Hitatchi brining LCD back to relevance by way of more pixels [Eye Strain]

While eye candy lovers drool over such technologies as FED and SED (which are sadly pretty much dead) and OLED still requires a heft toll be taken on your wallet, LCD’s still enjoy supreme reign in the mobile display world. Hitatchi realizes that 480 x 360 just doesn’t pack the “WOW” factor that it did even just 1-2 years ago. Hitatchi however still sees a market for higher quality, higher resolution LCD screens for mobile devices. Just how much better will Hitatchi’s mini-LCD’s be?

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Canon bringing SED TV technology back into focus?

If you can recall a year or two ago, (I know, reach deep into the depths that is your mind….I’m just kidding you ‘ol bear trap you), SED technology was a TV technology with a bright future ahead looking to become the dominating standard, if not at least a worthy competitor to OLED, and the now defunct FED standards with it’s extremely nice image quality.  Then drama, greed, and confusion took place as various partners dropped support and funding.  The most recent casualty being FED as Sony has picked up their cards and moved on.  Though currently, there hasn’t been much said in the way of SED tv’s or the technology.  However, Canon itself appears to be giving the tech  second look with two recent patent filings.  Patent No. 20090111350 and No. 20090108727 are two recent patents filed on April 30th by the electronic giant, Canon, regarding SED technology.  The first dealing with the downsizing of SED electric fields and the second detailing of how to increase picture quality.  If the technology were dead, why would they be patenting things related to it?  One can only assume that we can expect to see a resurgence in SED TV technology and hopefully even get SED TV’s into the hands of mere mortals in the not too distant future.  The images that SED displayed to the world in the past were nothing short of jaw dropping and impeccable.  Maybe if we all cross our fingers hard enough, we can finally see SED materialize into something that we can all enjoy.

Source: Crunchgear, Image Source

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