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Cydia Creator Jay “Saurik” Freeman Developing “Mac Cydia” App Store. Release: “Within Weeks”.

Cydia creator and iOS jailbreaking master Jay “Saurik” Freeman, announced this morning at the 360|MacDev conference a Cydia Store just for Mac. While the OS X desktop OS is a completely tweakable OS (unlike iOS), Apple’s many restrictions (such as in-app purchases) are actually quite developer unfriendly and restricting. Naturally, the king of Cydia wants to extend the open source iOS app store’s success to the desktop.

“Mac Cydia” as it’s currently being called was said to be coming “within weeks”. A pre-Christmas release would do wonders for sales, though such a deadline is seemingly lofty given the timetable at hand. However, the larger and more important thing is that people like Saurik are giving people options, options that Apple is neglecting to offer.

Given that the dynamics between the two platforms are fairly distinct and unique, do you think a Mac Cydia store will be as successful as the current iOS version?
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AR Drone Getting Augmented Reality iOS Game “A.R. Pursuit” by End of Month. #ios #ardrone #arpursuit

iOS users and AR Drone owners have a new toy coming to them by the end of the month — a new augmented reality game that uses the AR Drone’s onboard camera and a little high tech magic to transform the very concept of what we consider a “game”. While AR is nothing new, the way in which it is employed in “A.R. Pursuit” is nothing short of awesome. Using the AR Drone’s onboard cameras, you and another player navigate the air around you battling it out with augmented machine guns and missiles — one person the chaser, and the other the chasee.

At only $2.99, the app is a must buy for anyone already owning an AR Drone. But if you’re still not convinced, hop inside and give the press release and video a try…

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New Apple Store Open For Business! #apple

Open for business!! The new Apple Store in University Park Mall. Come on by.

Swype Now Available for N8. Still Lacks Portrait-Oriented QWERTY Keyboard. #swype

Some good news and bad news. First, the good — Swype is now available for the Nokia N8 smartphone. The bad — it’s still landscape only. Granted, this is more of a Symbian OS shortcoming and not in any way Swype’s fault. Though Nokia users should still find the updated keyboard leaps and bounds better than the stock software keyboard, which is arguably nothing but garbage.

Special care needs to be taken if you’ve been running the Nokia C7 specific build of Swype on your N8 as you’ll need to completely — Completely! — remove it from your phone before installing the N8 version. If you don’t, all kinds of bad things will happen, kittens will die, and trees will whither. Ok, maybe not that extreme. But you get the picture — it could get nasty.

Swype for the Nokia N8 is now live in the Ovi App Store free of charge. Let us know how it goes.

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Settle The Hell Down: GameStop Customer Shot and Killed During Armed Robbery.

The next time you walk into a GameStop store, double check and make sure it’s not being robbed at that particular point in time. Unfortunately for one Mr. Adrian Tyrone Snow, he picked the worst of times to go game shopping. As he walked through the door, the two armed robbers whom already tied up the store employees proceeded to tie up Mr. Snow, whom went on to resist the robbers’ advances. Sadly, the robbers shot Mr. Snow twice. He later died at the hospital from his wounds.

The pair of suspects — Giovannte Maddox and Demarkus Williams — are believed to be the same suspects that robbed several other surrounding GameStop stores in recent days. Unfortunately for Mr. Snow, the local law enforcement didn’t catch them soon enough.

Now is a good time to remind everyone that if you’re feeling violent, put the game down, take a walk, take a nap — something.
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Need a Job: Apple Hiring Mac App Store Testers.

With the Mac App Store submission now in full swing and that January 20, 2011 launch date growing ever closer, Apple is in pushing more resources towards making sure the software that debuts along with the Mac App Store is of high quality and bug free. Reaching that goal will take countless hours of hard work by people who love to pick through every last line of code, every option menu, and every last checkbox looking for any and all bugs they can find. With that said, if you happen to be just that type of person Apple would love to talk to you.

Naturally, you’ll have to have a good understanding of OS X, an uncanny ability to pick out the worst in people/products, and having a good grip on French, German, or Japanese wouldn’t hurt either. Those feeling lucky should stroll on over to the Jobs and Applications page on their website and take the plunge.

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At The Right Place at the Right Time: Peek Inside an Apple Store Under Construction

A few weeks back, I showed you an Apple Store going in my home town in the local mall. Now I’m showing you the infant stages of an Apple Store under construction — from the inside. While I wasn’t there when the image was taken, a local tipster was, and was kind enough to snap a picture while the large construction doors were momentarily open.

Compared to what it looks like from the outside, it appears a bit small. But that’s a trivial matter. The mere fact we have one now means I’ll spend plenty of time wondering the majestic, albeit cramped corridors.

There’s still no official opening date, but the word ’round these parts is “by holidays 2010″. That’s not very far away. To all of you who don’t live in northern Indiana/southern Michigan, I’m sorry to bore you with such things. But for the rest of us trapped here, it’s the perfect way to end a Friday morning.

Chinese iPhone 4 scalpers open up shop, close shop within 3 hours.

‘Tis a bad day to be an iPhone 4 scalper in Beijing. Apparently, the Apple store in said city relaxed restrictions on the number of iPhone 4′s any one person could by. As you can imagine, scalpers and re-sellers swarmed down on the location like a colony of flies on a nice, fresh animal carcass. Unfortunately for the scalpers (or flies if you prefer), the mad rush caused so much commotion that the store was closed by security. Once reopened, the per-person restriction was back in place at (1) iPhone 4 per human body.

How bad was it? Apparently, the scalpers were buying 20-30 at a time and then marking them up considerably (above the already high contract-free price of $800 USD) and reselling them within the same mall. From the reports I’ve seen around the web, it was literal chaos. It’s pretty nuts that some people will get so riled up over something as simple as a phone. Was it worth it guys?
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Looks like that old link will be of use once again. After the unfortunate demise of Google’s baby, the Nexus One, and accompanying business model that had carriers becoming more like dumb pipes, it appears Google has another trick up their sleeve. Before you get too excited, I’ll make it clear that Google is not launching any new hardware. Instead, they’re taking a slew of Android handsets and putting them all up on one page so potential Android buyers can compare and contrast the devices that hold their eye.

The only real potential downside is that only Google Experience phones (read: NOT phones that carriers and manufacturers screw around with — removing Google services, excessive skins, chock full of bloatware, etc.) are on the new link. Of course, if you’re like me and absolutely despise a Google-branded OS running non-Google services, coming stuffed with bloatware, and marred by some god awful UI slapped on top, then this talking point isn’t such a bad one.

I’d like to hear what those more open to carrier/manufacturer-born Android customization have to say. Guys…gals..?
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Skyfire submitted to App Store.

It’s easy to say the weekly stories of App Store approval/rejections are an emotional roller coaster. But finally — Finally! — we can say that Apple appears to be weeding out the stupidity and employing some people with common sense once and for all. At one point, apps that “copied functions of native iOS apps” were banned outright — no matter how good they were. But Apple has at least relented a tiny bit of control. Now there are several stand alone browsers to choose from, namely Opera. But a new high profile contender has hopes that it too will soon be in the fight.

The folks behind Skyfire are pleased to announce that an official iOS Skyfire app has been submitted to the App Store. The thing that made Skyfire so great on other platforms such as Android, was the way it handled flash video…or that is, how it didn’t handle it natively. Skyfire works much like Opera Mini — the rendering is done on a Skyfire server, compressed, Flash video converted to HTML 5, and then that compressed information (up to 75%) is sent to the phone. Using Skyfire as your main web browser, should it be approved, could literally give you more mileage on your daily crawl across the internet.

The way it handles Flash should appease Apple whom we all know is absolutely not a fan. The bigger picture, however, is that server-side rendering is a huge benefit for mobile browsers as they have to deal with mobile processors, smaller screens, and shrinking bandwidth woes. For now, it looks like we can be fairly certain Skyfire will be approved. According to the devs, they worked closely with Apple to assure that Skyfire complied with all of iOS’s and Apple’s rules. Though we can’t help but look back at the countless lapses of common sense that Apple has shown us regarding app approvals in the not too distant past. With that said, we are waiting and watching…
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That was short lived: Google Phone Store turning into “window/showcasing” of Android talent…

Let’s cut the crap and get right to it. The Google Phone Store that started with the Nexus One and was supposed to the be go to online storefront for Android devices approved by Google is…no more.

According to Andy Rubin from Google, the Storefront will be morphing into a window/showcase for Android highlights instead of an actual store to purchase phones from. That part is pretty sad considering the store itself is a mere four months old…
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Google Checkout haters rejoice! PayPal now an option for Android Market purchases.

Those of you toting around a familiar green friend and not so keen on Google Checkout (or geographically can’t) as your only payment option can now breathe a sigh of relief. PayPal mobile payments are finally here on the Android platform. For myself, I’m fine using Google Checkout. But to others, using anything but PayPal is like asking them to give up their fist of kin. Pretty extreme stuff.

Now that you’ve got the option, feel free to hit up that market and make your credit card weep. For curiosities sake, has anyone really held off on Android Market purchases or Android altogether because of the Google Checkout requirement?