle into usable energy. Color me thoroughly impressed yet skeptical. I mean, even the best solar panels have a pretty paltry efficiency rate with real sunlight let alone a few fluorescent lights. Are the photovoltaic cells really that good at their job? I simply don’t think so. Michael Trei of Dvice thinks the same too. Also, if these photo cells are so efficient with light (and can run off of indoor lighting no less), I’m pretty sure we would have seen a much larger media presence and more implementations already, wouldn’t you say?

In the end, I’m highly intrigued though still a fence sitter at this point. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until “sometime next year” before getting our hands on some. What do you think: Do these seem plausible or do you see “late-night infomercial” written all of this?


Cold, hard, metal rammed up your arse: The Hard Drive Platter Wallet.

  • December 15, 2009 1:13 pm

There’s dedicated and then there’s dedicated. If the idea of a wallet constructed out of two hard drive platters sounds enticing, you very well may be one of the most hardcore gadget lovers of all time. Honestly you’d have to be pretty hard core to strut around all day with solid chunks of steel in your pocket ready to jab your rear end every time you sat down.

From the pictures, it definitely is something that would make quite the conversation piece when you whipped it out to pay for dinner after a night out on the town. Of course, the chunks of ass flesh and dried blood from your humbled rear end won’t do much to empress the company.

Perhaps it’s best to leave this one at home or in a larger pocket/bag no? Think of your ass, it already takes enough of your daily beatings. Are routine stabbings really something you want to add to it?

Dvice > Gizmodo >

Trick out your Geek tree with motherboard ornaments.

  • December 6, 2009 12:10 pm

Think Christmas is immune from the idiosyncrasies of the geek following? Ha! When is there ever something we can’t mod, hack, or find some way to plaster our digital nature on to? That Christmas tree that you now decorate year after year, almost like a robot, can now be a shinning example of your geeky ways. Put away all of those “other” ornaments (ok, Grandmas special gifted one to you that she gave you on your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on birthdays can stay — but everything else has to go) and instead make your tree into the ultimate geek tree with motherboard ornaments.

If any family member or significant other chastises your choice in non-traditional holiday decor, simply remind them that your motherboard ornaments are recycled meaning the harmful compounds that would leech into the earths fragile crust are instead leeching into your tree. See, saving the planet one ornament at time. How many people can say their ornaments do that? Merry Christmas you big pile of geeks…

**Bigger pictures resting right inside…

Recycled Keyboard USB Flash Drive

  • June 29, 2009 6:36 am


Often in life we come across certain gadets that are truly a representation of innovation and inginuity. In todays go go go world, instead of recycling or fixing something, people would rather just throw it out and buy something new. Unfortunately, dear mother earth can only carry so much baggage. In regards to tech waste, the less plastics and other electronic materials we can bury in the ground the better. Aiming to fight the good fight, the Recycled Keyboard Key Flash Drives are the result of one person using that noodle between their ears. The Keyboard Flash Drives come in several variations such as the Backspace Key, “+” key, and Shift key just to name a few. Each drive features your standard 2GB of storage space and default black/grey color scheme. If you’re looking for a geeky gadget gift for friends of family, give them something that won’t just make the planet a tad happier, but one that also won’t break the bank.


[Product Page - Robot Baby {Etsy}]

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Turn that office paper waste into waste remover by way of Toilet Paper Machine

  • June 1, 2009 1:13 pm


Have you ever been in the office, throwing away a piece of paper with but a single word or line of text on it and first thought of the helpless tree you helped senselessly kill? Or, what about the amount of toilet paper that could be created from all of this office waste? If you are the latter, Nakabayashi, a Japanese based company has developed an office machine that does just that. It turns your paper waste into actual waste remover - toilet paper! While it seems outlandish and something from a science fiction novel at first, upon gazing on pictures of the machien itself, the reality becomes apparent. So how effcient/usefull is the Toilet Paper Machine?

US Cellular loves you very much - offering free battery swap program

  • May 18, 2009 8:03 am

While battery technology is making daily progress, it still has a ways to go before we can completely untether ourselves from outlets, power cords, and restriction. Because of the way batteries work, they won’t always hold the same amount of charge. As batteries age coupled with the amount of usage and stress placed on them, the length of runtime and life of your battery can be adversely affected. When it does come time to replace said battery, you are often left shelling out money that you didn’t want to in the first place just to replace a small brick of various metals to power your slightly bigger brick of plastics and silicon. Fortunately US. Cellular feels your pain and is proud to offer a new service: the Battery Swap program.