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February Software Update Bringing Mac Support To VZW LTE Modems.

To every Mac user who hasn’t hacked their shiny new LTE modems to work on their OS X-equipped machines (or those waiting for more official options), your meal ticket is coming very soon. In an exchange of words with PhoneScoop, VZW mentioned a pending February update that would bring the highly sought after Mac support that many have been clamoring for. Of course, those who really wanted to get VZW’s LTE modems up and working on their non-Windows machines already have via various hacks easily found online. But for the masses, a more official approach is greatly appreciated and needed. For the record, this update is only for the LG VL600 modem at this time.

No official release date has been revealed as of writing.

Mozilla’s FireFox 4 Scheduled To Launch Late February.

This past Tuesday, Mozilla’s senior director of platform engineering, Damon Sicore, commented on the upcoming major release of Firefox 4 via a developer mailing list. The long coming update has been in the works for many months, and includes dramatic speed improvements thanks to the new JägerMonkey JavaScript engine, a more sandboxed design so that crashing plugins *cough…Flash* don’t take down the entire browser, and a revamped user interface among other things. Specifically, ~160 “hard blockers” (read: bugs) still exist. Once that number dips closer towards 100, we should see a release candidate pushed out. If everything goes according to plan, the Mozilla team plans to release Firefox by late February.

Who’s excited for the biggest release in Firefox’s history? (Or have you already moved over to Chrome?)

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Mac App Store Cracked.

Well that was quick — The Mac App Store launched today. And today, we’re reporting that it appears to have been cracked. Apparently, copying a few resource files from a free app (in this instance, the new, free Twitter app was used as an example) into a paid app’s own resources folder will allow you to run the paid app at no cost. How this little trick slipped by Apple is beyond us. But now that the cat is out of the bag, we expect a fix to be released sooner rather than later.

#CES2011 — Microsoft Keynote Wrap-up

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Tonight’s Microsoft Keynote was full of excitement,
surprise, and lots of Steve Ballmer. The 5,000-person capacity was
certainly tested as people piled into the gigantic room housing the
event for well over an hour. But once everyone got settled, it was
certainly something to behold. You can see live blogs and live
streams over and over, but being here in person is just…different.
With that said, Microsoft had quite a night of announcements. Hop
on past the break to get the full rundown..
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#CES2011 — Samsung Unveils Series 9 Notebooks.

In an effort to chip away at Apple’s incredibly thin MacBook Air, Samsung hit Apple head on with their new Series 9 notebook. At 13.3-inches in size and less than 3lbs. in weight, it’s certainly up there with Apple in terms of lightness and size. In fact, Samsung actually claims that the 9-series notebook is thinner than Apple’s MacBook Air. (When will they learn, thinner isn’t always better?) As for the display specifics, it is LED-lit with 1,366 x 768 resolution and a 100,000:1 contrast ratio. Power is provided by an Intel Core i5 processor running at 1.4GHz and is accompanied by 4 GB of DDR3 memory, integrated WiFI b/g/n, and Intel HD GT2 graphics.

Look for the 9-series to hit the streets this February for $1,599. Press release after the break…
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Android Market Now Over 200,000 Apps According to #android

Apple may continually receive media attention for it’s ever increasing 300,000+ strong App Store, but Android is making headway — and quick. Android Market tracker now pegs the “official” number of available apps at a touch over 200,000. Google, meanwhile, hasn’t officially confirmed this new figure. Another thing to consider is that AndroLib’s quoted numbers have been wrong before. Further adding to the skepticism is an app download counter on this page that is showing over 100 Android Market downloads every second. It just seems a little fast, personally.

Nevertheless, it’s no secret that the Android love-fest continues to push forward and will only continue to pick away Apple’s lead.

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[Update] Microsoft Killing the Home Premium Family Pack ? #microsoft

As multiple-PC households may know, keeping all of the software up to date across several machines can not only be time consuming, but costly as well. Being an operating system, Windows isn’t cheap in numbers. Though that isn’t quite the case with the Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack. Consisting of 3 individual licenses, at ~$42 per license it’s far and wide the best deal. In comparison, a single upgrade license of the same version of Windows 7 costs $110 while a full retail copy is upwards of $177.

That’s why the new deadline appearing on Amazon’s Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack page is slightly worrisome. Is this discounted package too successful? Netting three of them for $125 is border line theft.

I’ve sent an email over to Microsoft asking for some insight into the matter. Though I urge you not to wait around. You never know when you might need an extra Windows 7 license (or three).


Just received word back from our press contact who confirmed that the Windows 7 Home Premium Family pack is indeed “while supplies last” meaning this deal is going the way of the dodo. Better stock up if you have a recurring need for Win7 licenses.
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Beejive Releases Facebook-Only IM App for iOS. #beejive #ios

On Apple’s iOS platform, there are no less than half a dozen to a dozen mobile apps dedicated solely to multi-account IM apps (that are worth using). Some are better than others. My personal favorite has been Beejive. It looks good, performs well, and as cliche as it sounds — it just works. But maybe you don’t want or need support for as many accounts as Beejive supports and you don’t like the built-in chat functionality in the Facebook app. Beejive has a solution.

Earlier in December, Beejive released a Facebook-only version of their popular multi-account app. And after a solid week of playing around with it I must say I like it and could actually use it full time. I’ve got many different IM accounts but really only use two — Facebook and Google Talk. Google Talk is taken care of by Verbs (review here). And now my Facebook needs can be handled with Beejive’s Facebook app.

If you’re even remotely curious about this app, get on the bandwagon quick as the app is at an introductory price of $0.99. Check it out in the App Store now.
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Reported Flipboard for Mac Screenshot a Fake. #flipboard #macappstore

A screenshot showcasing a new version of Flipboard that made waves around the web yesterday is reportedly fake, this according to the official Flipboard iPad developers. The new app was supposedly going to drop on on or near the January 6th launch date of Apple’s Mac App Store. In response to the alleged image, Flipboard developers told 9to5 Mac that while they are looking at a possible future home on OS X, they currently do not have any actual plans outside of the concept stage..

We definitely believe the desktop is part of our future, but it’s still on the whiteboard and not something we are launching soon. The desktop requires a lot of attention to design and UI and we’d like to take the time to get it right.

And that’s that…
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