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Will Google’s new VP8 video codec replace h.264?

  • May 20, 2010 7:15 pm

It’s a simple question with a not so simple answer. For the last few years, online video has exploded. With that explosion is the need for a high quality format that can compress all of those bits to the smallest possible sizes while retaining the most pristine quality. So far, h.264 has been the crowd favorite. But in the coming years (near coming years), the free price tag on h.264 will go away as it is a proprietary format. What then?

Steve Jobs unleashes on blogger over App Store, iPhone platform restrictions, and yes — porn.

  • May 16, 2010 12:50 am

I have plenty of my own issues with the App Store and Apple’s increasingly growing iron grip surrounding the iPhone platform. But have I emailed the CEO, Steve Jobs himself and attempted to verbally attack him? No. Though some would say my often critical remarks as of late are more or less the same thing. However you feel, there’s no denying that Apple has catapulted to the forefront of countless minds for both noble and shady practices alike.

Ryan Tate is one blogger in the pool of many that takes it upon himself to hit up Steve Jobs and tell him what he thinks. The ensuing conversation is rather humorous though ultimately ends up sounding exactly one would expect to come from Steve — firmly standing his ground on the actions Apple has taken so far…

John Stewart criticizes Apple’s handling of iPhone lawsuit like only John Stewart can. [Comedy]

  • April 29, 2010 7:45 am

Whether or not you feel Gizmodo operated outside of the law — or at the very least, outside of the ethics of journalism — regarding the circumstances surrounding the lost iPhone and their admission in paying for it, you can’t help but want to joke about it. And who better to make fun of Apple and corporate America than John Stewart…?

El Jobso on blocking out Flash from iPhone platform: “We’ve been there before…sub-par results”

  • April 12, 2010 9:34 am

It’s no secret that Steve Jobs hates Flash and isn’t exactly drinking buddies with Adobe’s finest developers. The once subtle, behind the scenes battle between Apple and Adobe has of late, erupted into an all out war with both sides. Name calling, finger pointing, and all out “he said she said” tactics have been resorted to. Jobs has gone on the record several times citing his distaste for Flash in general. But a new comment over the recent changes in the iPhone developers policy concerning 3rd party compiler programs is yet another nail in the “Will Flash ever come to iPhone” coffin…

“This is Steve Jobs from Apple calling.” GET THE F*** OUTTA HERE!

  • February 28, 2010 11:08 am

Earlier this week, Wednesday to be specific, the Almighty Apple reached their 10 billionth song downloaded from iTunes. Apple was holding a contest that whosoever downloaded the 10-billionth song from iTunes, would be graced with a $10,000 iTunes gift card.

Old Jobs thought that since this was such a HUGE milestone he’d give the winner a call. Here it is, a chilly February  afternoon, you are sitting, probably watching The Price is Right(since that is what 70 year old people do), your phones starts to ring, so you get up, grab it and answer, like any normal person would…But, normal people usually don’t hear what our lucky friend Louie Sulcer heard…“This is Steve Jobs from Apple.” His answer, which obvious, is “Yeah right, I have a son that loves to play tricks and he does that every now and then — calls me and imitates somebody.”

After asking who the heck was calling him 3 or 4 times, he happened to glance at his trusty caller ID to see it read Apple, which now made him believe who was really on the phone, and that he actually could be the winner of the $10,000 iTunes gift card. Louie Sulce, who was just profiled by Rolling Stone Magazine, is a 70 year old father to 3, grandfather to 9. The guy was just sitting in iTunes grabbing some good old Johnny Cash songs for a mix he was making for his son, and just happened to grab the right song at right time. The 10-Billionth song downloaded was Johnny Cash’s “Guess Things Happen That Way.”

I honestly don’t think it was Mr. Jobs himself, just because I don’t think he is to be bothered with everyday normal people things, I’m pretty sure it was his assistant, but, as I don’t download music from iTunes, I can’t be sure…

Rolling Stone

Some day I’ll be able to run flash on my Mac without bringing it to a halt and melting my legs…

  • February 5, 2010 3:05 pm

Mac users: dealt with Flash on the internet lately? Of course you have, the internet is practically one big vat of a Flashy hot mess. This time, “hot mess” is not a good thing. The focus on Flash performance may be centered around Apple and Adobe over the mobile sphere right now, but the desktop variant of Flash has it’s own growing pains to speak of. Much like Flash is reported to cause problems for mobile devices, even desktop computers with massive amounts of computing power have problems.

Case in point: my early 2008 MBP with a 2.4GHz processor pegs between 80-100% every damn time I open a flash heavy site. I’ve tried Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Camino. Each time I try, the same process ensures: click, *flash begins*, processor meter widget skyrockets, fans prepare to launch my MBP into the upper atmosphere. For a computer that’s only two years old and still runs a rather modern Core 2 Duo, this is unacceptable. In this sense, Steve Jobs was right — Adobe (Flash) is lazy and slow.

The latest coming from Adobe however promises dramatically increased performance, especially for Macs. “The lazies” are even claiming that because of using OS X’s “CoreAnimation”, Flash 10.1 may be even faster than it’s Windows counterpart at times. Color me intrigued. I’ll reserve judgement until I can actually play with it myself for I’ve experienced a choking computer because of Flash for far too long.

For now, the “first half of 2010″ goal still stands rather vague with no set day, let alone a month for a public release. But you know what? I’ve dealt with piss poor Flash performance on my Mac going on two years now, so what’s a couple more months? I’d rather see them get Flash out the door in a working, useful manner instead of rushing to meet a deadline. Wouldn’t you? I love my Mac’s many functions, but lap stove/egg fryer/skin melter are not some of more immediate choices…


Would you use a free, ad-supported OS?

  • November 16, 2009 3:43 am

osx-add-supported“Free” is a term that in this economy, draws people in scores. Not necessarily because we’re “cheap”, but more so frugal. There’s less money to go around and being a gadget nerd is not exactly cheap. We (us nerds) will often skimp on basic necessities just so we can have the latest in technology. Hey, it’s what makes us tick…don’t judge. With that sad, many programs, software titles, and even some hardware can be had at a significantly reduced cost when ads are thrown into the mix. I hate ads. The only time I tolerate them is in the instance of Hulu. It’s a great free service that finds me not really caring too much for the occasional 30 second ads. Heck, I’d even wait a minute or two (albeit at a lesser frequency) between actual clip viewings if it meant keeping Hulu free. But Hulu and all other areas where ads have crept a single, small programs. What about a full blown, free, ad-supported OS?

A recent patent by Apple highlights this very idea. Now Apple has for a long time been against obtrusive and hideous ads blanketing their products. Not to mention, It seems kind of strange that Steve Jobs is the first name listed on the patent. I mean, looking at the image above seems to indicate that the ads would be on the longer side and some even un-skippable — a philosophy and ideology that the Jobs has been more or less opposed to. I don’t know about you, but I don’t mind ads in software and between movie clips because I watch them infrequently for short bouts of time. But an OS I interact with for hours at a time. Having to deal with an obtrusive, full-screen, un-skippable ad when I’m trying to get a big post done or some other time sensitive material would be a major pain in the arse.

Could this be the sign of changing times? Or is Apple merely protecting themselves and future ideas with a patent for the time being? I guess the more important question is, “Would you use a free, ad-supported OS”?

9to5 Mac

Phil Schiller Tim Cook off his rocker. Calls 1st gen iPhone best phone on the market…still [Update]

  • October 19, 2009 6:25 pm

If you’ve been reading any of the Apple Earnings reports circulating this fine EST evening, you have no doubt seen some verbiage repeated highlighting ‘ol Philly Timmy boys comments regarding iPhones and the current smartphone market. In particular, Phil Schiller goes on to say that everything on the current market is several steps behind the iPhone….the 1st gen, EDGE-only version.

Now I completely understand standing firm and representing your company, but blatantly tooting your own in such a way that makes you look like Steve Ballmer is pretty dumb if you ask me. And we all know how mentally “out there” the ‘Balms can be. A more accurate representation would have been “our current iPhone 3GS is perhaps a half step ahead of most everything else”. The Moto DROID meanwhile is by far the closest contender as of yet to come anywhere close to challenging any version of iPhone. Agree? (Can you tell I’m just a tad bit excited for DROID?) If Apple really wants to play this game of “we’re better than everyone…all of our hardware is superior” maybe they should stop…oh…you know artificially limiting their products’ abilities to even perform ancient tasks — iPhone 2G with no “official” MMS support, we’re looking at you. Of course, if you really want that, Google is your friend…

**Update: Well that’s embarrassing. Seems this post I made last night in a medicated, dreary eyed stooper failed to differentiate between “Phil Schiller” and “Tim Cook”. WTF? I don’t know either. Be kind. I’m sick.

September 9th iPod Event Wrap Up.

  • September 9, 2009 1:28 pm


So the iPod event many have been waiting months for has finally wrapped up. Many goods, digital and physical were revealed. To many Apple fans alike, probably the best announcement came from Steve’s mouth himself! That’s right, Mr. Jobs is back in the public limelight, though, he did tag team with his good friend Phil Schiller as well as several others. Enough small talk. There was plenty to see and hear. Hop on in for a wrap up of all of the highlights…