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[Update] Twitter: “Please Stop Making Third-Party Apps”.

In a bizarre move yesterday, Twitter instructed third party developers via their official developer email list to stop developing stand alone Twitter applications. Usually, a service such as Twitter would be doing the exact opposite. What’s the deal? Twitter wants a more consistant user experience. According to Twitter’s Ryan Sarver, consumers are still confused between the various Twitter apps and how those Twitter apps present the core Twitter functions.

We can see both sides of the argument — how are new and innovative designs, features, and services supposed to develop if they are being artificially restricted? At the same time, how can Twitter grow their brand if it is becoming increasingly striated?

Currently, this request only affects potential 3rd party apps in development. No mention is made of already released apps receiving updates. However, enforcing such a mandate on already released apps seems downright ridiculous. We’ll see how this evolves in the coming weeks and months…


After going through various iOS and Android Twitter apps, I find myself slightly miffed at Twitter’s stance here. They’re telling third party devs that they can do their own service better, and to let them handle the core app — at the same time they say Twitter app developers can further refine their apps to match Twitter’s own app. Excuse me Twitter, there are numerous Twitter apps better than your own. If anyone needs catching up to do, it’s you. Hello, multiple account support on Android…anytime soon…?

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RIM Discontinuing Flickr For BlackBerry App.

Flickr users and BlackBerry abusers need to find a new combination to swoon over. New text found inside a help article on RIM’s website points to an EOL date of March 1st, 2011 for Flickr For BlackBerry. After said date, users who want to upload pictures to Flickr will have to make use of the popular photo sharing site’s mobile web space. Considering that there aren’t really any noteworthy 3rd party replacements, BlackBerry users are going to find it a little more cumbersome to share the most favorite pictures with friends and family.

Anyone think it’s odd for RIM — A company who is constantly pushing their more consumer friendly image — to up and drop Flickr like that? Or is the lack of 98xx support and infrequent updates the real reason behind its death?
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BlackBerry Messenger 6 Features Revealed.

As suspected, RIM announced some upcoming changes in their BlackBerry Messenger platform that will coincide with increased social aspects of future OS updates. Indonesian blog, Kombb, managed to get some claimed preliminary details of BBM 6.0:

  • Play games using your BBM username
  • Cross-chat with users on BBM even without being their friends.
  • BBM status will update dynamically depending on goals and accomplishments from games.
  • BBM6 will be supported on all 5.x+ devices.

While RIM’s products aren’t typically geared specifically for consumers (as opposed to the corporate/enterprise market), these upcoming change certainly sound promising. But are they enough? My vote: RIM needs to get QNX on BlackBerry phones ASAP!
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McAfee: “Android, Foursquare, iOS, and OS X Big Security Targets for 2011″. #mcafee

If you’ve made a new home with one of the popular services and products including but not limited to iOS devices, OS X-powered computers, and location-based services such as Foursquare, the world is going to end in 2011. McAfee (recently acquired by Intel) released a forecast today naming various popular services and products that while currently low on the threat list, will grow increasingly murky as 2011 trudges on. Of course, coming from an arguably struggling virus software developer, such news of “impending attack” on numerous exploding platforms isn’t exactly all that surprising. In fact, it’s almost a cheap attempt to drum up fear and publicity in hopes of wooing a few new customers.

At this point, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out that when tech products and services become popular and therefore increase in user base and potential cash flow, so do attempts to crack/hack them.

Should you be careful with your shiny new iPad while you update Foursquare? Of course. But don’t resort to fear mongering and paranoia. Security will become a growing issue with popular consumer electronics and services, though nowhere as much as McAfee is hyping. Be at ease.
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RIM Buying Gist? #rim #gist

The BlackBerry address book really isn’t all that “smart” for a modern smartphone. Reports surfacing from Gigaom this morning paint a brighter picture, however. According to industry sources, RIM and start-up “Gist” are in talks of a potential purchase. The same source say that a deal is actually quite close. Though as we all know, no deal is “close” until the ink is dry and money has begun exchanging hands. With that said, RIM could benefit greatly with Gist’s technology. RIM’s intentions with Gist technology once/if acquired are not yet known. But seeing as how it is a great feature geared towards contact management, the address book would be a good start.

On that note, Gist is a service that takes a person’s information strewn across the web and then organizes it into a neat and tidy business profile. Those profiles are then automatically attached to the ends of emails as a sort of super signature. Currently, their are plugins for Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Google Apps, as well as mobile services and apps for iPhone and Android.

Gist was originally founded by ex-Microsoft employee Paul Allen. Allen now heads Vulcan capital — the same group who also helped finance Gist in first round funding.

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Preliminary Review: UberTwitter Beta for iOS. #ios #ubertwitter

Fans of the popular BlackBerry Twitter app, UberTwitter, have a new sibling in the family. Today, the official UberTwitter iOS app launched in the App Store. With literally dozens of Twitter apps to choose between on iOS, how does UberTwitter stand out? That and more are just after the jump…
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Nimbuzz Drops ICQ Support Due to Licensing Fees. #icq #nimbuzz

Recall if you will, a few weeks back when Skype started cutting off third party services from using it’s API all willy nilly. Things have since died down. But now we have another developer(s) pulling the same stunt.

Nimbuzz, a popular multi-account IM app, is removing ICQ support. What’s different from the whole Skype/Nimbuzz story, however, is that instead of improperly used APIs, ICQ is simply looking for some more money. On that note, ICQ wants Nimbuzz to start paying for every single user that uses ICQ. Nimbuzz however, has absolutely no intention of incurring licensing costs that it would then have to pass on to their customers. They want to keep Nimbuzz free. The unofficial, non-politically correct response: No, hell no…
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Angry Birds Coming to Wii, Xbox, and PSN. #angrybirds

If you can’t get enough of the Angry Birds game, stuffed toys, or iPhone cases, Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka has something you’ll want to hear. Angry Birds is invading the PSN, Wii, and Xbox platforms. The announcement was made at the first annual Social Gaming Summit in London, England, and foretold of Angry Birds expanding to not only the platforms above, but into many new “forms”. Sounds pretty interesting. And I’ll admit, I’m an Angry Birds junkie. I’ll probably buy anything with the name on it. Yup, even Angry Birds toothpaste made out of…angry birds. (Can’t imagine they’d be too happy to be turned into toothpaste in the first place.)

With that said, Vesterbacka also stated that before we see a proper sequel, the consoles mentioned above would see their own 1st-gen releases. Furthermore, he revealed that there would be a “surprise twist” in upcoming iterations of the uber popular game as well. Unfortunately, that’s where he’s left us all hanging. Time to fill in the blanks yourself.
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Latest Beejive Update Fixes Bugs, Removes ICQ Support.

Beejive users: version 3.5.2 is now live! However, if you want to keep ICQ support, avoid updating for now. Besides new bug fixes, a few new minor features managed to sneak in including new message status indicators for sent messages, Bluetooth support added to Voicenotes, and the inclusion of .WAV files for increased cross-platform compatibility. However, one rather large feature that was removed from the latest update is ICQ.

Now before a massive public outcry develops, take note that it wasn’t Beejive’s doing. ICQ was recently sold to a Russian internet company by the name of “Digital Sky Technologies”. With the sale comes the requirement for a new negotiation between Digital Sky and 3rd party companies wanting to access ICQ and its services.

On that note, Beejive has stated that they are in talks with Digital Sky as to bring ICQ support back to the Beejive client as soon as possible.

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