Xperia X10 delayed?

Can something be delayed if it hasn’t even been given an “official” release date? If you can manage to work yourself around that question, focus your attention on the Sony X10. While a February 2010 date was seen floating around the page above but a few days ago, today nothing but good ‘ol “TBA” finds itself front and center. Sadness? Or is this business as usual with Sony trying to cushion themselves from any self inflicted delays? I personally can’t wait to feel Rachel up so this so called delay is mildly disheartening…


Domain name snafu kicks Sweden and all .se websites offline

Trying to reach a .se website last night roughly between 9:45 and 10:45 (Swedish time I’d assume) and met with a time out error, database connection error, or some other nefarious message detailing an untimely malfunction? You most certainly weren’t alone. It seems all of Sweden was kicked offline for around an hour last night. Don’t fear, hoard water, and cash out your life insurance plans. It wasn’t a terrorist or impending apocalyptic ending either. Instead, a corrupt script used to update the .se domain in which the fullstop was ignored somehow became “pushed” to every single domain name under .se.

This rouge script was part of a routine maintenance in which an incorrect zone file was used thereby leading to the undesired events. Whoops! Exasperating the problem is the fact that many servers cache such information meaning some people could still be blocked from accessing .se websites. ISPs will have to reset the machines or let them receive the latest update in order to once again “see” Sweden. If you’re still having problems accessing .se domains, a stop over here may help get you back on your feet. **Note, link is for ISP’s, not end users

Even though 900,000+ websites were invisible to most of the world, it could have been much worse. Just imaging if the .com domain had been compromised — 80+ million down websites is pretty significant. Hey, at the end of the day it’s a good laugh no?

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