Digital Pro [BlackBerry Theme]


Hedone Design seems to be keeping a break neck pace on the theme front as they are churning out incredibly rich themes fairly often. Hey, I’m not complaining, I like change. The coolest part about their latest theme, “Digital Pro”, is that it takes a more reserved approach as to not embarrass at the office. Even if you don’t work in a stuffy, cold cubicle in some dark corner, this theme is sharp. Interested parties have two options with Digital Pro: V1 or V2. V1 features 6 user-customizable icons on the homescreen while V2 features 10 scrolling user customizable icons. I would personally take the 10 just because the icons don’t clutter the desktop as they scroll out of sight and who doesn’t like more shortcuts/icons? Anywho, hit up Hedone Design and pick up your copy of Digital Pro for $6.99 today.

**Screenshots inside

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BlackBerry Theme: Dark Room


When I made BlackBerry themes just a couple years ago, I always loved making my own battery and signal meters. To me, a custom theme wasn’t that that unique or cool unless cusotm icons were used. Moving forward, BlackBerry themes have moved forward exponentially in complexity and style with the latest themes completely blowing away anything I made. Likewise, the meters that are being created from various theme designers are truly innovative and unique. One such new theme that branches off into a new style is that of “Dark Room”. This new theme designed by Calx is one in a million by incorporating a new twist on the meters — Calx blew them up to epic sizes and centered them around the BlackBerry logo on the homescreen. It is definitely a minimalistic style theme as the meter artwork is the showcase.

Besides the bigger than life meters, the rest of the theme follows the name in that it is darker with sleek lines and crisp, beautiful icons. If I still had a working BlackBerry, this theme would definitely be on it…right now! Like most other premium themes now, Dark Room comes in at $6.99, though I’d hardly complain. The $6.99 goes towards one heck of a BlackBerry theme and encourages Calx to continue on in his work, hopefully wowing us again in the near future. A few pictures of the theme in action are just inside…

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BlackBerry Theme: Focus

Are you the type of BlackBerry user who enjoys custom themes? Custom themes that emphasize the wallpaper, taking a minimalistic approach? If so, a new theme from Elecite called “Focus is sure to catch your eye. Featuring a circular navigation menu, the center hub that houses 8 icons plus the time giving you quick access to a fairly large number of your favorite apps.

Since this theme highlights stunning wallpapers, it only seems fitting that Elecite includes a few — 10 to be exact. 10 gorgeous wallpapers rotate on your Berry’s homescreen at set intervals. While the backgrounds are fixed and not user customizable, there should be at least one background included for everyone.

In order to rock this theme, you’ll need a device with an OS of 4.5 or higher on the following devices:

  • 8350i, 85xx, 8900, 9000, 95xx and 96xx

**No device with OS .151 will work with this theme.

Anyone looking to get in on this wonderfully crafted theme can head on over to Elecite and get ready to enjoy some of the finest BlackBerry themes available.

Click the thumbnails below for previews of the Focus theme in action as well as a snapshot of the 10 backgrounds included!

Hedone Designs unleashes another amazing theme: Digital [BlackBerry Theme]

If you’ve been in the BlackBerry scene for at least a few months and are in to the whole customization of your precious little Crack gadget, chances are you’ve changed the wallpaper and/or theme at least a couple times. Some can go weeks with the one theme. Others change themes like they *hopefully* change underwear. Whichever type of person you are, Hedone Design has just released another amazingly polished and professional looking BlackBerry theme dubbed “Digital”.

Featuring a sort of HTC TouchFLO-ish style, Digital brings crisp and modern lines to the mobile workhorse. What makes this theme even better however is the fact that Hedone has 8 stylish wallpapers available for free download in the store that alter the theme and give it a different appearance — almost like a different theme with each wallpaper. After giving the theme a quick rundown for the last few minutes, I can honestly say this is one of my favorite themes from any designer so far. With the quality, fit and finish, and overall simplistic yet functional design of this theme, I highly and enthusiastically recommend the Digital theme to any BlackBerry user. Such eye candy is well worth the $6.99 asking price.

For your convenience, inside is a gallery of the 9000 version of Digital in action. Come inside and take a peek…

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BlackBerry Theme: Opus

If bright and flash themes aren’t quite your forte, the Opus BlackBerry theme newly released by Elecite, one of the best BlackBerry theme sites around, you’re in for quite a treat. Featuring 8 icons on the home screen (top 4 fixed, bottom 4 user customizable) as well as a today area, this theme is rather robust. On newer models, ie: 83xx and 88xx models excluded, there are 2-3 dots that you can select that will take you to another screen of new icons — much the same the iPhone or Android OS lets your swipe between multiple home screens. I really like the look of this theme as it is rather unique departure from the normal style Elecite puts out. $6.99 and this digital eye candy can be all yours.

Warning: This theme as well as all other Elecite themes DO NOT work on OS .151 or on the Tour OS’s yet. Updates are in the works.

**Bold Screenshots inside.

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Snow Leopard theme for BlackBerry

While Snow Leopard is visually pretty much identical to Leopard, it would seem that BlackBerry themes marketed as “Snow Leopard” themes wouldn’t be worth the money since you Leopard themes are a dime a dozen. That would mainly be true unless you were talking about amusic’s theme titled “Snow Leopard. Featuring a fit and finish that is honestly the best yet of any Apple clone theme. With glassy shine all over coupled with the nicely re-created Snow Leopard UI means this theme will bring a simple yet classy look to your beloved berry. Head on over to the Themes4BB Store and plunker down $6.99 so you can call it your own.

Source: Berry Review

TPExpert: A classy split screen style theme for the masses

Hedone Design is back with another eye buster: TPXpert. The latest theme to come from the theming powerhouse is a sweet today plus-esque theme for all newer BlackBerry models. Some may not like the split screen style themes, but I find that if designed and executed correctly can actually be pretty functional and cool. I like on TPXpert how when you slide to the right for the calendar, the box on the right fills up with calendar entries. That is just one of the subtle touches that really make this theme stand out as a premium theme. If you are the Berry user who likes the choice to choose between many different icons on your homescreen in a split screen style, TPExpert is just the theme for you. A trip to the Hedone Design Store and a farewell to $6.99 of pocket change are the only requirements. Gallery inside showing off the visual nirvana.

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Mechanism Theme for Blackberry Devices w/ OS 4.6+


*Some* Blackberry users who have been impatiently waiting for Eveek/Elecite to release a new Blackberry theme will finally have some new eye candy to trick out your Berry with. The latest theme, “Mechanism”, has what looks like a sort of “radio dial” on the homescreen as well as a side dock which features 7 sliding user customizable icons. The look is hands down pretty unique. The words “awesome” and “sweet” come to mind. As mentioned previously, only devices with OS 4.6 or greater can take advantage of this theme, specifically the Blackberry 8900, 9000 (Bold), and Storm. All you need to get this sweet theme on your berry is $6.99 the appropriate link. That and a boat load of screenshots await you right after the click.

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Urban Theme for Blackberry brings the city life to your berry

If you a big city nut and can’t get enough of the concrete jungle in your neck of the woods and also happen to be a Blackberry afficienado, Elecite has yet another slam dunk of a theme with the “Urban Blackberry Theme”.  This theme has a very unique “ribbon” (for lack of a better word) along the bottom right corner of the screen with room for 8 icons - 3 are visible at a time though as mentioned, it the band slides back and forth.  The real beauty of this theme is the wallpaper, or wallpaper(s) that is…ten wallpapers to be exact.  Yes, ten cities from across the world cycle through on you screen giving you a glimpse at some of the worlds most spectacular cities:

  • Seattle
  • Manhattan
  • Sydney
  • Frankfurts
  • Dubai
  • Hong Kong
  • Perth
  • Shanghai

You may be saying “Hey dumby, that’s 8, can’t you count?”.  Haha, yes you cycnical reader you I can.  Their are two extra 3D wallpapers included that bring a “new dimension” to your Berry’s homescreen.  If the concrete jungle is your ultimate nirvana, head on over to Elecite and give them the required $5.99 entrance fee as long as you have an 89xx, 9xxx, or 95xx device.  More devices are hopefully planned.




Source: Blackberry Forums