While music labels’ profits continue to fall, Artists continue to climb…

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For all that crap and BS propaganda we hear concerning the declining music industry, I could literally have a kazillion dollars if I were paid a nickel everytime such stories were shoved upon the world. Those in charge of big labels decry again and again how the digital age is killing music, that we’re all thieves, and that they don’t make enough money. To cap off their trifecta + 1, they constantly put the stranglehold on new and emerging technologies and services by way of frivolous and stupid lawsuits. So it’s with great glee and jubilation that I share with you some fairly reliable statistics that show while the music labels are in fact declining in relevance and revenue, the music industry and more importantly artists are actually making more at an increasing rate.

The study was conducted by The Times Labs blog which pours over mountains of data concerning music sales and live performances and finds that artists are making more money because people are going to more live concerts. If you didn’t know, artists get a bigger cut of live performance revenues. I have no doubt in my mind that many people who go to these shows and live concerts did so because of a CD they pirated — their I said it straight out — and were interested in hearing them live. A person whom had never heard of a particular band that they never would have paid for a CD up front is now paying to go to their concert and probably will pay for more band merchandise as time goes on.

In the end, the only person being “hurt” by file sharing (legal and illegal) are the labels. Because of this, and the fact that they love take other peoples’ money, I wouldn’t be surprised if they started ratcheting up their piece of the live concert pie. In a world were the few greedy people run the lives of the majority, I can only say that this is the sweetest news yet. The sooner we eliminate the middleman the better off we’ll all be.

The full report is extremely intriguing and certainly one the labels wouldn’t want you to see (and I’m sure they’ll smear it when they get around to it). So do yourself as well as all of us a favor and read the report.

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China Mobile not greedy /sarcasm - claiming 50%+ stake on app store sales

Users on China Mobile’s network have been for some time now waiting for an *official* release of Apple’s uber phone heard ’round the world.  While the phone has been available for quite a while now unlocked and “illegally”, according to Apple’s stance on unlocking and jailbreaking, having a legit offering will no doubt entice the more reluctant buyers to purchase a “legal” option.  However, the big success and draw with the iPhone now centers around the tight integration with the App Store.  Developers are the big picture, their creations and innovations on the software side of things have made the iPhone what it is today.  Naturally, being rewarded keeps developers happy and keeps them developing for the platform.  China Mobile doesn’t seem to get this “happiness” factor.  What good is a piece of hardware without equally good software to go along with it?

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Less ads in Wired…(thats bad?)


This particular article on Alley Insider caught my attention as it’s no surprise in the age of technology, paper/physical news is losing ground to electronic as it’s easier and often free.  What shocked me was the add ratios that Wired had/have.  The picture above shows an older issue (bottom) underneath the newest issue (top).  The difference in size is noticeable.  How many ads did they really have?  Read the rest of this entry »

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